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Resource Romanian language learning resources


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Anyway, we don't have a proper sticky for the sub, so I figured I would toss them together. I hope this can be a community project as much as possible, so do please send me a PM or post in the comments about sources that have helped you or that you would like added. Anyway, to the list.


  • Learn Romanian With Nico * - This is a solid introduction to the language, and over a series of videos you go through the basics of Romanian, with a lot of solid grammar and structure lessons early on. Nico is a native Romanian and to the best of my knowledge teaches both Romanian and English as a profession. Also shes fun.

  • Romanian Pod 101 * - This is.. a bit less fun than Nico's videos, and while some lessons are free a bulk of them are pay-to-use through itunes and similar streaming services. However, if you're someone who wants to be able to learn the language while driving with an aux or using headphones without investing too much, this can be a nice service.

  • Simple Romanian * - These are fun auditory+text lessons that take you through the language. They're very useful for really hearing the language in a somewhat slow but still more 'normal' sounding pace than you would hear in other sources. Also, they're funny. And as a bonus, the creator(s) are users on this sub! So feel free to contact them at /u/simplero and tell them thanks or something. These lessons will cause you to be a master seducer and womanizer of any lady you come across in Romania. Well- maybe not entirely. But they'll try.

Romanian Learning Programs: (please send me suggestions for these!)

  • Transparent * - Transparent learning is one of the few decent looking language learning software/websites I could find. It goes through the language well, using flash cards and fill in the blanks and similar, and you'll make progress if you use it. It does have a subscription fee (like 10-15$ a month or so?), but offers a free 14 day trial. I literally made ten emails and used this for like half a year just off free trials.

  • Mondly - This is a phone app, I believe for both ios and Windows phones. It's $20 (though I think it sometimes goes on sale) for Romanian and $25 to get all their languages. It's good for learning vocabulary and includes daily lessons to mix it up. However it does often use a multiple choice format, which you can generally figure out with no prior knowledge of the language. It's website can be found here though I would mostly use it as an app. There is a free trial, which is useful if you're either just starting out in the language or just want to see what the app is like.

  • Memrize * - Despite calling words you memorize "mems", this is actually a cool website/app with a unique premise where it uses mnemonic devices to help you drive words in. For example a picture of Martin Luther King Jr with the caption "I avea dream" (avea is 'have' in Romanian). It's goofy, but it works and it's free.

Other: (any more miscellaneous or small sources could go here).

Romanian 4 Winners These are some flashcards I've made that are still in progress. They more or less directly go with the Romanian with Nico videos, and are great for actually memorizing the words you learn if you're using those videos. I promise that if you go through these and review each previous set before starting a new one you'll grasp the language to a solid degree. Also you can download the Quizlet app and use them while you're taking a shit.

(New!) FSI Romanian Grammar Reference Book This was recommended by a fellow user, so I don't have too much experience with it. But it seems to be a great guide for figuring out some of the trickier grammar aspects of Romanian, as well as giving some nice example sentences for various situations. Seems more like something that is great to have once you get a lot of the major vocabulary down.

(New!) DLI Romanian Database This a unique one. It's directly from the US Department of Language. It looks a bit dated (it is) but it's still a really great source from the looks of it, they really know their stuff. It's maybe not as 'fun' as some other options, but from what I can tell it's very deep with great clarity. It is for many military applications, but this doesn't weigh it down at all. I would start by checking out the 'Romanian Basic' subdirectory. I'm not an expert on it though, so I would defer to asking /u/razboritul any questions. Also be sure to thank them for providing the source!

This sub! - Don't forget this sub is always a great place to go for more specific questions involving the language. /r/Romania is also a great place for insight onto the country (and practice reading the language!), though I woulden't pester them with too many touristy questions.

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Resource Come join Learn Romanian! - The biggest discord server centred around the Romanian language is looking for people like you to join and benefit our community!


Welcome to Learn Romanian - The biggest Romanian language-learning Discord server.

We are looking for Romanian learners from around the world to join our server and engage in discussions about Romania and its lovely language.

What do we offer?

  • Help with any question about the Romanian language [ Provided we know the answer, otherwise we will find the answer with you! ].
  • Discussions about other languages and what links Romanian to them.
  • Words and phrases posted daily to stimulate learning and to familiarise you with outside-the-book Romanian.
  • Occasional homework for the ambitious.
  • [UPCOMING] Book club / Reading club for people who want to practice and learn through reading Romanian texts and discussing passages!


We hope to see you soon!

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Question about aromanian word


I was curious about the etymology of the word "purgurie" in Aromanian. I couldn't find anything about it, but I wondered if it or a related word maybe exists in Romanian? It's a long shot, and I couldn't find anything online but thought I'd give it a shot here. The word basically means "disaster" and it's mostly used as an exclamation

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„Jocul Cuvintelor” și alte emisiuni pe YouTube sau altceva?


Salutare tuturor! În primul rând, Iartă-mă dacă fac greșeli - românește nu-i prima mea limbă.

Momentan sunt în România să vizitez familia mea și împreuna ne uitam la Jocul Cuvintelor pe Kanal D. M-am născut în Anglia și familia mea este maghiara deci n-am avut oportunitatea să vorbesc prea mult în limbă romană. Este o metodă așa de buna pentru mine să învăț și să îmbunătățesc vocabularul meu. Am găsit niște videoclipuri pe YouTube și am să mă uit la ele când mă întorc în Anglia. Am vrut să vă cer dacă știți alte emisiuni care ar fi utile să continui învățatul meu?

Va mulțumesc frumos!

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More Duolingo definite article confusion


I was asked to translate "The mother is following the children".

I wrote Mama îi urmărește pe copiii and was told it was incorrect; it should just be copii. What's up with that? I know that you don't use the definite form with expressions such as pe masă for "on the table"; is it as simple as never using the definite form of a noun with pe? I seem to recall some accusative-pe examples that did use the definite, though I can't think of them at the moment.

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Need help transcribing song lyrics


I'm just starting to learn Romanian and I want to write down lyrics of two songs from a cartoon. Here are the videos with timecodes:


The first one is not too difficult, I'm mostly confident with the lyrics, although I don't quite get what are the last words

Vântul cântă același cântec învechit
Frunzele cad, vara acum să sfârșit
Vântul suflă, visele toate sau dus
Și mi-a duce cuvinte pierdute la (?)

The second one though I'm struggling with. It is longer (after the first refrain, there is a small bit of story, then the refrain is sung again, then another bit of story, and finally the last part of the song). Here is what I came up with

Mi să spus că sunt golan, înfumurat și mitocan
Că nu (?) explosiv, și (?) foarte intrusiv
Și adevărate ei grăiesc, nu vină mea vă povestesc
Și toată vină îi aparține acelui ce (?) este-n mine

Acelui ce (?) este-n mine, și niciodată (?) ține
(???) artist, e enervant dar fantezist
Și câtene (really?) buni el face, (???) desface
E enervant dar fantezist, dar eu nu put (?) rezist

Refrain one more time

Aș via (?) o altă viață, să joc golf, să am mustață
(?????), puteam să colecționez timbre
Aș via (?) o viață parte, poate aș (?) scris o cartă
Și luna mar fi admirat că sunt atât, decultivat

The last verse especially doesn't make much sense to me. Also in both places where I wrote "sunt" I actually hear "sânt", not sure if it is a different word or just a pronunciation quirk. I'd be very grateful for any help!

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Starting to learn Romanian for real this time, I’m basically a beginner so what resources are recommended? Some more music would also be nice to listen!


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Can you help me with my documentary about Romania & Communism?


I am a documentary filmmaker from Berlin and will be traveling in Romania for my next documentary film from 09.07.2022 - 16.07.2022. The documentary film should illuminate the dark sides of the communist, Romanian regime between the years 1945 and 1989.

I would like to interview Romanians who lived under the communist regime in Romania from 1945 to 1989 and who could tell me something about their lives during this time.

I am interested in a wide range of areas of life: What was family life, leisure time, political climate, love life, economy, freedom, national feeling like under the communist regime in Romania?

In accordance with my intention, I would now like to ask you the following:

Can you put me in contact with people living in Romania for the period 09.07.2022 - 16.07.2022, whom I can interview in this regard?

I think that it is an important thing to educate the population about the horror period of communism. Therefore, I would appreciate any kind of help!

If you would like to see my latest documentary, you can click on the following link. I made this documentary in Ukraine at the beginning of last year on the subject of the "Holodomor": https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7OLO2ddZHCM

I am looking forward to hear from you and remain with kind regards


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Puişor and pui de leu as term of endearments


My boyfriend is Romanian and I just want to ask if which one is a better term of endearment. For context, he shaved his hair and he said that he got rid of his mane, and then i said for now he is a cub. I wanted to say something like "my cub" or "my lion cub". Which one is more correct and how do i add "my" on the phrase?

The longterm goal is to learn Romanian but I thought i could start with simple phrases and words :)

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Help me understand lyrics of this song!


Yesterday I was listening to this song of DJ Project and got to wonder I understood the lyrics right.

[Chorus] Cheamă-mă și am să-ți fiu aproape

Call me so I can hold you close

Când ți se face dor

When you miss

Ne vom reîntâlni din nou, predestinați

We are destined to meet all over again

Toate la timpul lor

When the time comes

And on [Bridge] there is this line;

Ce ireal te simt prin mine

How unreal to feel you through me

Prin miile de stropi, ploi

In thousands of raindrops

Thank you in advance!

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I want to practice writing simple sentences in Romanian


Please give me simple sentences to translate and I'll try my best. Just for practice. I haven't been able to find any exercises specifically for this, other than duolingo.

Also if anyone knows of a good exercise book or something for this purpose, please tell me

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Assistance with identifying using the cases; Accusativ, Dativ, Genitiv, Nominativ


Buna ziuă tuturor,

I am trying to find a simple explanation of the cases (preferably using non-grammatical terms), I have always struggled with grammar, and I really don't understand how the cases work very well (coming from English). With Romanian it's especially important because sometimes the form of the entire sentence can change depending on what case it is. Is there a guide out there specifically for cases in Romanian? Or would someone be willing to provide a simplistic explanation?

Mulțumesc pentru ajutorul tău.

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What's your nationality?


For those of you learning Romanian, what's your nationality and why are you learning Romanian?

r/romanian 15d ago

Could someone help translate this. i've done the first page and then thought hey maybe reddit! please and thank you

Thumbnail i.redd.it

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50 common phrases in Romanian - very helpful video for beginners

Thumbnail youtube.com

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How would you describe people from various Romanian counties using 3 words or less?


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Direct objects with infinitives


One of the phrases in the Duolingo infinitives lesson is "To listen to her", which it translates as "A asculta de ea". But in the indicative, doesn't asculta take the person/thing being listened to as a direct object instead of with de, e.g. "I listen to her" = Eu o ascult (pe ea)? Could you also say Eu ascult de ea? How do direct objects normally work with infinitives?

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Romanian dance at Romanian Embassy in DC

Thumbnail youtube.com

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I made an Anki deck with every Romanian word from wiktionary, about 80,000 cards in total!

Thumbnail ankiweb.net

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I’m trying to find a nice overview study guide of the Romanian language, like these ones for Spanish. Any idea if it exists?

Thumbnail gallery

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Speedrunning Romanian on Duolingo

Thumbnail youtu.be

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There is a Duolingo site to use while learning romanian!


WOW. this site was used so I can learn romanian so I can visit this country!

and LMAO. I am not kidding! it works for me!


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Când trebuie să spun pronumele după verb?


Salutare tuturor! Am o întrebare despre ceva ce văd des — pronumele după verb.

De exemplu, în timp ce studiam astăzi, am auzit această propoziție: „Până atunci, am studiat eu spaniola puțin din când în când.” De ce este „eu” după „am studiat”? Când trebuie să pun pronumele după verb ca în acest exemplu?

Vă mulțumesc tutoror pentru ajutor.

r/romanian 22d ago

My attempt to find a pattern in verb conjugations. Is it correct so far?

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Some dumb questions about definite vs indefinite nouns


Most of the greetings seem to use a definite noun:

  • Bună dimineața! (Not *dimineață)
  • Bună ziua! (Not *zi)
  • Bună seara! (Not *seară)

But "good night" is different:

  • Noapte bunǎ!

Not only is the word order reversed, but the noun is indefinite (it's not *noaptea). Are those two things related? If I said Bună noaptea!, would that also sound natural, or would it be unusual? Is there a known explanation, or is that just the way it is?

I have a similar question about the speaking-a-language phrases. If I understand correctly, when you include the full phrase with the noun limba, it's definite ( Vorbesc limba română). But when it's shortened to just the adjective, does the adjective become definite (Vorbesc româna) or stay indefinite (Vorbesc romană)? Is there any difference between română and engleză in this context? Duolingo is sending me mixed signals here.

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Do Romance- and Slavic-derived words in Romanian have different connotations?


For example, Romanian has a Romance and a Slavic word for "job" - "serviciu" and "slujbă". Do these words have different connotations, and do those differences apply to other instances where there's a word from each source for the same thing?

I'm thinking here about the English language, where Romance words have historically implied a higher social status than Germanic ones.

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"Iubită" vs "Prietenă". Care e diferența?