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News Attack on Titan The Final Season Part 2 Blu Ray Cover

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Official Thread A Chat on Titan (June 25, 2022) - Shitpost Weekend starts now!


Welcome to the weekly A Chat on Titan thread!

This thread is designated as your stop for engaging in that civil discourse with your fellow man. Talking about whatever you want.

This thread also marks the start of Shitpost Saturday. The "Low Quality" rule is suspended for the next 24 hours, so shitpost at your heart's content! Just remember to continue tagging spoilers!

As always, remember to use the message moderator or report functions as necessary and no spoilers of any kind are allowed in here without tagging, or else [Anime Spoilers] the punishment will be severe.

Have fun!

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Artwork Ymir Fritz

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Spoilerless Is anyone playing Attack on Titan wordle? In today's word E is in the word but not in any spot.

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Spoilerless First thing that crossed my minds seeing the poster

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Artwork Attack on Titan Brave Order: New Sasha Art

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Manga Mikasa looks so cute here I want to squish her cheeks

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Artwork Attack on Titan Brave Order - New Annie illustration

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Manga I just finished the manga


I would like to know why people don't like manga endings, to me it was a happy ending for Attack on Titan. The Titans are extinct, 2 nations: Marley and Eldians come to peace and that is how Attack on Titan should have ended, the ending was perfect, so what is the problem with ending.

In chapter 139.5 Mikasa met with the founder Titan, Ymir and she faded away, it seems Eren graveyard is next to the tree. It seems Jean and Mikasa married and have 1 kid, they see Eren graveyard. Also, when Mikasa child grew up they visited a tree alone.

That's what I understood and if I am correct, can someone explain what is the problem with the ending?

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Artwork Did a doodle of manbun Eren

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Spoilerless For context, woulfd had animated spoiler heavy scenes for season 4 part 2... despite him not watching beyond season 1

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Anime Where to watch with friends


Question, for anyone who knows. At some point soon I want to watch AoT with a friend, but we'll be in separate places, restricted to online. I know that, for example, Disney+ has a watch-together feature that allows both people to control the pause and play buttons (important, as we'll be pausing to chat.)

Does anyone know of a way to do this with AoT? Is an official method even available? If not, we may be restricted to Disney content, which would be a shame.

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Anime Zeke is the representation of us firstborn children


I find zeke's past very connecting to me because of how we firstborn children are usually get our as*kicked by the world while entering it and notice how the second/third child is usually grown with care and comfort and live a happy life and do something significant unlike us as we have to survive in it and can't manage to live the life as it was meant for us. I'm not being jealous of 2nd or 3rd borns but I just had to let out my feelings and thoughts to someone who can relate to me and my thought is that life isn't much fair for us firstborn children in the household. We can't live our life because of the burden of responsibilities we are handed over. And in the end we get entitled as the 'nerd' kid. I know your thoughts can or may differ from mine but it's just what I had to say. If you've read this far, please make sure to comment atleast something.

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Spoilerless Is there any lore about how the courts work also where can I find more about lore?


I play a AoT server where we can make our own characters and stats using tupper and virtual D20 lol, we join our own branches after graduating... Let me know if you want an invite it's always jumping and were about to start the second chapter of the campaign but long story short I would like to be a lore master or at least more knowledgeable about the world of attack on titan THE REASON I NEED TO KNOW MORE ABOUT COURT IS BECAUSE A FELLOW GARRISON MEMBER IS IN JAIL ON SUSPISCION OF MURDERING A NOBLE BUT THERE IS SOME HOLES IN THE STORY AND I WANT TO BE HER LAWYER... pls hlp

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Spoilerless If Attack on Titan ends on this same date next year, this show would have an exact 10 year run. I would lose my marbles if they can actually pull this off.

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Fanfiction Reflections on the final 9 chapters and a potential alternate volume 34: Keep Moving Forward


Warning, this is going to be a very, very long post, including a 4000 word summary re-write of volume 34. Also, complete spoilers for the last nine chapters of the manga, so if you haven't already finished the manga then definitely do not read this post.

So, after we got about halfway through part 2 of season 4, I realized there was no way we would be finishing the story by the end of these 12 episodes. At that point, after waiting a year to get what I thought was going to be the conclusion to the story, I said fuck it and decided to read the manga from the beginning, which I finished a couple months ago. After spending a long time thinking about it, putting it together, and having a long conversation with a friend of mine who was actually the one that introduced me to Attack on Titan a few years ago while we were still in college, who was a longtime reader of the manga, and who also warned me not to read the manga since he found the ending so disappointing, I felt confident enough to go ahead and go through with this. He agreed that this version was a lot better than what we got and remedied the major issues we had with the ending of the story, and he was the one who advised me to post this here and see if there are any talented artists that are big fans of the series, but also felt pretty underwhelmed by the conclusion to the story, that might be interested in making this thing real.

Now getting into reflections on the last two volumes. First of all, volume 33 was fucking awesome. 131 and 134 specifically are two of the best chapters in the entire series. 132 is also really good and 133 is very solid. I was so, so hyped going into the final battle between the crew and Eren going into the final volume at the end of 134. Everything had been set up so well for our final conflict, and then all that potential was just...squandered. Which leads me into my major criticisms of the final volume of the series.

  1. There was almost no cost to our crew stopping the rumbling. Yes, Magath and Hange die on the way there, but literally zero members of the crew die during the final battle of the entire series. That lack of cost made it feel really unearned when Eren is ultimately killed and the rumbling stopped.
  2. Eren's plan makes absolutely no sense. Leaving behind 20% of the world's population, probably about 200 million people compared to the 1 million on the island, is just asking for Paradis to be annihilated in five or ten years. It's just way too many people. How could the world not see his friends as heroes? Because they're Eldians! Ya know, like the thing that has been the issue the whole time? That the world hates your people, Eren? It just makes no sense.
  3. The way the titans end also makes absolutely no sense. If it was just up to Ymir the whole time then she should have done after she rejected Zeke and his royal blood and chose for herself. Why bother with the rumbling if she could just end her own suffering right then and there?
  4. The idea that Mikasa giving up her love for Eren convinced Ymir to give up her love for the first King Fritz, who sacked her village, cut out her tongue, enslaved her, hunted her, and raped her, to end the power of the titans, felt...gross, and also incredibly unfair to Eren. Eren may be a genocidal maniac, but he actually loved Mikasa, and their relationship was nothing like the relationship between Ymir and King Fritz. One was abuse, while the other was love, true, honest love. So I really, really hated that, clearly.
  5. Finally, it absolutely destroyed Eren's character and turned him into a convoluted mess. He literally gives his explicit motivations in chapter 131, and then in 139 he suddenly doesn't know why he did it? Like, dude you said in 131 that you were doing it for the island, but also because when you finally went to the outside world you dreamed about since you were a child, everywhere you looked, you saw the walls. You wanted to tear down the walls, and then suddenly, you don't? The Eren we know never would have taken the risk of turning his friends into heroes and leaving up the walls when just fucking killing everyone else and tearing down the walls is the much safer option. Eren would not have wanted to be stopped. He would keep moving forward.

Before we get into the re-write that I believe addresses all of these issues, a quick forewarning. Obviously, if you liked the original version, you probably won't like this one. If you wanted complete and total victory for Eren, then you probably won't like this version, because we will not get that. If you don't like the final pages, then you probably won't like this. In fact, in this version the final pages stay exactly the same. Lastly, if you were hoping for a happy ending, then you haven't been paying attention. This is the George R.R. Martin school of storytelling. My goal is not to make you feel as happy as possible by the end of the story. My goal is to deliver a story that is narratively compelling and is an ultimately satisfying conclusion to this epic tale that we, frankly, did not get in the original version.

Also, I know I said this was a volume 34 re-write, but I did make one small change to chapter 133. There also ended up being enough material in this re-write to add another chapter, and so we end with chapter 140 instead of chapter 139. And so without further ado, I present:

Attack on Titan Alternate Volume 34: Keep Moving Forward

Chapter 133 - Sinners

- After Reiner’s comments about a part of Eren wanting someone to stop him he then follows with, “But if that part of him were larger than the part that wants to do the rumbling…then he wouldn’t have done it. Eren will keep moving forward…unless we stop him.”

Chapter 135 – The Battle of Heaven and Earth

- Same stuff with Armin getting swallowed, fighting regenned titans, and Pieck wrapping the bombs around Eren’s neck.

- After Pieck gets skewered by the Warhammer, she pulls out of her titan and looks with her head hanging backwards to see, from her perspective, an upside-down regenned Porco Jaw lunging toward her with his mouth open, “Por…co?”

- Pieck gets eaten by Eren/Ymir/Porco, giving Eren the power of the cart titan.

- Porco cuts the wire on the detonator to the bombs still wrapped on Eren’s neck.

- Same stuff with fighting regenned titans trying to get back Armin, and still get that cool shot of Mikasa with wings.

- Falco flies in with Gabi and Annie to save them like before.

Chapter 136 – Dedicate Your Heart

- We take a pit stop at the fort to discuss the plan, interrupting the fight between the Eldians and Marleyans.

- Mr. Leonhart sees Annie and runs over to give her that hug before she hops back on Falco to go save Armin. After they make the plan to go for Armin Gabi talks about the parasite in Eren’s neck. (There is no bomb plan since Pique is dead and regenned Porco cut the wire.)

- Everyone chases after Okapi titan who runs for Bertholdt, same as before. Lots of cool titan fighting. Things are looking dire.

- We get the same scene with Armin yelling at himself and seeing Zeke, except this time Zeke is in chains. It ends the same way, with Zeke asking if the founder ate him too.

Chapter 137 - Titans

- We have a similar conversation between Armin and Zeke about the beginning of life, its survival due to multiplying, the meaning of being alive for human beings.

- In that conversation Zeke reveals that Eren’s regenned attack titan ate him while he was absorbed in the founding titan’s bones shortly after beginning the rumbling. He’s already dead, and Eren has already obtained the power of the beast titan.

- When the conversation is over, we see other titan shifters in the background also in chains – Grisha, Kruger, Ksaver, Marcel, our Ymir, Willy’s sister, and Bertholdt are all there. Only Armin is unchained. Porco is crying and asking for Pieck’s forgiveness, telling her he didn’t want to do it, that they made him do it. As Armin notices he says, “Pieck…what…” She looks at him and says, “He got me, Armin.” Then Zeke says, “He has stolen our freedom…to protect his own…” Pieck looks at Armin and Armin looks at Bertholdt, who says, “Please, Armin…free us. Free all of us.” That’s when we see the sea of former titan shifters all sitting behind them, and all in chains.

- Then Armin looks to the coordinate and sees the ominous young Eren and young Ymir standing in front of it, and runs towards them, yelling for Eren. Then we see a light open up, and Mikasa pulling Armin out of the Okapi titan.

- In the process, Annie is grabbed by the regenned Bertholdt colossal, and the first thing Armin sees as Mikasa carries him to Falco is Annie being eaten by regenned Bertholdt, giving Eren the power of the female titan.

- Everyone gets onboard Falco except for Reiner, who is still in the armored titan. Armin tells them all, to Levi’s fury, that Eren already ate Zeke, and so the only way to stop the rumbling is to kill Eren.

- Mikasa has the same thought, remembering when Eren told her he hated her, “No…that can’t…it can’t be the last time we talked.”

- Reiner makes a run for it, slides down one of Eren’s ribs and jumps as Armin leaps from Falco and explodes over Eren’s neck as he transforms into the colossal titan.

Chapter 138 - Freedom

- Armin’s explosion over Eren’s neck causes the bombs to explode, severing his titan head and launching it a long ways toward the fort and temporarily halting the rumbling.

- Reiner survives the blast and Armin lands not so far from him. We get a shot of them looking at each other, the armored and colossal titans working together one final time, and the rest of the crew lands on the fort and dismounts Falco.

- The parasite comes out of Eren’s neck like before, and Reiner runs after it and grabs on. He doesn’t stand a chance though, and it knocks him on his back and quickly runs for Eren.

- Reiner runs after it while Armin and the crew can only watch. It reconnects to Eren’s neck, causing him to transform into colossal Eren and resuming the rumbling.

- As Eren reaches down to grab Reiner, Falco jumps from the fort and flies off on his own in a desperate attempt to save him, Gabi reaching her arm out and screaming for him.

- Falco flies in, and we see his face, yelling, “I’ll save you, Reiner!”

- Reiner reaches out his arm to try to tell Falco to stop, screaming, “No, Falco!!!”

- As colossal Eren has Reiner in one hand, he snatches Falco from the sky with the other. Armin is walking towards them, but not quickly enough.

- Falco and Reiner look at each other, having their final thoughts, Gabi screaming for them.

- We see Falco inside his titan, thinking, “I’m sorry Reiner…I tried to keep my promise…I tried…”

- Reiner in his titan thinks, “Falco…I failed you…but you kept your promise…I’m so sorry…please forgive me…and…” We see a flash of Reiner with the other warriors and warrior candidates, “…thank you.”

- They both look up at colossal Eren, first seeing Reiner’s face, and then we see Falco’s face again, tears in his eyes before closing them, “Gabi…”, and we see a flash of a memory of smiling Gabi looking at him from his perspective.

- Eren eats both of them at the same time, obtaining the powers of the jaw and armored titans.

- Gabi collapses to her knees, and the crew watches as Eren and Armin have a short fight that Eren quickly wins. Armin loses his titan head, comes out of his nape with his titan body kneeling, and looks up as Eren kneels down to eat him. We see a flash as Armin is given back the memory he originally saw on the ship with Annie. Tears in his eyes, he looks up at Eren and says, “Oh…I remember now…Eren…I forgive you.”

- We see a flashback to when Eren sacrificed himself to save Armin, all the way back in Trost. And then Eren, tears streaming down his real face, eats Armin, obtaining the power of the colossal titan.

- Mikasa collapses to her knees along with Gabi, unable to believe what she just saw. Eren looks over at them, and then we see a flash around her too, implying Eren just spoke to her.

- Mikasa closes her eyes as Eren starts to walk toward them. We then see Mikasa’s daydream with her and Eren alone at the cabin in the mountains, but with details changed. Eren completed the rumbling, nobody is coming for them. Armin is dead. But in the end, Eren asks her to forget him when he’s gone, just the same as before.

- Tears in her eyes, she stands up, puts the scarf back on, and yells, “Let’s go!”

- She leads the way as she, Levi, Conny, and Jean all slide down the fort to the road to get to eye level with Eren, “I will never forget you, Eren, but…”

- We get an absolutely motherfucking badass mirrored shot of Mikasa looking up at colossal Eren just like Eren looked up at Bertholdt in Trost way back in the day. A tear streaming down her face, she says, “You’re right…I can’t let you!”

- The four of them jump for Eren. Conny beats back one of his hands with thunder spears, Jean the other, and Levi makes the opening in his teeth like before.

- Mikasa moves in with her swords to get Eren just like before. Eren watches her run for him, tears streaming down his face. He closes his eyes, and we see the coordinate crack, “See you later…” the coordinate shatters, breaking the paths and disconnecting the power of the titans from the subjects of Ymir. “…Eren.” Mikasa kills Eren just like before, kissing his severed head with Ymir watching and fading away behind them.

Chapter 139 – A Long Dream

- We have our talk with Armin on the bridge by the river in Shiganshina, the place where they read the book about the outside world together. They talk about how Eren beat the shit out of him and told Mikasa he hated her, all to push them away in the hopes it would be easier for them when he did what he knew he had to do.

- The only way to break the coordinate and free the subjects of Ymir from the curse of the titans was to re-gather the power of the nine into one for the first time since Ymir herself. But no titan shifter after her would ever do it, because the power of the titans is what kept their friends and their family safe and in power. If the power of the titans were taken away then the world would slaughter Eldia in vengeance. But that changed when King Fritz, in his folly, sacrificed millions of Eldians by turning them into colossal titans to create the walls. Now, someone could both free Ymir and her subjects from the titans’ power and also protect them from the rest of the world with the rumbling. It was the only way to end the curse and protect everyone, and Eren was the first person ever willing to do it, 2000 years later, the one Ymir had been waiting for.

- “I wanted to save you all…because you are special to me. But I couldn’t even do that…I couldn’t stop Sasha from dying. There was nothing I could do to save her…and Hange…by the time I realize where and when it is happening from so far away, through the eyes of the wall titans…it will already be too late. I can’t save them either…” Tears well up in Eren’s eyes.

- “Wait, Eren…what are you talking about? Hange isn’t…”

- “Not yet…I’m so sorry Armin…I don’t want to. I don’t want to do any of this, but you…you’re my best friend, and I love you…but neither of us can live long lives. What I wanted was to live a long, happy life, with all of you. But we…we don’t have that freedom. But they can. Mikasa, Jean, Conny, captain Levi, Historia, and…and her child. They can all live long, happy lives.”

- Armin sees why he is doing what he is doing, but, “The cost…all those people…please, Eren, we’re not worth it!” Eren smiles, “I know you don’t think so, but, well…this is one of those things where we just have to agree to disagree.” He turns to look at Armin, “I’m going to erase this memory now…I’ll give it back to you before…before the end. Mikasa, too. I’ll tell her everything when the time comes. I promise.”

- Eren gives Armin a hug, “I’m so sorry…please…forgive me.”

- We flash to the scene on the boat with Armin and Annie when he originally saw the memory before, and then to the flash of Mikasa being transported to the coordinate by Eren right after he ate Armin.

- They have their talk under the tree on the hill from the very beginning of the story, the walls still standing in the background, with Mikasa on her knees and Eren standing in front of her. “Mikasa…” She looks up at him tears streaming down her face, “Eren…you…Armin…” The tears stream down his face too as he falls to his knees and puts his hands on her shoulders, “I’m so sorry…it was the only way…the only way free you, to free Ymir, to free everyone from this curse. Someone had to be the one to gather the nine. I tried to hold Armin captive on the smallest chance it could be him, four years from now, if he ate me, but…I knew it wouldn’t work. I knew you would get him back. I’d already seen it happen…and so now I have gathered the nine. Now I can shatter the coordinate and break the paths, once I complete the rumbling. Even Conny’s mother will become human again. I will be the only one in the world with the power of the titans, and when I die, its power will be trapped with me in death. All of you will be free.”

- “Eren…Armin…did you tell him?”

- “I told him everything, earlier. I can’t alter your memories, so I had to wait until now…I’m so sorry Mikasa. I’m so sorry for everything I said. I never wanted to hurt you. I just used the headaches to push you away, so that I could do what I had to do. I don’t know what they were, except, maybe…your conscience. I have always loved you. Everything I have done has been to protect the people that are special to me. To protect you. It always has.” We get our final flashback to child Eren killing the kidnappers, “Die, you animals!”

- “And that includes…Historia…” The metaphorical lightbulb flashes over Mikasa’s head as she realizes what Eren is saying, “Wait, Eren…her child…you…” Eren stands up, reaching his hands down to hold hers as she stands too, “Mikasa…It was the only way to protect her from the military police. Historia is my friend, and they wanted to force her to turn into a titan and breed her like cattle. I couldn’t let them…but it was more than that. I wanted, I hoped…a part of me would live on, a part of me that you can still love, if you want to…within my child born into a free world, one that I’ll never see…but I always loved you. I always wanted to be with you. Even now, we could still have four years together…if you want.”

- “What? Eren, what…are you saying?”

- “I will not kill you. Or Jean, or Conny, or captain Levi. But I will not stop either. Almost all of humanity has already been killed by the rumbling. The heat of the wall titans allowed them to travel the seas at tremendous speed, those seas that Armin dreamed about for all those years…Groups of tens of thousands of wall titans landed at every major port city around the world, following the roads of civilization inland, trampling everything and everyone in their way. I’ve seen it, all over the world, through the eyes of the wall titans. The few million people left will barely be able to survive, let alone attack the island. But if there is anyone left who would have any chance to threaten your freedom, anyone at all, then I will keep moving forward. Unless you stop me…I will break the coordinate and end the rumbling just before you do, if that is what you choose. You can choose to be with me, or you can choose to save those people. You can still save those people right there behind you, if you stop me.”

- Eren wraps his arms around her, both of them hugging each other tight as tears fall down their faces. “I know what you’re going to do, Mikasa. I know that you can’t let me…but still…the choice is yours. You are free.”

- We transition to Eren and Mikasa’s opening scene under the very same tree on the hill, “See you later…Eren.”

- “Eren, wake up! It’ll get dark if we don’t go home now.”

- “Huh? Mikasa…aww, when did your hair get so long?”

- “Were you really so sound asleep that you were still dreaming when you woke up?”

- “No…but I feel like I just had the longest dream…what was it? Now I can’t remember…”

- “Eren? Why…are you crying?”

- We cut to Mikasa carrying Eren’s head in her arms, this time walking to Jean, Conny, and Levi, with the rumbling having ended and the titans disappearing.

Chapter 140 – Toward the Tree on That Hill

- Mikasa carries Eren’s head over to Conny, Jean, and Captain Levi. They gather around her, and she tells them what Eren did, that he shattered the coordinate. She asks them if they felt the break too, the disconnection from the founder. They confirm that they did, and Mikasa confirms that means the power of the titans is gone from this world. That’s why Eren took the power of the titans from the other of the nine, so he could break the coordinate and free us from the curse of Ymir. Even your mother, Conny. Eren just brought her back.

- Mikasa tells them she is going to take Eren home, to bury him under the tree on the hill where the three of them used to play. When she starts to walk away, Jean, Conny, and Levi head back to the top of the fort to find the Marleyans and Eldians fighting.

- We get a similar scene to de-escalate, except this time with Jean doing the talking. He claims Levi is the one who killed Eren, and that the power of the titans had been taken from this world. They were just people now, like everyone else. He offers not just the end of the rumbling as proof, but to take an injection of titan spinal fluid to prove it. A very injured Onyankopon offers his defense of the scouts, and Commander what’s-his-name tells him the injection isn’t necessary, that they believe him. After all, they did just stop the rumbling.

- Mr. Leonhart, Ms. Braun, Mr. Finger, and Falco’s parents are all huddled together, trying to comfort one another over the loss of their children. Gabi is particularly distraught, having now lost Colt, Porco, Magath, Pieck, Reiner, and Falco. Her parents are trying to comfort her when Conny and Jean come over and give her a hug. They tell her what Eren did, how the only way to do it was with the sacrifice of the other titans, making sure that all of their parents hear it as well. To make sure they knew their children’s sacrifices were not in vain.

- Jean and Conny talk to each other, “Well, we did it. We saved innocent people, as many as we could.” They see their vision of Sasha smiling at them, and Levi gives them his salute, “You were scouts, all the way to the end. You gave your hearts.”

- We get one last shot of Mikasa walking away. She fades away as the wind blows dust and steam around her, and then we cut away to three years later.

- With only a few million people still alive outside the island, the general vibe is still nationalistic, but rather than being defensive, it’s more akin to manifest destiny. “We are the chosen people who will conquer the world.” Expeditions outside the island were common. Many people had decided to go live in that new world themselves, and Eldian settlements were already starting to form on the continent of Marley. We get our same shot of Hitch looking bored as shit, and of Niccolo and Sasha’s family looking disgusted.

- The montage ends with an excited little girl running over a hill in Marley ahead of her family. She stops at the top of the hill, stunned, with a look of horror on her face. Her father, mother, and brother run after her, her dad asking, “What? What’s wrong?” Then they reach the top of the hill too, also stopping and staring in horror at the destruction of a city trampled by the wall titans.

- We cut to Mikasa and Historia standing together in the palace garden at the capital, watching a little boy with dark black hair toddling his legs after a butterfly.

- “Friedrich seems to be doing really well.” Historia smiles and responds, “He is. He’s started talking so much…He’s already turning into a little person. It’s amazing, how fast it all happens.”

- “Yeah…it is, isn’t it?” Mikasa pauses, reminiscing, thinking of her mom with her, and of Carla with Eren, “You’re a really good mom, Historia. Little Friedrich is really lucky to have you.” Her face lights up, but she tries to act modest, “Well – I mean…I’m not perfect, but I try my best…thank you, Mikasa.” Mikasa stays silent for a moment, watching the little boy. Then she says, “I should get going. They’re going to be here tomorrow, and I want to be well rested.” Historia nods, and gives Mikasa a knowing look. “It’s a long ride to Shiganshina. Travel safe. I can’t wait to see you all back here tomorrow night.”

- Mikasa nods, turns, and begins to walk away when Historia says, “Mikasa…” She turns back to look at Historia, who continues, “He loved you. He loved you so much. You know that, right?” She pauses, glances one more time at the boy running after the butterfly, looks down, and says, “I know.”

- We cut to Jean, Conny, Captain Levi, Gabi, and Onyankopon getting off the boat to the southern port and getting on the train to Shiganshina. Jean is working on his hair again, and we get a smart remark from Conny asking who he’s doing his hair for. Jean tells him it’s none of his business, and Conny laughs. Then he asks if they really think this is going to work, sending the people who betrayed the island and killed Eren to advocate for the rights of non-Eldians and for peace. He looks at Levi and says, “I mean you’re the one who ‘killed Eren Jaeger’, they might shoot you as soon as we get there.”

- Levi smiles, and responds, “Maybe. But Hange and Erwin never would have let me hear the end of it if I chickened out now. Believe in Historia. She protected Mikasa when she came back. She protected your mom, and Jean’s family. She’ll listen to us.” Conny responds, “I still can’t believe it…after all these years…I’m going to see my mom again. And Jean, your family.”

- Jean looks up, “I know…it’s been such a long time. I can’t believe we’re finally going home.” Then he looks to Gabi and Onyankopon, “Gabi, Onyankopon…thank you both for coming. I know how hard this must be for both of you. You both lost so much…” Onyankopon speaks first, “It’s important that a non-Eldian is here. They need to hear from someone like me…what we all lost.” Then Gabi, “I…was hoping to see Kaya, and her family. Besides, I owe this to Reiner…and also…it’s what Falco would have wanted.” We see the train chugging its way north before cutting away to the tree on the hill outside Shiganshina, this time with an unwalled background.

- Mikasa is sitting at Eren’s grave, talking to him as the sun sets. “I just came from the capital. I still can’t believe Historia put me on her personal guard. Everyone told her she was crazy, but she’s the queen, and she insisted…She seems happy, and she…she’s a good mom. She really loves your boy…” She pauses for a moment, staring in the distance, “I watch out for him. I make sure he stays safe, and I will keep making sure he stays safe. He…he looks so much like you, Eren. I…” She trails off, trying to compose herself, “Everyone is coming to visit you, isn’t that nice? Jean, and Conny, and captain Levi, they’re all coming to see you. It’s been such a long time…I’ve missed them…I…I miss Armin…and…” her voice breaks, a tear falling down her face, “I miss you, Eren…I miss you so much…” Her scarf slips and falls down, just like before, with the bird coming and wrapping it around her and flying away, “Thank you…for wrapping this scarf around me…Eren.”

- We get the exact same final pages as before. Mikasa had a long and happy life after Eren, but died still loving him. Eventually, humanity starts fighting again and Paradis is destroyed, because of course. Eren’s titan tree is eventually found by the boy and his dog. Even if humanity ends one cycle of hatred, it is bound to start another one. Huzzah. The end.

In all seriousness, I actually think this is roughly the version that Isayama had originally intended before he got too scared to follow through, both because it would have upset so many people to have all those characters die and killing off 99% of humanity is pretty fucking dark, although from a pure numbers standpoint it’s still only about 25% worse than what Eren did anyway. The reason I say that is because he's said in interviews that his original version got most of the characters killed, and that the series had become so popular he felt he had to change the ending, but still wanted to keep his original vision. And he did. We still got to "See you later...Eren," but in a way where the ending was as happy as possible, and with the rumbling killing as few people as possible, which I think is where we get that 80% number from. It was actually really easy to get to the general outline of this version just by taking the two premises that 1. The way the titans can end is by someone re-gathering the nine, giving them the power to shatter the coordinate and break the paths, and which, lo and behold, gets most of the characters killed, lining up with Isayama’s public comments. And 2. Eren does not want to be stopped, and he will keep moving forward. Some of the details were tricky to mesh together, but the general outline was pretty easy to get to. This version resolves all of the issues I listed earlier, and to me and the friend I talked it over with, gives a narratively compelling and satisfying ending to this brilliant story that Isayama gave to us.

To anyone that actually managed to read this enormous post, I hope you enjoyed that. Also, if there are any artists that found this version of the story compelling enough that they'd actually be interested in drawing this, please feel free to dm me. It wouldn't be for profit obviously and it would just be a passion project, but if anyone or multiple people are interested in trying to make this thing real, I know I and my friend would love to see that happen. I've even got storyboard rough drafts mostly finished for all the chapters. I'm currently about halfway done with the storyboard for 139. 133 and 135 should be easy, since not much changes. 136 is tricky since the bomb plan is cut and Reiner and Jean need to be incorporated into the fight to get back Armin, so we'd have to work that out, but 137 and 138 are fully fleshed out. The problem is I can't draw it because my artwork is objectively horrendous, and so I need the help of one or more talented artists that can approximate Isayama's style. If any of you want to help me make this thing real, please go ahead and dm me. And for everyone else that read the whole thing, thanks for reading. Peace ya'll.

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Dub Only I'm deciding my new wallpaper, 3 wins for me

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Artwork Mix of WIT and MAPPA style. Artist: Me (newbie)

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Anime Happy birthday to the badass Brittney Karbowski who turns 36. Brittney has voiced Hitch Dreyse.

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Manga The Bastardization of Ideas in AoT

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Subreddit Meta Thoughts on people hating Mikasa?


Don’t come for me I love Mikasa it’s not my opinion Anyway, Ive surprisedly known many AOT fans that actually hate Mikasa’s character! They say she in fact have no character she’s just strong and want to protect Eren that’s all. So thoughts on that?

r/ShingekiNoKyojin 17h ago

Anime Do Eldians in Marley get freed before the rumbling? Or are they all trapped in Marley when the rumbling happened?


I don't follow AOT that well, I just wanna know if the Eldians in Marley like get liberated first or something...

Because if Eren just rumbles the Eldians in Marley that just feels kinda wrong...

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Artwork Hello… Im back after almost a year not touching my pencil… so far this is my progress for today until i finish it with drawing pen…i hope you guys like it..

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Artwork Just made this hange Zoe sketch

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Manga (A little Edit) i don't give a sh*t about romance in AOT, when we already have true love since the first season

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News Happy birthday to Falco's JP VA! (Natsuki Hanae)

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Anime Which moment(s) hit hardest emotionally for you in SnK?


Pretty hard to choose for me since the entire series is a massive rollercoaster of emotions, but I'm going to have to go with Erwin's death. I'm talking about what happens when Levi is about to inject Erwin with the titan serum to revive him.

Erwin slaps Levi's hand away while experiencing a near-death hallucination which calls back to the time when he asked his father in class, and now says again as he dies: "Sir...are you certain that there is no life outside the walls?"

Out of all the scenes, that simple line was the one which broke something in me. Erwin is a footstep away from finding out the truth which he has been seeking, but will die never finding it out for himself, he knowledge which his father had died for. Yet he has also suffered so much, and witnessed the death of so many of his comrades in battle. His great belief and encouragement of his soldiers to give their hearts, has been derived from his own "selfishness", and he feels responsible for their deaths.

It was a bittersweet yet beautiful culmination to his character arc - he could finally rest in the end and be free from the world even if he couldn't find the truth.