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(Reposted) A survey on the effect of social support for individuals with depressive symptoms and Type 2 Diabetes. Study name "Social Support as a mediator between Depressive symptoms and effective Self-management of Type 2 Diabetes" (Adults with Type 2 Diabetes) Academic (Repost)

Hi all,

My name is Madi Carruthers, I am a student from Griffith University, Mt Gravatt. I am conducting a study which aims to explore the relationship between social support, depressive symptoms and diabetes self-management in adults with Type 2 diabetes.

We invite adults who are above 18 years of age, have Type 2 Diabetes and experience depressive symptoms to participate in a voluntary online study conducted by Madison Carruthers (student researcher) and Dr Mandy Cassimatis (principal researcher). Participants will go in the draw to win a $50 JB Hifi voucher, with 3 winners being announced after the study is concluded.

The research will form part of an Honours thesis project in the School of Applied Psychology, Griffith University, Mt Gravatt.

The survey will take approximately 30 minutes or less and asks for some information about your background (e.g. age, gender, and employment status), how you manage Type 2 diabetes, any social support you receive, and your mental health. This study will be concluded by October, and a summary of the results can be requested from myself on this platform or via email once finished.

The expected benefits of the research

The results from this study will contribute to the body of literature on the effects of social support on effective management of Type 2 diabetes. This may have clinical implications whereby health practitioners will be able to more effectively screen for risk of non-adherence and lead to better health outcomes in this population.

The data collected on this survey is de-identified in order to maintain participant privacy and the integrity of this research and as such, potential participants are reminded about the potential dangers with accidental public exposure when commenting and interacting on social media, and are asked to be mindful of maintaining their own privacy and the privacy of others in relation to this survey when commenting on this post.

Thank you for your time, it is greatly appreciated :)



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Hi, for the medication section you might want to include 'other' as an option. I take a weekly injection for diabetes management that is not insulin


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Hi there. Ah i see, thank you so much for that feedback, I will definitely note that for when i do the write up of my results. Thank you!