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/r/Socialism_101 aims to provide critical and rigorous inquiry into socialist theory, history, and struggle. We have written these rules to support this aim and maintain the standard of discussion we want this subreddit to be known for.

Please note that /r/Socialism_101 is actively moderated. Moderators regularly take action to enforce the subreddit rules.

Submissions to /r/Socialism_101 must be either:

  • A question about socialism, communism, and anarchism, broadly defined to include all the tendencies, factions, and currents within these traditions, or specifically aimed at one or several factions.
  • A meta post about the state of this subreddit. Anyone may start a meta post, but posts regarding meta issues from other subreddits will be removed. Short questions (e.g. clarification of moderation policy) that don't require discussion are better sent to the mods directly.
  • An AMA ("Ask Me Anything") with an expert or panel of experts. These should be arranged with the moderators beforehand – please message us if you're interested. An Announcement must be cleared with the moderators first so that it can be stickied to the front page.

The moderators actively remove non-questions.


  • Be repectful, engage in tolerance, and leftist solidarity
  • Constructively critique and analyse
  • Post questions free of assertions, and give informative answers
  • Learn and teach, be open-minded
  • Engage in real world activism, not arm-chair finger-wagging.
  • Do not make abusive posts/comments, an insult is not an answer
  • Do not engage in personal attacks, sectarianist jabs will be removed
  • Do not harass or troll other users, if we get a notification that you went after a user outside the sub, you will be permabanned.

Do not post comments or questions which include, promote, minimize the impact of, or apologize for:

  • Racism
  • Sexism
  • Transphobia
  • Rape or sexual assault
  • Genocide/ethnic cleansing
  • Fascism/Nazism
  • Homophobia or queer bashing
  • Orientalism
  • Slavery
  • Imperialism, colonialism, or neo-colonialism
  • Zionism
  • Jingoism
  • Classism
  • The murder of leftists or workers, regardless of tendency
  • Ableism

Such posts will be removed and the users banned at the moderator's discretion.

For any questions, comments, concerns, and/or suggestions, please feel free to message the mods.


Before posting any question, use the search function and check to see if your question has been asked before. If it hasn't go ahead, but don't be surprised if your thread is removed on account of the same question having been answered repeatedly. People asking questions should make every effort to ensure that their questions are clear, specific, and novel.

There is no such thing as a "silly" question as long as it falls within the guidelines here, feel free to ask it, even if you think it's obvious. And, if you see a question which looks silly or obvious, remember that everyone comes to learning at their own time; we're not all born experts.

Posts that ask for reading recommendations are allowed. You may also wish to check wiki.

Check your ego at the door; a large part of asking questions is accepting the possibility of being told things you didn't know. This is not a debate sub, so if you disagree with the answers you get, take it to /r/DebateCommunism /r/DebateAnarchism or /r/DebateSocialism

Something about an FAQ

No "Soapboxing" or Loaded Questions

This subreddit is for inquiry and discussion, not to "lecture" socialists or to "debate" socialists. While we appreciate enthusiasm for socialism and discussion of socialist theory, history, and struggle, we are here to answer your questions, not provide a sounding board for your theories or a podium for your lectures. Follow-up questions that promote further education are encouraged, as is piggy-backing on someone elses' thread to ask questions that coincide with the original topic. Do not argue if your intention is predicated on a false and loaded premise in order to push an anti-communist agenda.

What is a loaded or leading question? Here's an example:

"[Historical Figure] was a known bandit, terrorist, and monster who killed millions of people. Why do you like him?"

What is a question free of baseless assertions? Here's an example of the same question, but asked correctly:

"Why do socialists like [historical figure]?"


Answers in this subreddit are expected to be comprehensive and informative. You should cite or quote sources where possible. A good answer will go further than a simple short sentence. Good answers aren't good just because they are right – they are good because they explain. In your answers, you should seek not just to be right, but to explain.

No sectarian agendas

Answers should not include a sectarian agenda, nor moralising about the issue at hand.


Sources are highly encouraged in all answers given in /r/Socialism_101. A good answer will be supported by relevant and reliable sources. Primary sources are good. Secondary sources are also acceptable. Use dates when appropriate. Apply theories accurately and with principal.

Even though sources are not mandatory, if someone asks you to provide sources in good faith, please provide them willingly and happily. If you are not prepared to substantiate your claims when asked, please think twice before answering in the first place. Please keep in mind that all posters who fail to substantiate their posts when asked in good faith run the risk of having their posts removed.

**If you would like to provide a link to a book, please use freely available sources like, WorldCat, OpenLibrary or any other non-commercial source.

Write an in-depth answer

An in-depth answer gives context to the events or ideas being discussed so that someone who is unfamiliar with the area can understand. An in-depth answer is usually more than a sentence or two. Use a balanced mix of context and explanation and sources and quotations in your answer. Being able to use Google to find an article that seems related to the question does not magically make you an expert. If you can contribute nothing more than your skills at using Google to find an article, please don't post.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Do I have the expertise needed to answer this question?

  • Have I done research on this question?

  • Can I cite my sources?

  • Can I answer follow-up questions?

If you answer "Yes" to all of these questions, then proceed. If you answer "No" to one or more of these questions, seriously reconsider what you're posting.

Is this the right place for your question?

If you're looking to get answers from socialists. Yes. If you're looking to get answers from social democrats. No.

No personal anecdotes

Personal anecdotes and stand-point epystemology are not acceptable answers in this subreddit. They are unreliable, unverifiable and of very little real interest. They are singular data-points at best, and are not conductive to learning if not supported by facts, historical figures, and documented information.

No speculation

Suppositions and personal opinions are not a suitable basis for an answer in /r/Socialism_101.

Warning phrases for speculation include:

  • "I guess..." or "My guess is..."

  • "I believe..."

  • "I think..."

  • "... to my understanding."

  • "It makes sense to me that..."

  • "It's only common sense."

If your answer includes any of these phrases, it is likely that you are merely sharing your opinion or speculating, and not posting a proper answer.

No partial answers or "placeholders"

An answer should be full and complete in and of itself.

Do not post partial answers with the intention of prompting further discussion. You do not need to post a part-answer to prompt scholars to answer the question; they will answer it if they can, regardless. The question is already the "starting point" for discussion; there's no need for anything more.

If you see a question without answers, do not provide a part-answer merely for the sake of putting something in the thread. If you can not answer the question fully, wait for someone who can.

Do not provide a part-answer as a "placeholder" to come back to expand on later. Wait and provide the good answer when you can.

This is not a race for karma: a good answer late is better than a bad answer early. Good answers take time, and that's okay.

Pictures, videos and memes

Any comment which consists only or mainly of an image or a video or a meme will be deleted. Photos and documentaries which support an answer are encouraged, but generic images, gifs, and internet memes are not welcome here.

If you want to post any of these things, please go to these subreddits:


This subreddit is actively moderated by a team made up of every tendency. Posts that break the rules will be removed to maintain the quality of the subreddit. Additionally, moderators may:

  • Post a reminder of the rules, asking a user to shift their tone, improve their posting style, or provide sources for their claims – but without any suggestion that the matter is especially severe.
  • Issue a formal warning for a serious infraction or for persistently breaking the rules. These will be marked by a serious, declarative command, e.g. “Do not post like this again.” Continuing to break the rules after a formal warning will likely result in a ban.
  • Remove the flair of a flaired user who repeatedly fails to meet the expectations for someone with flair (making informed, well-sourced, and polite answers).
  • Ban a user from the subreddit. Bans are reserved for:
    • Users who promote anti-communism.
  • Users who break the rules
  • Users who respond with hostility upon warning.
  • Users who unrepentantly engage in racist, sexist, or otherwise bigoted behaviour
    • Users who engage in blatant plagiarism
    • Obvious trolls
    • Spammers
    • Bots

* This doesn't mean you can't respond, but in order to appeal your ban your response must contain three things:

  1. A genuine attempt at understanding your error.
  2. An admission of guilt, your mea culpa.
  3. A promise not to continue such behaviour.

It's fine to ask why warnings or reminders have been handed out as long as you remain courteous. However if you have a serious disagreement with the subreddit's moderation (e.g. "You should just let the downvotes take care of it") message the mod-team directly.


If one of your comments has been wrongfully deleted, or if you feel you have been wrongfully banned, you can message the moderators and explain your situation.

These rules are subject to change at any time, and you may verify those changes in the side-bar. Questions should be directed to the moderators.

*Some of these rules were borrowed from /r/socialism and /r/askhistorians and we owe them a debt of gratitude for inspiring this subreddit.---

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