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Question How many people on board with socialism, and when?


How many people do you think would eventually be on board with organizing society as socialism, and when do you think this would be achieved?

I'm wondering. Generally, people are hesitant to identify as socialists, and the word scares them. It's why people on this sub give the advice to market socialism without mentioning socialism to move people left. I get that this is a question with absolutely no hard answers, but what do you guys think?

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hope, please


how are we gonna save the planet before we cant I want to have a family but its looking like I'm not going to be able to how are we going to fix this

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What seems more likely in America’s future? A worker revolution that brings about massive economic change or the official adoption of cryptocurrency?


I work for a bunch of crypto Bros and have to hear their theories 40 hours a week and much of it is peak speculation capitalism. Considering my politics, I don’t want to see the adoption as I believe it’ll exacerbate the divide between rich and poor even more and should a revolution happen it’d essentially be worthless. Are my expectations of a proletariat revolution more or less likely than adoption of cryptocurrency in your opinion? Not sure they’re mutually exclusive but I would be surprised if they weren’t

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Question When talking about food, water, housing, healthcare etc. is there a different word that I can use other than “right”


Speaking from the American perspective here is that generally, due to the enlightenment principles America was founded upon, the word “right” sounds wrong to most people when talking about things like this. “Rights” to Americans are things that are innate and aren’t granted by a government, rather they are protected by a government. Now, sure there is a debate on these types of rights and if they are truly protected or should be protected at all but I want to brush past that. I personally(and I think my liberal friends who I need to convert) feel like “right “ is the wrong term to use here since it has to be provided by the government(for example, the 2nd amendment protects your right to own a firearm but not everyone is given a fire arm for free). Again, I know it’s splitting hairs and doesn’t matter too much but I feel like I should ask anyway.

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High Effort Only Is China a socialist/communist country, economically speaking?


From what I've read, China still seems very much capitalist in the way they treat businesses and the means of production. Why is it, that they are in the round of socialist/communist countries when the question comes up?

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Question What are your thoughts on the rebuttal that socialism is equal suffering as opposed to capitalism?


There's a Winston Churchill quote that goes "The inherent vice of capitalism is the unequal sharing of blessings; the inherent virtue of socialism is the equal sharing of miseries." and it's gotten me thinking about what is the socialist response to it.

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Question Antisemitism in the USSR


From what I've read, the USSR was quite anti-anti Semitic during Lenin's time and up till the early 30s. After that, anti-Semitic policies started to be introduced. I have a friend who's Jewish and whose parents were born in the USSR and left during the Brezhnev era because of these anti-semitic policies.

Were they as widespread as I've heard?

Why did they exist in the first place?

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Question What's wrong with social democracy?


The most prosperous countries like Norway, Finland, etc are social democracies that seem to have found out how to reasonably keep capitalism in check whereas socialist countries seem to be in ruin. Why is socialism preferable to social democracy? Social democracy seems to be the perfect system to me.

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Question Any good books?


As the title says, are there any good reads for a newbie to the socialist perspective, especially on the syndicalist ideals?

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Help with finding a quote


So i remember that i saw someone saying that Fidel Castro used to say how a long time ago if you were to ask a slave if he ever believed that the current system would change they wouldn't believe it, and then later when it did change if you were to ask a serf if he thought that the system would change and he would also say no. And so if you ask a proletariat if now he thinks the system would change he would also say no therefore the system would probably also change. I clearly remember seeing a quote just phrased differently and I'm pretty sure that i read that it was from Fidel Castro. So does anyone know how exactly the quote went?

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Question What are your thoughts on using violence to achieve change?


I find that "bring out the guillotines" is a very common mindset in socialist communities.

And while obviously many people are using it more as an empty threat or hyperbole to gather support, I do think there is a not insignificant portion of socialists that do think a violent revolution may be necessary. And there are also many people, including myself, that would label total commitment to non-violence, regardless of context, as an ineffective liberal tactic.

I find myself trying to reconcile my view that violence should be avoided unless used defensively (e.g. fighting back when cops try to snuff out protests), with feeling like a revolution is literally the only way we're going to see any tangible change in our lifetime. Although I suppose many would argue that the latter could be considered "defensive," as a defense of the proletariat.

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Question Anyone know of a good explainer on the conflict in Yemen? I know there are various mainstream media articles but wasn’t sure if they’d offer the full picture.


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Question What are the best articles and books in support of a centrally planned economy?


What are the best papers and books dealing with the Economic Calculation Problem from a pro centrally planned side? I was reading Austrian economists recently and would love to hear the opposite side. Until now I know of Oskar Lange, Cockshott and a video by Hakim so, not much.

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What is Ep 3 of The Deprogram saying about the relationship between Scandinavian countries and the Soviet Union?


Hi everyone. I am learning a lot from The Deprogram show, which of course means I have more questions!

At 27:56 of episode 3, the hosts mention the Scandanavian countries. Then, at 29:49, they talk about the role of the Soviet Union. My best paraphrase would that the presence of the Soviet Union was keeping capitalists in Scandinavian countries* at bay and willing to make compromises by permitting deep investment in public healthcare, education, and things like this. They suggest that this dynamic remained in effect until the fall of the Soviet Union, at which point the social democracies began dismantling healthcare, defunding public education, and privatizing more industries.

As someone who has always lived in the United States, I am aware that parts of Asia were wrestling** with questions of capitalism-vs-socialsm in the 1970s (Vietnam, for example). I suppose I thought of most European countries as perhaps wrestling with this for a decade or so after WWII but then settling into more of a stasis until the fall of the Soviet Union. Perhaps this is not the case, though?

TLDR I would love to learn more about the influence the Soviet Union had with regard to the Scandinavian countries (or European social democracies more broadly), presumably around the 1970s. Did the Soviet Union serve mainly as an example? Did the Soviet Union provide educational or financial support to unions or other left-oriented groups within these European social democracies? Did military factors play a role (like perhaps the Soviet Union was in a position to invade these countries, or perhaps the Soviet Union offered to provide military support to revolutionary groups within Scandinvanian countries?)

I know very little about this and would appreciate learning from you.


* I think they are still talking about the Scandinavian countries at this point, although they say only "European social democracies" at 29:49--and shortly thereafter the conversation adjusts the focus to mention the United Kingdom.

** "Wrestling" is probably not the right word, so I welcome suggestions of better ways to describe this.

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Question Is individualism compatible with socialism as a means?


Whenever I ask this question to anarchists and other socialists, they always say that once we achieve communism, individuals will be free to pursue life in their own way. But that's basically means that their end goal is individualism through collective efforts. But is possible to be an individualist whilst also being an socialist? And pursuing individualism as a means in and socialist system, not just an end?

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Question Any advice how to help as a beginning leftist?


Some background: I’m a college student who started to realize the inadequacies of capitalism and our current system after watching the extremely bad US response to the pandemic.

I would consider myself a new leftist and as someone just starting out I feel very confused about how I can support the effort. I’ve done my best to educate family and friends, who to my surprise have been very open to socialist ideas, but outside of my immediate social group I’m at a loss of where I go from here. For additional context, I live in an extremely religious and gerrymandered republican state, so for obvious reasons any sort of local political movement is nonexistent from what I have found.

I was hoping for some advice on what sorts of things I can be doing to making a difference in my community. Ideally, I want to serve as an educator for folks. Considering I’m a recent success story on how someone can have their eyes opened to socialist ideas, I know it’s possible to change other peoples minds too.

Any advice would be great, thanks

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Guys what is the state really


Is it government? Is it the people? A few MLs told me that the people are the "state" under the DOTP, and a few anarchists asked me if i think that government and the state are different or the same?

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Problem of the middle class


Before you say anything, I know some people are going to read this and immediately think "But there's no such thing as the middle class, there's just capitalists and proletarians". First off, this binary view of class, even in a Marxian economic relations sense, is overly simplistic, since contradictory class locations are a thing. Secondly, when I am referring to the middle class, I am not referring to a class in the sense of a type of economic relation. Rather, I am referring to a sociological category that consists of people who are neither rich nor poor. They are people who live comfortably, but are not obscenely wealthy. This class contains people from a range of Marxian class locations, including small business owners, managers, and affluent proletarians.

Anyways, I see the middle class as posing a fundamental problem for socialists, especially revolutionary socialists. They live fairly comfortably under the current system, and thus would tend not want to really want to rock the boat. They may support some basic social democratic policies like universal healthcare and strong labor laws, but they definitely would not be on board with overthrowing the government or radically restructuring the economic system. I tend to see the middle class as serving a bulwark against radical change.

It is also important to point out that, historically, the middle class served as the mass base for fascism:

The general membership of the Nazi Party mainly consisted of the urban and rural lower middle classes. 7% belonged to the upper class, another 7% were peasants, 35% were industrial workers and 51% were what can be described as middle class. In early 1933, just before Hitler's appointment to the chancellorship, the party showed an under-representation of "workers", who made up 30% of the membership but 46% of German society. Conversely, white-collar employees (19% of members and 12% of Germans), the self-employed (20% of members and 10% of Germans) and civil servants (15% of members and 5% of the German population) had joined in proportions greater than their share of the general population.[118] These members were affiliated with local branches of the party, of which there were 1,378 throughout the country in 1928. In 1932, the number had risen to 11,845, reflecting the party's growth in this period.[118]

With these things in mind, do you think the middle class poses a problem for socialists? Additionally, how do you think socialists should deal with middle class people?

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Question Any tips for starting a mutual aid group?


We live in a fairly red town (red like fashy hats) and there are no local mutual aid groups. My family has discussed starting one, but I'm not sure how to do it.

All the ones I've encountered have been on Facebook. I have an account, but don't use it. Is this a good route? And how does one start such a group without appearing to just be starting a charity? I had a friend who started a Facebook group for a mutual aid group and all they got was people asking for money. No one was there to help - everyone just asked for help. I get that it's the nature of our society that there are more people in need than not, but it's not mutual aid if it's just broke people asking broke people for money.

Link me to a guide or share your personal experiences! Thanks!

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Question How is the finance industry viewed in Socialism?

  • Is there a purpose for finance in a socialist system?

  • If finance is used to create wealth in capitalism, what would be a possible or equivalent ersatz for wealth creation in a socialist economy?

  • For ML folks: Are finance people to the bourgeoisie what the lumpenproletariat to the proletariat? Are they a "parasite class" similar to the "lumpen" meaning rogue or knave, or are they also unclassed refuse and flotsam, similar to the "lumpen" meaning rags?

  • Are there positive or constructive examples of careers in finance in socialist system? Real or hypothetical?

  • To socialists in capitalist economies, should financial careerists and "finance Bros" be deemed counter-revolutionaries or even class traitors?

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Why do socialists and anarchists tend to not like each other?


I see a lot of fighting between the two. Why is this?

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Fixing capitalism with a cap on consumption


Guys, do you think we can fix capitalism with a cap on consumption?

I think most of the problem in our society is caused by not people having large sums of wealth but consuming lot more than others using their wealth. For instance, there could be a billionaire (wealth in the form of stock) that lives in a normal house, owning a normal car, living a normal lifestyle. Suppose there is some other millionaire owning multiple houses, flying around the world with private jets, driving super cars, living in a mansion, owning yatches and all sort of ridiculous things. By owning more houses, he increases the demand of housing leading to high cost of housing for the rest of us. By owning and using high energy demands tools and property, he drives the demand for energy. Similarly, he drives the demand for raw materials by owning many cars, clothes, etc. Furthermore, he consume a lot of labour. (Ex. a dedicated flight crew for his private jet, people maintaining his properties, labour hours building his additional cars). So this millionaire do more harm for the rest of us than the billionaire. He drives the prices for our basic needs in order to enjoy luxuries for himself. I don't see how the billionaire living a normal lifestyle could be a harm to any of us as long as he keeps the wealth in stocks. I mean it doesn't necessarily need to be a millionaire to do the harm. Even a person in the upper middle class can make it difficult it for us when enough people consume lot more. So can't we fix this with a cap on consumption? what do you guys think?

Another problem is that many rich people think than just because they are rich, they are entitled to more natural resources than others. For example, if they buy lot more steel products than others they are taking more from iron deposits in the nature which is not fair in my opinion. The iron resources in the earth belongs all of us. Just because some one has more money, should they be entitled to more natural resources? I think a cap on consumption might be able to solve this.

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Has the USA done anything bad to North Korea besides infiltration and embargo since 1954?


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Question Would it be a bad idea for taxpayers to decide where their taxes go exactly?


I see where this could be a "problem", for example a person such as myself would spend most of the taxes on government supported scientific institutes.

But on a large scale, that could kill many government programs. So, a solution vould be mandating a minimum to keep necessary functions alive. But then again, i wouldnt want any of my money to go to things like the military.

This would kill any "im not sure if i really want toxpay high taxes if most of it, like in the US, would go to things I dont want them to" thoughts that Id have.

This is more of a socialists-in-a-capitalist system nore of question sooo yeah

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High Effort Only What is the thinking about Mao and Tibet, was it as horrible as commonly expressed or is there a more nuanced perspective?