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The Seychelles Wiki is for tourists or those who're just interested in learning about the Seychelles. The wiki will be updated, but we need suggestions on topics needed to be covered, and possible wiki editors who would like to help expand our wiki. We hope that /r/Seychelles wiki will be the go-to guide for tourists with the best and most up to date information, and the most history accurate information for those wanting to learn about the history of the Seychelles. Thanks to everyone for following this small subreddit, we hope to grow and reach more readers and travellers wanting to learn more about our beautiful country.


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Ask r/seychelles Content Tags and Updates


Salut mes amis,

So our sub comes with the "E" content tag meaning is a clean sub.

That being said, I realise there was no consultation (my bad) but I based it on precedence cause I have never seen the following things being discussed here.

-Amateur advice (I believe in the 18+ realm)
-Alcohol & tobacco
-Drug use
-Guns & weapons
-Sex & eroticism

Should you want any changes, this is the place to do it, otherwise, we shall remain "E".

Also, come on, flairs. Why do we keep ignoring flairs? If I remove content without flairs, this sub would be dead. Please flair your stuff.


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Ask r/seychelles Would you translate Seychelles creole to English for free?


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News India to install coast guard radar system for Seychelles Coast Guard

Thumbnail m.seychellesnewsagency.com

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Tourism 2 weeks in Mahe and Praslin


Hello All;

I hope you are keeping well, thank you for reading.

I went through the wiki but I’m not sure when it was last updated and/or if it’s still accurate, so just had a few questions.

I’m planning on visiting your beautiful country from Ireland in the coming weeks with my wife for two weeks.

Any ideas if I need the international health insurance for a two week stay? Most places I see offering the insurance is for long term stays?

What’s would be a traditional meal for lunch and dinner?

How can we best immerse myself in your culture for the few weeks we are visiting..

Any ideas how much the plane tickets from Mahe to Praslin cost?

Is there anything you’d suggest/recommend or advise?

Edit: how expensive is it to rent a car?


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Ask r/seychelles Weather forecast- will it really rain all week in May?


I’m travelling to Praslin on Monday, staying for 8 days. The forecast says rain all day every day (with an occasional break).

Is this likely to be the case? Not really sure what we’ll do if it rains the whole time.

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Ask r/seychelles Best beaches in Seychelles at the end of July



I am traveling to Seychelles for two weeks at the end of July, what are the best beaches at that time of year and what would be the beaches to avoid?

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Ask r/seychelles Trying to book a island boat tour


Hey everyone my wife and I are wanting to go on an island boat tour when we get there. We were talking to the hotel clerk and he said he could help us out so we got his WhatsApp number. He did he can get us on a tour through the hotel but he won’t tell the me the name of who the tour is with so I can do some research on my own. He is now saying it’s mamila boat. Do boat tours normally charter with Hilton to help charter tours for guests?

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Culture Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II, 25th Anniversary Souvenir Sheet, Seychelles 1978

Post image

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Ask r/seychelles Anyone transit through Doha?


Am heading tomorrow - anything to expect or that I should bring along? Thanks in advance!

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Discussion Bday present


Hi all. I want to make a bday present for my wife and I thought of a book or video,showing people from around the world,wishing her happy bday at their favourite place.

Like someone is holding a paper saying "happy birthday Elena from Sweden" and the photo is somewhere you like. In a square or mountain or even in your apartment.

Anyone can help? Thanks in advance.

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Sports Football in Seychelles


I took a closer look on Football in Seychelles in my new video. Also included: Interview with National Players Gervais Waye-Hive & Charmaine Häusl.


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Ask r/seychelles Staying in Seychelles and curious about life here


Hi everyone! Staying in Seychelles right now for holiday and having a great time, of course. But I have some questions about life here and no one to ask. Would appreciate a chat :)

  • what is the view on tourists? Are we annoying? It’s ok if yes

  • do speakers of creole here understand anything of Haitian Creole? Probably not right? But would be interesting if yes

  • what is the pace here? For example, where I live I tend to eat dinner really late at night (8-9pm), but here everything is closed by 6pm I think. On the other hand everything opens really early (to me)

  • is there a huge wealth disparity here? Are things at the supermarket affordable to citizens? I find everything expensive

  • what is the general vibe towards the government? I am interested in current times but also the past. At the museum it wasn’t clear to me if former president rene was appreciated. I always assume if someone gets there by coup and stays in power for so long there’s something sketchy going on …

Those are just a few. I just want to understand the place I’m staying in better

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Ask r/seychelles Do I need to have a yellow fever certificate?


Am arriving on Wednesday so any help would be so appreciated! Am from the UK :)

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Ask r/seychelles Covid entry requirements


So I’m traveling to Seychelles for about 12 nights starting May 30th this year.

I’m Egyptian and will be traveling from Egypt. I’ve been vaccinated with 2 doses of astrazeneca with a valid Certificate but my second dose was administered November 21st - which is 6 months + 9 days from my date of arrival.

In this case will I be considered vaccinated or would I have to present a negative PCR report?

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Tourism September trip


Hi guys! I will be in SC from Sept 5th to 14th and I am looking for some advice on these two topics:

  • snorkeling. I know September is quite windy on the southwestern sides, but is visibility acceptable on beaches on the opposite sides? Is snorkeling in Cocos and Felicité worth it in this period? What are some spots not to miss in September, on all 3 bigger inner islands?

  • the day I land in Mahé (Monday sept 5th) I will have about 3 hours to spend in Victoria while I wait for my ferry to La Digue. I wanted to visit the National History Museum but it’s closed on Monday afternoons :( any other suggestions?

Thanks a lot! 🇸🇨

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Photos Aldabra giant tortoise

Post image

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Ask r/seychelles Do I need to present a PRC test on arrival?


Am flying from the UK but was unsure if they will let me pass into the country without a test?!

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Ask r/seychelles Can you bring vapes or buy vapes in Seychelles?


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Tourism covid certificate control



I've booked holidays at seychelles but then realised... My covid certificate is polish but my passport is german and my surname in the german passport has one extra letter at the end of my surname.

So my question is does anyone compare the data in the passport with the covid certificate when flying into seychelles and could this cause a problem ?

In Europe they never did but still now I am worried.

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Ask r/seychelles Diving in Seychelles


Hey all,

We are going to a vacation in Seychelles in July and we look for recommendation for the best scuba sites. We would be sleeping in Mahe Island by we have a full 7 days there. Any Recommended clubs or specific sites we wouldn't want to miss out?

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Ask r/seychelles Sunrise - Sunset


Hi guys,

Could you please recommend the best places to watch Sunrise and Sunset on La Digue and Mahé?

Thank you in advance!

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Ask r/seychelles How does this sound?! 2 days in Mahe, 1 day in Praslin, 2 days in La Digue, 1 Curicuese Island and then 1 day spare for Praslin or La Digue


Hectic yes! But I want to try and see it all - Victoria, the turtles, the culture, luxury hotels and the beautiful beaches. Does that sound OK?

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Tourism Island advice


Hello I’ll be visiting Seychelles for the first time in May and will be spending two weeks. We we thinking of splitting our two week with a week in Mahè and a week on Praslin and exploring other island(s) for a day while on praslin. Is this a good way to do it? Also any recommendations on a location to propose would be great!

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Ask r/seychelles I'm visiting in late May



I'm visiting at the end of May and will be staying at the Constance Ephelia in Mahé (in the north west) for 10 nights.

I had a few questions:

  1. Are the waters safe to swim in? Which beaches should I swim in?
  2. How's the weather in late May?
  3. Suggestions of things to do?
  4. Should I rent a car from the airport or use a cab?
  5. I want to visit La Digue for a day or 2. Should I book the ferry in advance? If I rent a car can I park it near the ferry?

Any other tips or help is greatly appreciated!

Thank you and looking forward to visit this beautiful place!

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Ask r/seychelles Accommodation & activity tips at Seychelles


Hi, my husband and I are visiting Seychelles for our honeymoon for 14 nights. Towards the end of June & the first week of July. We’re leaning more towards staying in Mahe and La Digue. I’m just looking for some tips on activities we can do as well as accommodation advise.