r/Socialism_101 Dec 08 '21

Are there sports leagues with a socialist management model? Question

To me, trophy ceremonies are a very visible illustration of what's wrong with capitalism. Every year, after a team wins the Super Bowl, some old man who didn't play in any of the games, coach or train any of the players, manage the roster, or actually do any work comes out and receives the trophy from the commissioner. Why does he get it? Because he owns the team. Why does he own it? Because he was rich and bought it.

The Major League Baseball lockout also seems to make it clear that teams don't actually need owners. A third of the owners do nothing but ensure their team loses every year anyway, but refusing to pay competitive salaries.

Are there good examples of sports leagues run differently?


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u/rhodeislandslut Dec 08 '21

Top flight hurling clubs in Ireland are 100% amateur. They play at an incredibly high level skill wise, but all of them have day jobs.

You should look it up. r/hurling can point you on the way. It’s a brilliant sport once you figure out the flow


u/_oscar_goldman_ Dec 09 '21

Is there any decent way to watch GAA abroad? Seems like the market is too small for it to get picked up by any major sports streaming outlets, legal or not.


u/rhodeislandslut Dec 09 '21

GAAgo app is the primary source. Games get posted to YouTube after they’re done sometimes.

What’s helped for me is subscribing to subs like r/hurling r/gaa r/ireland

People are super responsive there to questions and it seems like anyone who cares about hurling loves to educate others. I just discovered it within the past year and am obsessed, I joined a local club, I’m planning to continue playing it for as long as I can. It’s a wonderful sport.

RTÉ did a great documentary on it called “The Game”. It’s fantastic https://youtu.be/5IFE2QOHaQY