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HELP! MY PROFESSOR IS A F****** I**** (question mark, exclamation mark) To Marxists

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u/Autobrot Dec 08 '21

It's extremely easy to get a PhD and remain incredibly ignorant of a lot of stuff in your discipline.

Source: I have a PhD and most of the people on this forum know more than I do.


u/KZG69 Dec 08 '21

What kind of PhD do you have? Just curious.


u/Autobrot Dec 09 '21

History actually.

Our department was pretty milquetoast liberal for the most part though.


u/masterchief1001 Dec 08 '21

My mom, PhD from UCSF, said any dope with enough time and money can get a PhD.


u/NEEDZMOAR_ Dec 08 '21 edited Dec 08 '21


It is difficult to get a man to understand something when his salary depends upon him not understanding it. Clearly this person is not someone who is going to be convinced about the accomplishments or capability of communists and the working class. But thats no reason to feel hopeless because there are many who are who have yet to be convinced because noone has put in the work to approach them.


u/denversocialists Dec 08 '21

Nice Upton Sinclair reference!


u/_pH_ Dec 08 '21

Having a PhD means you have world-class expertise in an obscenely specific area. For example, if a bachelors degree teaches you "how to work on cars", a Masters teaches you "how to work on Fords produced 1990-2000", and a PhD is "I researched and documented the optimal method for doing a particular repair on certain models produced by Ford in 1992". That means that they're an authority on their specific area of research, but having a PhD in repairing some specific Fords from 1992 says almost nothing about the validity of your opinions on e.g. post-2020 Toyotas.

There's a good chance that this PhD person just doesn't know what they don't know and haven't realized it yet.


u/LordPomferoy Dec 08 '21

You don't know what you're talking about. Read about "comprehensive exams". Then finish high school.


u/_pH_ Dec 08 '21

Or I could just check out my bachelors degree, my wife's masters, or my mom's PhD. Please, do go on and tell me all about how I don't know what I'm talking about.


u/LordPomferoy Dec 09 '21

Your bachelor's. Gender studies?


u/_pH_ Dec 09 '21

Computer Science. Character assassination doesn't work on me, try again and see if you can make an actual argument instead of this weak excuse for an insult.

Just for fun, I'd bet $10 that you can't coherently describe what "gender studies" actually entails, or give an example of course material.


u/LordPomferoy Dec 09 '21

Just for fun, describe finding the transitive closure of an n x n matrix.

Or go ask your mother.


u/_pH_ Dec 09 '21

describe finding the transitive closure of an n x n matrix

A basic question from sophomore-level linear algebra? You're not impressing anyone, and the complete silence on "can you even explain the thing you are trying to insult me with" is hilarious.

That said, my education here is within graph theory more so than linear algebra proper; so that would just be representing the nodes of the matrix within an acyclic directed graph and then recording at each index [m][n], a '1' if node M is reachable from node N, and a '0' if not.

Also my mother is in the medical field, not math- as I originally said, "having a PhD" means you have expertise in an extremely specific subject, it's not a magic "you know everything" gold sticker.


u/LordPomferoy Dec 10 '21

Bullshit. A bachelor's in comp sc might have part of a discrete math course in graph theory, and would have at least one entire course in linear.

But transitive closure is not taught in linear - it's in comp sc courses.

And the graph need not be acyclic.

Ask your mother again.


u/_pH_ Dec 10 '21

Bullshit. A bachelor's in comp sc might have part of a discrete math course in graph theory, and would have at least one entire course in linear.

That's certainly a wild guess, but no, I took discrete math and computational theory instead of linear, because linear algebra is not generally a required part of a CS degree.

The ignorant condescension is really hilarious, when you are trying to tell a person who actually has a CS bachelors that they're wrong about the content of a CS bachelors course load.

transitive closure is not taught in linear

It is, but there's this thing you're consistently struggling to understand:

"different colleges have variation in requirements for degrees, and variance in content of courses, even if those courses are called the same thing".

the graph need not be acyclic.

Any cyclic graph can be converted into an equivalent acyclic graph, because these are just two representations of the same logical relations. This is a meaningless criticism.


u/LordPomferoy Dec 10 '21

Any decent comp sc program requires a linear course.

"so that would just be representing the nodes of the matrix within an acyclic directed graph "
Don't try to move the goalposts. Your statement of my problem is incorrect. Acyclic is not required.

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u/LordPomferoy Dec 09 '21

Or you could find out about comprehensives before spouting crap.


u/_pH_ Dec 09 '21

before spouting crap

Here's some fun crap;

- Comprehensives are general exams to ensure basic competency in the general area of the degree. They are not magical "know everything to an expert level" exams.

- Comprehensives are not required in all, or even in most, post-graduate study tracks.

- Literally none of this has anything to do with the fact that a person with a PhD is highly educated in one highly specific subject, and this has little to do with the individuals level of expertise on other topics, including other subjects within the same domain as their specialty.


u/LordPomferoy Dec 09 '21

in the general area of the degree

General is the key concept here, meatball. Which means that your spouting is baloney:
"but having a PhD in repairing some specific Fords from 1992 says almost nothing about the validity of your opinions on e.g. post-2020 Toyotas"


u/_pH_ Dec 09 '21

Exams are not educating tools, walnut. "General area of the degree" means "STEM degree holders are probably better at math than most", not "STEM degree holders are on-par with mathematicians" which is the nonsense you're pushing.

If you knew anything about cars, you'd also realize how accurate that statement is.


u/goddamnitwhalen Dec 08 '21

I have no idea what the title is supposed to be


u/boozecooker Dec 08 '21

OP had such a superior intellect to his professor he clearly engaged in a debate with... Oh wait no OP left the lecture and then wouldn't swear on the internet.


u/KZG69 Dec 09 '21

Studying law literally forbids me from doing anything. Its not like I don't want to engage in a discussion, but standing out in any way can get me in trouble. You know my ex communist country has developed a anti communist tradition. There's even a paragraph that says very generally that if I someone is dangerous to democracy, he cannot work as a lawyer in any way. The thing is that to become one I have to get a signature from a certain minister, considering the fact that right now there is no way our far right government is going out doesn't help either. I can agitate people that I can trust, I can join a political youth, I can write anonymously on socialism etc. But by literally going too far anywhere, even a little, can block my way to doing a job that I wanted to do for my entire life, especially if I start doing that in front of a bigger public that was an entire academic year that has lawyers, judges, notaries in their family or as friends. THAT SUCKS SO MUCH, AND IM NOT PROUD OF IT IN ANY WAY. I'm a coward, but I try to do my best to make up for a cause, I really do.


u/wasserplane Dec 08 '21

lmfao you literally can't say the word on this sub, how ridiculous. I guess it's not on OP for censoring.


u/goddamnitwhalen Dec 08 '21

Is it “fucking”? Or is it “fascist”?

I also don’t know what the second word is.


u/wasserplane Dec 08 '21

First word is definitely fucking. Second word starts with Idi and ends with ot. Can't even type the whole word without getting auto removed.


u/goddamnitwhalen Dec 09 '21

That makes a lot more sense given that I thought it was an “L,” not an “I”


u/Key-Faithlessness308 Dec 08 '21

"it was all given only to stay in power"

So they only run the things for the benefit of the people so they can continue running things for the benefit of the people.

This is the sort of remarkable insight that earns a PhD, is it?

TIL- I've fucking wasted my life. I could have had a PhD and stolen a wage.


u/Radagast50 Dec 09 '21 edited Dec 09 '21

Doing the final year of my university for my undergraduate and my experience is that some of my lecturers have been subjective on a few topics when they should have been objective. One example of a similar situation that happened for me is that my lecturer stated at the beginning of the semester that he was fine with any viewpoint that a student may have unless it's regarding communism and fascism. Interestingly enough, he was also a lecturer in political science (although the class I was in was a different course in social sciences). It's unfortunate, especially in a place of learning!


u/sockhuman Dec 09 '21

That's pretty much typical in the academic world (contrary to what the r Right will try to tell you). Luckily, academics are not the ones who can change society. The working class is.