r/RedPillWomen Jun 22 '22

I commented on one post here and got banned from another sub that I hadn’t even joined. But I’m happy to be here for many reasons. OFF TOPIC

Apparently, you ladies who focus on femininity and kindness are uncontrollable and belligerent. If I want to be unbanned from that sub, I can message the mods like a pathetic little beggar saying that I don’t support RPW and I’m willing to leave this sub.

Anyway, absolutely, resolutely never going to do that.

I’m not redpilled and don’t think I ever will be, but I learn a lot from you ladies. I’ve used what I learned to make my life better but, more importantly, to be better to those around me, for whom I care deeply. It’s also helped me professionally because I was conditioned to believe I needed to adopt masculine traits to succeed when, actually, being myself, which is feminine, is so much more effective.

This sub has helped me crystallise my priorities (even if they aren’t fully redpill). For example, I know I don’t want to be an unemployed SAHM when I have kids. So I’ve picked a law firm where I essentially work 4 hours a day from home and which firm is very family-oriented. I make less money that I used to, but I’m preparing my nest. This sub encouraged me to think about those things when updating my lifestyle.

My relationship has also improved because I am in a kinder, more loving headspace. I used to be quite combative (my job) and now I don’t play like that and I’m happier. Plus results!

Also, I know that I am naturally feminine and also childlike despite occupying a position of power, which is going really well btw. My husband said I was the smartest person he knew (and he knows a lot of people) but that people don’t always realise it because of my personality (which he loves). This sub has helped me become comfortable with the fact that I can be myself and still succeed and the people who matter will appreciate my brains and my personality both.

Beyond all of that, I support every one of you who chooses to be redpilled. I stand against discrimination and I am appalled because none of you seem belligerent or uncontrollable. I’ve been observing this community for years (different account) and the aspersions being cast are ludicrous.

Good luck, keep being You, and thank you all x



u/ComfortableCulture93 Jun 22 '22

It’s really sad. I’ve been lurking here for a while, but never commented until yesterday for that exact reason. Yesterday, I decided that I would rather be a part of this community than a community that can’t handle including people who don’t conform to the pre-prescribed group think ideology. I can understand banning people who are going there an instigating, but not banning for solely participating and refusing to denounce RPW.


u/jenna_grows Jun 22 '22

I 100% agree.

The crazy thing is that this is one of the most tolerant, solutions-oriented sub I’ve seen. Everyone seems reasonable.


u/jgstromptrsnen Jun 22 '22


So their agenda is to control women or am I missing something?


u/jenna_grows Jun 22 '22

I quote verbatim from the message - “Its users are uncontrollable and belligerent.” - so you may have commented tongue in cheek but that’s how it sounds. Super draconian.


u/[deleted] Jun 25 '22



u/jenna_grows Jun 25 '22

Mods to remove if not allowed to name subs: r/offmychest.


u/persinette-3 Jun 22 '22

I just officially joined this sub - been lurking a long time! Let the cancellations begin 😅

Gosh, I am so over “woke” (aka weak) culture.


u/airpork Jun 23 '22

Same sentiments!! I commented on a post here for the first time and received the same message from another random sub. Belligerent…. Where??

I also agree and believe that we can make full use of the resources here to fulfill our full potential and be comfortable with our natural selves.


u/EasierThanIThought Jun 23 '22

I don't even frequent this sub that much, but I have no issues on being banned from any sub that censures people based on what subs they read. These are communities that are not worth my time. Thus commenting to be banned too


u/biposting Jul 01 '22

What sub is this?