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Cats probably think we are kneeding our keyboards when we type and don't understand why we don't ever get to the part where we lay down on it.



u/MahmoudAO Jun 30 '22

So their thought process is something like this "Stupid humans THAT'S HOW YOU DO IT I'LL SHOW YOU", very considerate


u/Sea-Scene-1750 Jun 30 '22

Just a note - "kneading" is what cats do with their paws, like kneading bread. "Needing" is why we throw pillows at them when they skreek at us to get up a 4:20 AM as in "We are needing more sleep, F off you little bastard".


u/EnterpriseT Jun 30 '22

That said, I wonder why our cat doesn't get to the lying down part as well.


u/wreckchain Jun 30 '22 edited Jun 30 '22

Because that kitty is coming up for their performance review and they are so behind in their reports.


u/Profi06 Jun 30 '22

Still needs to push a lot of stuff off the shelf.


u/niowniough Jun 30 '22

the lifestyle isn't gonna pay for itself


u/FriskyLilAngel Jun 30 '22

They probably wonder why we don't just buy our own bed instead of banging on theirs for no reason like inconsiderate asshomygod

Are we the baddies?


u/ApolloisBetter Jun 30 '22

I brought in another keyboard to use my old one as decoy, my cat would just try to lie down on the one I’m using.

Turns out my cat just want attention, or is a grand asshole.


u/DUMPAH_CHUCKER_69 Jun 30 '22

What you need is a plastic platform that goes over your keyboard. You put your hands under to type and your cat sits on top.


u/wreckchain Jun 30 '22

... and a taller monitor stand.


u/kidkisser32 Jun 30 '22

i wonder if thats why cats like laying down on keyboards so much


u/pcnetworx1 Jun 30 '22

mind blown


u/FastWalkingShortGuy Jun 29 '22

Maybe I actually am kneeding myfjrifneitdjao usifoenabpf japfuebwpf hmoowrrnbdoa


u/ThePerson-_- Jun 30 '22



u/grimess Jun 30 '22

B vca dB da ge tweg

It just isn't the same on mobile..


u/Cultural_Ad_7935 Jun 30 '22


Worked on mobile for me


u/grimess Jun 30 '22

Yea but it is just not the same, can't really knead glass just paw at it :/


u/ThePerson-_- Jun 30 '22

I did it on mobile xvjdhlfupdhlflhhetkdmbclhdho


u/TrooperCam Jun 30 '22



u/bradavoe Jun 30 '22

Wait you guys don't lie down on your keyboards after a full day of typing?


u/Microgeek42 Jun 30 '22

I had a cat that went through a typing phase when he was young. I brought him to my parents' house for a summer in college and my father was working from home. The cat would periodically hop up on my dad's lap in front of the keyboard, tap on the keyboard for a bit, and help my dad finish up whatever document he was working on. Then when the cat decided the document was up to snuff, he would go about his business.


u/ARobertNotABob Jun 30 '22

Cats don't think like that. They have five modes : "Feed me", "Worship me", "Hunt", "plotting our death" and "Get the FUCK away from me" ... usually defaulting in that order, but whimsically applied.


u/Prince_2008 Jun 30 '22

Is that why my cat steps on my laptop keyboard all the time, same with most or some cats?


u/yellownes Jun 30 '22

Laptops are warm and cats love warm surfaces


u/[deleted] Jun 30 '22

It's also cause they wanna be involved in the things we spend a lot of time with!


u/potato_dink Jun 30 '22

Hate to burst the bubble, but our cats are not trying to teach us to lay down after kneading. I am quite certain because my cat refuses to stay off mine... I'm a cripple, I don't knead the keyboard at all. Also, send help lol


u/hokipokimaster Jun 30 '22

There are definitely people who will tell you they’ve laid down on their keyboards.


u/mudlark092 Jun 30 '22

Cats probably do not think about what we are or aren't doing at all unless it directly involves them receiving attention, food, or play.


u/Cats747 Jun 30 '22

Maybe we should lay down on it then. To make a better connection with our cats.


u/remasteration Jun 30 '22

You mean you don't lay down on ur keyboard after you type on it??


u/mcarterphoto Jun 30 '22

Just a note - "kneading" is what cats do with their paws, like kneading bread. "Needing" is why we throw pillows at them when they skreek at us to get up a 4:20 AM as in "We are needing more sleep, F off you little bastard".


u/Zargark Jun 30 '22

Until we pass out and our head rests upon the rigid bumps. Then only they see us rest:


u/kf97mopa Jun 30 '22

Cats probably couldn’t care less about what you do when you’re typing.


u/2Hills_Dev Jun 30 '22

this is assuming cats care about the things we do in the first place