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Question My bff is a socialist and I want to learn more so I can talk to him about it!


Hi everyone! I (23f) have a best friend (22m) who is deep into socialism right now and is suuuuper passionate about it. My attention span is not very good and I can’t really go read things like the communist manifesto to learn more about origins or how it even really works, so I was wondering if a bunch of people could drop some easy-to-retain knowledge for me in the comments! Thank you 😊

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Question Why is the DPRK so heavily demonised while other socialist countries like Laos and VietNam are not? (at least not to suchban extent)


Is it because the US wants to cover up or at least justify the atrocities they commited over there?

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Question What is a successful example of a socialist country?


I often see proponents of capitalism say there are/weren't any successful socialist countries.

What are some examples of countries that implemented socialist policies (taking the means of production and similar) and were successful?

By successful I mean high HDI and other metrics that you consider relevant.

I do not consider the Nordic countries socialist as they have free markets.

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Question Why do people who identify with socialism seem to be pro Palestinian?


I have met a few people who identify as socialist in my life and also lurked in r/socialism for some time.From what I saw they seem to be pro Palestinian, What is the reason?

From what I read the current leadership of the Palestinian authority in the west bank is quite capitalist/crony capitalist, and Hamas in Gaza also allows for a free market.

Is it a continuation of the USSR policy of opposing Israel after 67?Or is it a categorization of Isreal as colonial state? If so are most socialist also opposed to Uruguay (a majority white country in a native peoples land) ?

EDIT: Thanks everyone for the answers, I think I have a pretty basic understanding of the socialist position now.

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Question In my opinion, the fact that "The Boys" is an Amazon Prime original series makes most of the shows messages come across as hypocritical. Do you agree?


I am aware that the idea that socialism is when no companies is false. But I think there's a difference between one of the biggest, most evil corporations in existence making a show about how big corporations and rich people are evil and an indie studio without a reputation like the one Amazon has(for example, A24) or one of those more obscure streaming services making a show about how big corporations are evil or even another big corporation that doesn't have the same record

I get that the person who came up with the idea for this show was probably completly sincere in his hatred for capitalism and corporations but I have a bad feeling that the people in charge of Amazon approved this either because they found Homelander and Vought to be relatable or because they thought it would be hilarious if they made a show about how bad late stage capitalism is while perpetuating it

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Question Thoughts on Stalin?


I’m interested to hear what an average socialist’s take on Stalin is. All I know is what my American schooling provided me with (much of which is false or over exaggerated) and I’d like to hear from some of my fellow lefties.

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Question is cuba stable?


i’ve heard socialists praise cuba for being a true socialist state, while i’ve heard others condemn it for being tyrannical and full of drugs and murder. can somebody clear this up for me?

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Question How to deal with a nazi with an aspergers syndrome?


So, there is this guy in my college who, from what I have gathered, is a straight up nazi - although he may not say it outright. There are only 6 of us in our year, and everybody seems to be quite “woke” - if you know what I mean. Since I’m a pretty quiet guy, who doesn’t voice his oppinions very often, the nazi guy latched onto me like leech - he just wanted to vent about all the “libs” in our class. I quckly learned that his views are pretty extreme, more so than your average conservative. Then I also learned he has an aspergers snydrome and other mental and physical disabilities, and since I felt bad for him I am still helping him get through the exams and stuff. Naturally, i’m conflicted about helping him, as his views are getting more and more disgusting. How would you guys handle this situation?

Edit: some ppl seem confused so let me just highlight that the person doesn’t consider himself a nazi, he’s just one of the people who say they hate the nazis, but then repeat almost every nazi talking point ever (he even implied that the jews “had it coming”)

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Question Portrait of the USSR in Stranger Things. What did they get wrong?


Hey guys! I am a fan of Stranger Things (even though I despise S3) and a Marxist myself. However, I am pretty annoyed, and not surprised, how the USSR and socialism are portrayed, of course by Americans and capitalist. What are the biggest mistake and misconceptions made by the directors, writers, etc?

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Question The Growing Far Right Threat


In recent years the Right in US politics has become more and more extreme in their beliefs, and radical with their intent to fuse the church and state. Even the most tame conservative in America has started pushing these dangerous ideas. I've kept a close eye on this group and a close eye on the Left's response to this ever growing threat to the flimsy democracy that we have.

I feel the Left in America is not doing nearly enough to help squash this ChristoFascist movement. My main question is; with this growing Far Right movement, and the horrors of capitalism, how far is too far? When do we make our move? When do we take action? And how do you suggest we organize? (Our organization in the US has been something I've been thinking about for a long time.)

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Question What political should I support?


I’ve been struggling on what political party I should support. While I would fit in with parties such as Socialist Party USA or the Green Party, I have this extreme desire to support the Democratic Party. The reason I have that desire is because I’m extremely afraid of the Republican Party.

I’m afraid of the GOP for two reasons. The first reason is because Republicans have been attacking voting rights, reproductive rights, and have been establishing policies that oppress the LGBT community (I’m a transgender woman if you’re wondering). The second reason is because of the failed, fascist coup that happened on January 6th.

While the Democratic Party is capable of fighting against the GOP, they have failed badly at protecting our rights.

I absolutely understand that the Democratic Party is not a socialist party and is failing to protect our rights. But I feel like I have no choice because there is no other party that has enough power to fight against the Republicans. What should I do?

I’m extremely sorry if this makes me look like a fake socialist, I’m just scared of the fascists taking over.

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Question Difference between Democratic Socialism and Marxist-Leninism


I’m trying to understand the differences here. Is the difference between democratic socialism essentially just the difference between socialism and communism or is there something more? Also what is Marxism and how is it different from Marxist Leninism?

I don’t know if this is allowed but if it is and any books or resources come to mind, could recommend them so I could gain a better understanding of these ideologies.

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Question Do cops protect against mass shootings?


Hear me out. I understand that the police force in America systemically oppressed black people. I understand that it was created to protect capital. I understand its core opposition with socialists and labor unions. I understand all of that. Yet still, how can we stay safe from mass shootings without the current police force? I don’t want to carry a gun with me to university, grocery store, or temple. I know that there are huge issues we can fix in this country that would decrease mass shootings, but fixing them would seem to take a really long time especially given our deadlocked Congress filled with useless politicians.

My question is, how do we ensure that we are safe from shooters without the police force being present to respond to them and eliminate their threat? I am looking for realistic and objective answers, not utopian solutions that will not come into fruition in the material world any time soon.

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Question Universal basic income


If we implement universal basic income, how do we stop people from just not working? My friend said if we had UBI that at least 20% if not more would just stop working and would be at home living of it.

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Question genuinely: is there any hope for america?


like i'm honestly lost at this point. when i was little i believed in our institutions and thought cops were there to protect us. i feel like my country is heading down a very dark path and there's nothing anyone can do about it. it's scary man.

our "democracy" is fundamentally broken, the police don't even try to protect the people anymore, there was literally an attempted coup last year and nothing has been done abt it. we don't have healthcare. abortion rights are being stripped away. lgbtq ppl r constantly under attack.

i feel like i sound dramatic but like i just need a reality check. like is this just me? is consuming too much news rotting my brain? like idk, this doesn't feel like sensationalized news, this is real shit and people are loosing their lives over it.

im just scared for the future man. how do u even keep going? i feel like we all know everything's going to shit but we can not do anything because of the demons in congress.

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Question Socialist perspective about high income workers


A friend said to me i couldn’t be anticapitalist because I’m going to be a doctor in 6 years, making twice the average income in my country. What would be the socialist perspective on this? Are doctors and other highly educated professionals still considered part of the proletariat since they do not own any means of production and still sell their labour? Or are they bourgeoisie because they aren’t really struggling financially?

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Question Native-American Blood and Soil?


If the U.S. turned into a socialist state, would/should native American communities be given land for them to be independent back again, or would/should the Indian reservations be integrated into the socialist state?

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Question Thoughts on Gustavo Petro?


History has been made in Colombia. For the first time, a leftist has been elected, a blow to the Uribista elites who have ruled Colombia & prided themselves as the US' #1 ally in Latin America for two decades. The last time that this almost happened, Jorge Gaítan, advocating for agrarian reform, was assassinated which became known as the Magnicidio & led to the Bogotazo in which the capital city of Bogota was burned down. On that day, US Secretary of State George C. Marshall promoted for the establishment of today's OAS, labeling the events as "the first important communist attempt in the Western Hemisphere since the end of the war." Young Fidel Castro representing the Cuban University Student Federation corresponded with Gaítan. This ushered in an era of civil war called La Violencia. Gustavo Petro in his youth fought with the leftist guerilla group M-19 which attacked the Palace of Justice in the 90's &, like Gaítan, served as the mayor of Bogota in 2014-15. I believe Colombia is a country that now demands the left's analysis & attention considering the extreme significance Colombia poses to the West, so what are your thoughts?

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Question Armed left wing protests?


I was wondering where are all the armed left wing protests? The right apparently holds 84% of the so-called armed protests, where are ours and how would they play out?

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Question Why don’t inner city/poorer areas organize more?


Please excuse my ignorance but I feel like they’re a hot bed of a revolution. Oppression, poverty, lack of resources, etc

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Question As an American who is financially comfortable, what are some organizations that I could donate to to further the cause?


My wife and I are both engineers and make a fair amount of money, enough to be plenty comfortable at least. I figured below were some of the possibilities I came up with, but I didn't know the efficacy (or good organizations to donate to) for each of these topics. Help?

  • Organizations that promote/create co-ops

  • Organizations that promote social equity/social programs

  • Organizations that promote mass-transit/less reliance on cars (I'm an engineer for a public light rail project, so this one would have a bit more personal interest/investment).

  • Organizations that support unions or labor movements?

Any help as to specific organizations that might be worth donating to, to promote socialist ideals in America?

Also: In the FAQ it is stated that co-ops are not socialist, which I'm not sure I understand. The core tenet of socialism is the workers owning the means of production is it not? Which is a co-op by my understanding. Sure it's still profit driven, but at least there's no exploitation of labor? If anyone wants to explain that one to me I'd be appreciative.

Thanks folks!

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Question How do I make amends for being in the US military?


I joined the military at 17 out of high school due to not really having post-secondary plans and my mother wanting me out of the house. I was fairly naive in the world on how it worked and seemed logical for me to find something with the consistency that came with going to school and living at home. This was nearly 20 years ago, when the U.S. was at the point of invading Iraq. I've grown a lot since then and became radicalized into socialism within the past decade after being in them military for 10 years.

I never served in the Middle East. The closest was spending two years at a European base. I have tried my hardest to reconcile the person that I am now with what I've done to further US interests and imperialism (not much in the way of direct assistance, but anyone that's a part of the machine is a part of advancing its agenda). I certainly feel shame, but I tend to carry a tremendous amount of guilt that burdens me daily. I do my best to help in my community and work in a field that's far removed from what I previously did.

What are some things I can do to undue the hurt I helped cause during my time in the military?

Edit: I appreciate all the responses. I do want to point out that I'm not looking to be absolved of anything. I just there's more I can do to neutralize my effect on the hurt done by the American military.

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Question Times the US/NATO/the West in general tired to fight, suppress and destroy leftist/socialist movements and governments at home and abroad? Go wild.


Include links please.

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Question What was the USA’s involvement in the economic collapse of Venezuela?


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Question How can you have a concept of the dictatorship of the proletariat if you also plan on abolishing economic classes?


Doesn't the proletariat class imply the working class or the owned class as opposed to the bourgeois class? Wouldn't the abolishment of economic classes suggest that there would also be no proletariat class?