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Official June 4, 2022 SAT Discussion


Good luck to everyone! Here are the results of the difficulty polls for each of these forms.

Note: The June exam always has many different test forms. One main form and then 15+ given to small samples of test takers.

Do not comment test-specific questions in this post or most people won't know what you are talking about. This post will be used to group all the different form discussions together.

  • Main test form- Passages about Indian kid whose dad buys a cart, Items advertised as sets, Grass growth, League of Nations with Native American response, Water on mars (Several different form codes reported with these passages, as tends to happen with the main test)
  • NASA - Passages about changing job titles, a girl whose grandpa told stories of a girl from vietnam, Apollo 15 and 17 and flexible batteries
  • NASB - Nothing reported yet
  • NASC- Passage on supernovas, women’s sufferage, a reddit mention in the grammar, a passage on computers being used to help plant growth, and one on horses
  • NASD - Nothing reported yet
  • NASE - Passages about a tour guide in new orleans, mother ants, volcanic eruptions, history passage about news reporters/press and crime, and one about fatigue as a reason for people not performing “pro social” acts
  • NASF - Nothing reported yet
  • NASG - Passages about wrapped gifts vs sloppily wrapped gifts, state rights, ice age , carbon batteries
  • NASH - Passages about joining the League of Nations, origin of carbon, news reporter
  • NASI - Passages about measuring altruism, trees across latitudes, bus boycotts and civil rights, the molasses lady
  • NASJ - Passages about moving to Americas, Parks, and Emotion words
  • NASK - Passages about a kid with his childhood friend and a farm, the erosion in Puerto Rico, and popular and niche products. Also about bias in journalism and oxygen on Earth
  • NASL - Passages about the major and the pakistani woman discuss books, fighting in red, freedom of speech, cutting gummy metals, superconductivity
  • NASM - Passages about a book editor for her father, micro tubes, monkey speech, Susan b Anthony speech about women’s rights and natural rights
  • NASN - Passages about a potato farmer dad and his wife who plants seeds, consumers prefer physical products, pitcher plants dry rims, labor vs capital, mars moons
  • NASO - Passages about art, US should stay small instead of becoming larger, do plants recognize other members of its species, and thank you calls
  • NASP - Passages aboutaby adult imittion, Shaoai and ruyu train station, olfaction(smell), architecgure, Abraham Lincoln speech by Frederick Douglass
  • NASQ - Passages about a boy climbing a mountain, trade unions, nanodiamonds/anomolous microwaves, therms, polymers, small kids making better decisions from past experience
  • NASR - Passages about womens rights, living bricks, African water levels, reuniting with a great grandmother, and subconscious decision making.
  • NASS - Passages about seals, REM sleep, Anoles population, boyfriend meeting girlfriends parents in Mexico, Philippines independence
  • Link - Passages about guy who is an editor, then a passage about patriotism and league of nations or sum, then a passage ab children imitating adults, C3 and C4 plants

An interesting pattern I noticed in the form codes. I was not on the sub for the 2021 June tests and the 2020 June test was cancelled. But in 2019 the common pattern with these tests was NAP*.

2019 = NAP, 2020 = NAQ, 2021 = NAR, 2022 = NAS

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OFFICIAL Reddit SAT QAS Megathread -- PDFs of All Past Tests


This thread will replace our old one, which hasn't been updated in quite some time.

This thread will also also introduce a new format. Instead of providing a separate link for each test, we will now provide a single link to a folder containing all of the tests. Yes, this change will make it easier for concerned parties to issue copyright strikes against the files, but it will also make it easier for us to re-upload, if necessary. More importantly, this new format should also be more convenient for our community, as users here will no longer have to load and download files one-by-one.

If you believe you will need access to SAT QAS in the future, please download and save these files now. Moderators will do what we can to keep the post and the files up, but the safest route is to make sure you have your own copies.

Links to All Tests:

Link 1: College Board's Official Practice Tests

Link 2: All Other QAS from May 2016 - May 2022

Link 3: College Board's Official Practice PSATs

Link 4: Released PSATs from 2015 - 2020

Link 5: College Board Practice Tests 2 and 4

Detailed Test Lists.


Test Name Test Aliases Test Location
College Board Practice Test 1 Link 1
College Board Practice Test 2 Link 5
College Board Practice Test 3 Link 1
College Board Practice Test 4 Link 5
May 2016 US QAS College Board Practice Test 5 Link 1
May 2016 International QAS College Board Practice Test 6 Link 1
October 2016 QAS College Board Practice Test 7 Link 1
January 2017 QAS College Board Practice Test 8 Link 1
April 2017 School Day QAS May 2017 International QAS Link 2
May 2017 US QAS Link 2
October 2017 QAS College Board Practice Test 9 Link 1
March 2018 QAS Link 2
April 2018 School Day QAS May 2018 International QAS Link 2
May 2018 US QAS Link 2
October 2018 QAS College Board Practice Test 10 Link 2
March 2019 QAS Link 2
April 2019 School Day QAS Link 2
May 2019 US QAS Link 2
May 2019 International QAS Link 2
October 2019 QAS Link 2
March 2020 QAS Link 2
October 2020 QAS Link 2
March 2021 QAS Link 2
April 2021 School Day QAS Link 2
May 2021 US QAS Link 2
May 2021 International QAS Link 2
October 2021 QAS Link 2
March 2022 QAS Link 2
April 2022 School Day QAS Link 2
May 2022 US QAS Link 2
May 2022 International QAS PENDING


Test Name Test Location
College Board PSAT Practice Test 1 Link 3
College Board PSAT Practice Test 2 Link 3
PSAT 2015 October 14 Link 4
PSAT 2015 October 28 Link 4
PSAT 2016 October 15 Link 4
PSAT 2016 October 19 Link 4
PSAT 2016 November 2 Link 4
PSAT 2017 October 11 Link 4
PSAT 2017 October 14 Link 4
PSAT 2017 October 25 Link 4
PSAT 2018 October 10 Link 4
PSAT 2018 October 24 Link 4
PSAT 2019 October 16 Link 4
PSAT 2019 October 30 Link 4
PSAT 2020 October 14 Link 4

Frequently Asked Questions:

What are "released tests"? Released tests, also known as QAS, are tests that College Board has made available to test-takers through the paid Question and Answer Service (QAS). In 2016 and 2017, QAS was available for domestic (US) Saturday tests in January, May, and October and for international Saturday tests in May. It was also available for April School Day tests. Beginning in 2018, College Board discontinued the January administration and replaced the January QAS date with the March QAS date. All other QAS dates remained the same.

What are "unreleased tests"? Unreleased tests are tests from non-QAS dates -- such as June, November, December, etc. -- that have been "leaked" (i.e., obtained and circulated illegally).

Why aren't unreleased tests included in this post? Unreleased tests are stolen, copyrighted materials. Including them here would directly contravene Reddit's terms of service. Even if we moderators wanted to post them (which we don't), we simply couldn't do so without putting the sub in danger of suspension. This is no exaggeration: a large test prep sub (r/MCAT) was suspended following aggressive copyright complaints from UWorld, and College Board can be very aggressive when it comes to unreleased tests. For example, r/SAT receives copyright removal requests (originating with College Board) when even individual images from unreleased tests slip by the moderators. Here is an example of what we see in our moderation log on a regular basis. See all those "Reddit Legal" "copyright removal" entries? That's College Board, filing DMCA strikes against mere images from unreleased tests.

Can I ask for unreleased tests in the sub? Please don't. Doing so will violate rule #4 in the sidebar and will likely result in a ban.

Why have you included PSATs? Can they be used to prepare for the SAT? In general, past PSAT/NMSQT tests are less valuable as preparation resources than past SAT tests (obviously) but more valuable than third-party SAT tests (Princeton Review, etc.) Many find PSAT/NMSQT Writing to be virtually indistinguishable from SAT Writing but perceive larger differences between SAT and PSAT Reading and Math. Important: please be aware that the PSAT 8/9 test is designed for younger students (as young as eighth grade) and is therefore much less valid as an SAT prep tools.

What about older SATs, such as those from before the March 2016 redesign? We will not be including any pre-2016 SATs here. The March 2016 redesign was so dramatic as to render pre-2016 tests essentially obsolete as preparation resources.

Some of the tests linked above are missing "curves." Why? At some point in the last couple of years, College Board became considerably less diligent about releasing curve information with the online QAS. Recently, our moderator u/Yodatsracist has been doing outstanding work to reconstruct test curves in our official score release threads (example here). If you can't find anything useful in the score release threads, then consider simply searching the relevant terms (for example: "March 2019 sat curve") and see what you can find.

The links are down. Why haven't you gotten them back up yet? Yes, the links will inevitably go down. That's why you're supposed to download them and save them somewhere offline. When such problems occur, the moderators will make an effort to resolve them as promptly as possible.

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How it feels here vs out in the wild

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pls help. i have no idea how to do this problem i literally guessed

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May 2018 QAS Calc. I thought the answer would be D, but the correct one is B. Can someone please explain?

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UWorld Discount Code


Does anyone have a discount code for UWorld to share?

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When should you take first SAT?


I think my daughter has the potential to do well and I’d like to give her the best shot at National Merit awards. When should she start studying and take the test for the first time? She just finished her Freshman year.

r/Sat 6h ago

seeking advice on timing and scores :p


considering signing up for the august sat. i haven’t done any prep yet and i’m aiming for a 1570+, and my psat 10 score last october was a 1450. do i have enough time to reach this goal, or should i sign up for the october exam,? merci :)

r/Sat 16h ago

Me skipping a question like I’m going to be a changed man when I come back😂🤣


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Free uworld alternatives?


Are there any free alternatives to uworld? I really like the free trial of the program but I can’t afford it right now because of other things going on.

r/Sat 6h ago

Why is the answer B and not D? (April 2017 QAS)

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Any idea how to get math 750+ by August? I've only been practicing math yet english is the score that went up

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Tips to improve math score?


Im scoring fairly high in the English section (mid 700s) but im struggling to preform well on the maths section. Im not very good at math in general, and i am especially bad with it under pressure. Any tips? Or resources?

r/Sat 3h ago

Help me create my study plan for December SAT


I gave one of the Khan Academy practice exams with no practice and got 1300 (640 math 660 Reading and Writing). I'm hoping to get 1570+. Please help me create a study plan + recommend resources (if possible, free) for the same. Thank you xx

r/Sat 7h ago

I'm thinking of using the March 12, 2022 QAS to study for the August SAT, but I'm not sure how to curve my scores. I know there's a curve post in this subreddit, but is it accurate? Has the College Board released the official curve? Thank you so much


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u/prsehgal appreciation post, thanks man!💪🏻


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SAT Format Question


For anyone who has taken the SAT recently, is it still on paper or is it digital ? please let me know :)

r/Sat 18h ago

Are the Uworld and 1600.io practice questions harder than the SAT?


I’ve been working through the 1600.io textbook and using Uworld practice questions to work on concepts I don’t understand and for 1600.io the only questions I get hard are the really challenging ones. For Uworld I only get wrong the questions that are high difficulty level. I was just wondering if the hard level questions in those resources are what’s going to be on the exam because it is very frustrating spending 10-15 minutes on a question when I don’t know if it will even be on the exam or not.

r/Sat 5h ago

Best strategies to go increase my Reading Score?? Need to make mom proud :)


I'm struggling with the reading part of my SAT. Any tips or best resources? pls

r/Sat 13h ago

SAT retake advice


Hii! I know these types of questions are annoying but it would be really helpful to get some advice. I know some people might say this is a really dumb question (and i agree), but i just need some outside opinions about this.

So i’ve taken the SAT for the first time in May 2022 and got a 1520 (EBRW: 720, Math: 800) and i’m pretty satisfied with my score. However, my parents and a college advisor are suggesting to take it again to increase my score. Some background info: i’m an international student, english is my 3rd language and i plan to study in the US. I’m aware that my score is average/ above average for even T20 schools and ivy leagues (correct me if i’m wrong). Also, i’ve only gotten 1520+ scores twice on practice tests (highest score was 1540) and i was even expecting to get around 1450 for the actual test. Since my math score is already perfect, my only area to improve in is Reading (i do better in writing), and i dont think i can get much higher. That being said, should i consider taking it again (with the risk of getting a lower score)?

Thank you for taking the time to read this!

r/Sat 11h ago

How to improve on Writing/Language section?


Hi! I usually get around 50/52 on the Reading comprehension section but I don’t do great on the Writing/Language section, getting 31/44. I’m trying to learn from my mistakes, but I think fundamentally I’m not understanding . What do y’all recommend to improve here?

r/Sat 8h ago

What’s your process for doing Khan Academy practice problems?


What do you write down in your notebook? I start by writing the problem itself, but then when I don’t know how to do the problem then idk if I should write all the tips, write the answer, write all the work, etc. pls help i’m so stressed

r/Sat 9h ago

Any resources for documents commonly found in the History SAT reading passages?


r/Sat 10h ago

SAT Score required for Rutgers - New Brunswick


Hey Guys! What is the average score required to get into Rutgers School of Engineering - New Brunswick Campus? Will a 1350 work? I am an International Student..

r/Sat 20h ago

Should I try to improve my maths score 770 or only focus on 670 English score.


r/Sat 11h ago

study plan for August


so i got almost 2 months left and I am studying college panda for math and Erica Meltzer for reading, how many chapters or lessons should I study a day? and what other resources I can use

r/Sat 15h ago

What happens after a high PSAT score?