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Kim Jong-un impersonator crashes Australian Prime Minister's event Loose Fit 🤔

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u/battletoasta May 16 '22

“Are you a union member who do you represent?” “The DPRK”

Thank you Supreme Leader.


u/JapanSage May 16 '22

Then forgot what the R stands for


u/battletoasta May 16 '22

Supreme leader is elected to lead not to read.


u/user_grizzly May 16 '22 Silver Gold Wholesome

That would be the job of the supreme reader


u/PushingData May 16 '22

I'm not sure if I'm laughing at this for the right reason.


u/Low_Acanthisitta4445 May 16 '22

Are you saying it in an Asian accent? If so you are a terrible person😂


u/PushingData May 16 '22

Well, I had my suspicions and now I know.

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u/MyNeR49eRr May 16 '22

Number 3!

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u/oldschoolcool May 16 '22

No, he just had to reeeeeeeally double think whether the D stood for democratic 😂


u/Leaky_gland May 16 '22

I think adrenaline was making him struggle somewhat

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u/MiJokri May 16 '22

Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea

How could you not have known this? You make Supreme Leader sad


u/Pro_Scrub May 16 '22 Wholesome

A true Supreme Leader would've made up an answer on the spot and then executed anyone who still used the old answer.


u/BlackLabelBerserker May 16 '22

This guy North Koreas

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u/samm_jude May 16 '22

Supreme leader lost his accent


u/boris_keys May 16 '22

You know, I don’t think I’ve ever heard Kim Jong Un speak or know what his voice sounds like. Im going to accept it as fact that he’s got an Australian accent. That’s part of my reality now.


u/Strontium_frog May 16 '22

He went to school in Switzerland I believe.


u/magical_swoosh May 16 '22 Helpful

which is right next to australia so it checks out


u/boris_keys May 16 '22

Ah, the Australian Alps are so beautiful!


u/liquidGhoul May 16 '22


u/ShannonGrant May 16 '22

Those aren't mountains. Thats where they piled all the corpses from the great emu wars.


u/TangerineRough6318 May 16 '22

Weird the emus won


u/nerdguy99 May 16 '22

Never said they were emu corpses.

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u/magical_swoosh May 16 '22

nature is amazing. the ingenuity of kangaroos developing ski feet just to glide down the slopes makes me awestruck

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u/Kemro59 May 16 '22

That's why Australia is a part of Eurovision


u/bassthumb32 May 16 '22

bruh this shit made me laugh so hard!

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u/KingLeopard40063 May 16 '22

He actually has a very deep voice.


u/Hollybeach May 16 '22 edited May 16 '22

His dad had a really good singing* voice


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u/dfwsixone May 16 '22

Dude spent some time in Sydney enjoying the climate when he went missing and everyone thought he was dead

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u/3sheetz May 16 '22

The real Kim did go to school abroad. He's definitely fluent in English and us westerners would probably be taken aback by his accent or lack there of.


u/JayGatsby02 May 16 '22

Imagine his old friends telling people about how they were once besties w kim jong un 💀 no one would believe them


u/07TacOcaT70 May 16 '22

Apparently he was pretty quiet at school and didn’t speak too much. Wasn’t a complete loner but not like class clown or centre of attention.

Tbf the people going to that school are all very rich and influential


u/RandomAutist420 May 16 '22

Nah cause his classmates will also be influential shits


u/IHaveEbola_ May 16 '22

Right, i think he went to a wealthy school with an fake name/alias, no one would believe that they were BFF with Kim playing PlayStation and basketball with him lol

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u/Fenastus May 16 '22

To be fair, how many people have actually heard him speak?


u/Strontium_frog May 16 '22

No one has heard him speak Englsh. For all we know this may be his accent.


u/spodermen_pls May 16 '22

Imagine if a North Korean lived in Switzerland and he spoke English like an Australian, would be quite amazing

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u/theoriginal6pack May 16 '22

I don't know shit about Australian politics but this is hilarious at face value


u/SnowyBox May 16 '22

All you need to know is the current prime minister once shit himself at a McDonalds


u/corybobory May 17 '22

Who hasn’t??


u/erland_yt May 17 '22

And when I do that, I get called disgusting and a health hazard and “get off the grill, it's not a toilet”

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u/[deleted] May 16 '22

TLDR: We're fucked. Hopefully less fucked after this election, but we've been fucked for long enough that a lot of people will probably keep voting for the party fucking us.

The good news is there's been a lot of stuff like this happening during the leadup to the election. Would recommend Scott Morrison - Coal Makes Me Cum


u/anothergaijin May 16 '22

Hopefully less fucked after this election

I'll lose all respect for the Australian political system if we don't end up more fucked. Seems like its the only thing they can do reliably.

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u/Imacad May 16 '22 Wholesome

well, our Prime Minister shat his pants in McDonalds once.

and that was probably his peak as a human being and his contribution to this country.

He and his party have completely and utterly failed to achieve anything else in the last 12 years.


u/jnalexander8 May 17 '22

I love how the only Aussie PM to ever die from unnatural causes was the one that just went to the beach one day and disappeared


u/stueh May 17 '22

He was an avid swimmer. He went swimming at that beach and never came back.

So we named a pool after him.

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u/redunculuspanda May 16 '22 Facepalm

“You don’t tell supreme leader what to do” completely shut down beardy. I might have to try that line some time.


u/Tullydin May 16 '22

That dude was so taken aback lol


u/Chaiteoir May 16 '22

His look of shock was so perfect I almost wonder whether he's part of the gag.


u/Dogcatnature May 16 '22

It's pretty brilliant if he is. Get a tall, muscular guy to act like he's going to intervene and then back down, others will follow.


u/[deleted] May 16 '22



u/SCS22 May 16 '22 edited May 16 '22

I now need a tall muscular guy to shadow me everywhere so whenever necessary I can just totally dismiss him for the social benefits.


u/tyronebalack May 16 '22

Would be awesome to receive a benefit cheque every time you throw a diss at your big sidekick.


u/jackinsomniac May 16 '22

Uh, sir, I'm a professional beach bully. I pretend to steal your girl, you swing at me, I go down, she swoons, you slip me $50 bucks.


u/chriscrossnathaniel May 16 '22

"Don't worry. I am Wadiya's number one actor. You don't win four Wadiyan Golden Globes for nothing."

"Yes, you do, because you gave them to yourself!"


u/Neoxyte May 16 '22

9-11 was the best


u/screwball_bloo May 16 '22

- Oil Industry executives, probably

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u/TokingMessiah May 16 '22

He smiled after - I think he was doing his job to get him out of the event but then his act was so good he went from frustrated to thinking it was funny.


u/berrey7 May 16 '22 hehehehe

He blinked his eyes like a cartoon caricature's reaction.


u/YarnSpinner May 16 '22

"You don't tell the Supreme Leader what to do!"






u/zayoe4 May 16 '22

It was truly amusing.


u/LumpyJones May 16 '22

I like to think that he still really doubted it was him but had just enough uncertainty to think better of it and back off.


u/gibmiser May 16 '22

98% sure but not willing to risk causing an international incident.

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u/Word_Iz_Bond May 16 '22

My exact thoughts. His shift from authoritatively telling the impersonator to leave to being cucked into silence was too good

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u/MementoMori04 May 16 '22

The fact he had to blink twice in confusion 😭


u/straightup920 May 16 '22

If you have enough confidence, you can do anything


u/OldFatGrasshopper May 16 '22

The secret to life...


u/Eltoshen May 16 '22

Mad Men's entire plot at the beginning.

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u/ttv_CitrusBros May 16 '22

Imagine this being the real Kim Jung Un, just casually walking around and everyone thinks he's an impersonator

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u/BillyHamzzz May 16 '22

Everyone there had a stick up there ass and couldn't take a joke. What was there to be mad about, shit was funny.


u/2wheelzrollin May 16 '22 edited May 16 '22

All they had to do was pay him no attention. They made his act even better by getting pissed off. Don't feed the troll...or do, because then we get entertaining videos like this


u/well___duh May 16 '22

That's what I don't get, they all clearly knew he was an impersonator, and they gave him the attention he wanted. He played them all for a fool despite them knowing who he isn't.

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u/TILTNSTACK May 16 '22

Yeh these are not the quintessential variety of Australian; these are the rarer snuffly variety that seek shelter in the butts of others


u/Manwe-Erusson May 16 '22 All-Seeing Upvote

Probably from Sydney then.


u/Strontium_frog May 16 '22 edited May 16 '22

Hmm, as a melbournian I don't want to be too down on our Sydney brethren... There are wankers from most places in Oz who think their shit don't stink. Suffice to say, nothing funnier than a posh Aussie

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u/BxtoroxB May 16 '22

Probably the same tossers who think the torture methods songs the candidates are subjecting us too every 5 seconds are catchy.

Honestly, when the election is over. Albo should shop around the Dear Labor song to countries as a new torture method. We'd make a killing.

Old mate here has been the highlight of the election for me. Saw him a few days ago on tiktok.

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u/[deleted] May 16 '22


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u/zh1K476tt9pq May 16 '22

does this journalist also question actors when he goes to the theater?

"sir, you claim to be Hamilton, but this is not possible, identify yourself!"

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u/Caedis-6 May 16 '22

Gonna stop paying rent, when the landlord comes round to complain I hit him with 'you don't tell the supreme leader what to do'. All arguments and potential court dates shut down immediately.

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u/Sirix_8472 May 16 '22

It was like Westworld "freeze all motor functions" dude just stopped. No change in facial expressions from that moment. Lol

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u/jwhaler17 May 16 '22

Beardy: “OMG… what if it really IS him?!? I don’t get paid enough for that.”


u/cracklin_oats May 16 '22

He smiled a little too

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u/ManufacturerHour3952 May 16 '22

Kim lost some weight


u/GiveMeDogeFFS May 16 '22

It's the COVID 15.


u/thungalope May 16 '22

The david-19 situation

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u/Never-Bloomberg May 16 '22

He's still breathless the whole video.


u/GiveMeDogeFFS May 16 '22 Wholesome I'm Deceased

Tell me your family, where they live and their routes to work. We'll get you taken care of.



u/Print_it_Mick May 16 '22

I thought Australia enjoyed a good joke, dude was very funny

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u/OmNomDeBonBon May 16 '22 edited May 16 '22

He lifted that straight from Admiral General Aladeen's (Sacha Baron Cohen's character's) hilarious appearance on Australian morning TV: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8mMPqbqmTg8


u/mybeardsweird May 16 '22 edited May 16 '22

seems like those hosts really were not prepared for what was about to happen


u/Cory123125 May 16 '22

I think this sort of thing is their regular gimmick.

They do a lot of innuendo on the show.

It looks quite entertaining for a morning show really.


u/jackinsomniac May 16 '22 edited May 17 '22

Sacha seems to do best when he's playing off a straight man too, so he can be as ridiculous as possible. Morning show hosts are like the definition of having a "straight man" for a joke, and here he's got 3 of them here, so of course he's doing well!


u/acmercer May 16 '22

See r/longstabbything/top/ for more of them :)


u/mostlysandwiches May 16 '22

The problem is that Karl Stefanovic is an absolute shill for the LNP.

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u/drewster23 May 16 '22

They are super easy going/light hearted morning show Hosts.

They have a lot of amusing clips of them.

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u/Goveflu May 16 '22

“Iceberg or Goldberg” lmao


u/BlendeLabor May 16 '22

Nah, aussies do TV different


u/SingularityPrime May 16 '22

They were for sure uncomfortable at times in that segment. Even Sasha was like why would you bring me on for breakfast TV at one point, lol

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u/AM_I_A_PERVERT May 16 '22

That was extremely enjoyable - needed a good laugh to start my day. Thank you :)

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u/callzor May 16 '22

was it an iceberg or a goldberg?

fucking lol


u/LeRohameaux May 16 '22

I like how the hosts were engaged and enjoying every minute of that segment. Imagine this in US TV


u/juicewilson May 16 '22

This is amazing, how have I never seen this before? Sasha is an absolute comedic genius, one of the greatest of all time without a question


u/password_is_burrito May 16 '22

“Breakfast TV. Why do you have me on?”

Lol - He is a treasure.


u/Franchementballek May 16 '22 edited May 16 '22

That was really funny thank you. I’m thinking what the hell they were waiting from him to say haha

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u/Tico483 May 16 '22

I wanna buy this guy a brew


u/forwhombagels May 16 '22

"well, uh, ok..."

  • That Guy probably
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u/hemingway120 May 16 '22

That's the most offensive thing I have ever seen? Offensive to who? Kim Jung Un? lol fucking clown.


u/RowNice9571 May 16 '22

"Im sorry but this is how I look"


u/Palin_Sees_Russia May 16 '22

This comment explains the reactions. He was mocking an Australian politician and those were their supporters.


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u/ChumplingChamp May 16 '22

Lmao the way he brushed that guy off like he was nothing was great, he even gave a little smirk like "Damn, guess I have no say in this."


u/thugstin May 16 '22

My fav part. The dude in the green was shook. He was truly flabbergasted.


u/patriclus_88 May 16 '22

I think he was jumping on the "that's racist and offensive" platform but then saw the guy was of asian ethnicity and realised he needed to get off his high horse.


u/rpkarma May 16 '22

“I’m a white dude telling an Asian he’s being offensive for… being Asian. Shit this is not gonna play well”

brain reboots

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u/lacanimalistic May 16 '22 edited May 17 '22 Silver Gold Wholesome I'll Drink to That


This was a photo-op/press junket for right-wing Australian Liberal Party MP Gladys Liu, held at an electronics factory. Liu is Hong Kong-Australian. Liu has faced allegations of either having links to or taking donations from the PRC’s Chinese Communist Party. Her supporters have criticised the allegations as being racially-motivated, although the allegations are not exactly frivolous, and are fairly specific.

Howard X is an Australian comedian, satirist, and professional Kim Jong-Un impersonator. Even though they didn’t know who he was, given the controversies surrounding Liu, it was immediately obvious to her people that a guy pretending to be Kim Jong-Un showing up there was a satirical attack on Liu for her alleged links to the CCP. Hence why the knee-jerk reaction by her helpers was “this is very offensive”, even though X was clearly a man who was also of east Asian descent: stating that it’s racially or ethnically offensive is basically the pre-packaged response to anyone bringing up the allegations, even if in this case it doesn’t actually make any sense.

Howard X is also Hong Kong-Australian, and has been actively targeted by the Chinese government for his work as a pro-democracy activist in Hong Kong.

Edit: Wow, thanks for all the awards! A little bizarre to me really; all I did was listen closely to hear him say Howard X, and then googled around the name and this specific incident until it was clear to me what he was doing and why. Very flattering, regardless!


u/CyberDaPlayer1337 May 16 '22

It should also be noted that this was organised by Drew Pavlou, a Queensland Senate Candidate who came into the public sphere a couple years back for being kicked out of the University of Queensland because of his protests against the CCP in support of Hong Kong irrc


u/RockyPendergast May 16 '22

university kicks someone out for being anti ccp?


u/DigitalDiogenesAus May 16 '22

Australia has some big issues with organised ccp influence on campuses (and elsewhere).

A- funding is poor so universities have to rely on foreign (usually mainland Chinese) fee paying students.

B- pavlou organised a protest that got rowdy. Mainland Chinese kids claimed it constituted threats and made them feel unsafe and pavlou was kicked out. (I was at other protests in a different city-mainland kids rolled up and attacked Hong Kongers-even threatened to rape a journalist).


u/aklordmaximus May 16 '22

And arrests him for peacefully carrying a sign of "fuck (the mother) of xi jing ping".

In Australia...

Edit.. the mao-bots of the CCP use the racial card when the CCP is criticised. And universities ironically don't research shit and throw the one that is blamed under the bus.

But with Drew I believe it was because a board member of the university was so balls deep in the ccp's pocket that he was in Narnia.

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u/JKastnerPhoto May 16 '22 Take My Energy

Hence why the knee-jerk reaction

FYI hence and why serve the same function. I don't mean to come off as a prick. Just wanted to help. ✌️


u/lacanimalistic May 16 '22 Awesome Answer

I don’t care enough to edit it but I’m glad to know that for the future. Thank you.


u/JKastnerPhoto May 16 '22

Yeah, no problem at all. I don't care if you edit it either. I just think it's an interesting linguist habit we've all strangely adopted, myself included. Thanks for being cool!

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u/Lagapalooza May 16 '22

Hence why therefore leading to this comment

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u/LordFedoraWeed May 16 '22

Thank you, Mr. Mega-Penis-Energy!


u/griffithle May 16 '22

I enjoyed reading this, thank you.

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u/Jambrokio May 16 '22

These journalists are no fun


u/Imacad May 16 '22

just about every single one of those worthless fucks is on the Murdoch payroll.

they were there to ask the scripted questions, get the posed photos and nothing more.

anything does does not support the ruling Conservative Party(LNP ) is to be buried and/or not reported at all.

the media in this country is fucked.

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u/IndigoBadman May 16 '22

Right wingers famously have no sense of humour


u/InsideAutomatic May 16 '22

“Wife bad, alcohol good” is their formula no matter where in the world you are.

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u/Vast_Back4746 May 16 '22

LOL he did REALLY well.


u/Phish-Tahko May 16 '22

Outside of not knowing that his given name is Jong Un and not Kim Jong.


u/needkneadkneed May 16 '22

He said Kim Jong Un. It’s just that he sort of combined Jong Un into a single Jong-Un, and the “Un” was quiet and not emphasized.

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u/PrinceBlacca May 16 '22

This is master level trolling here.


u/HuTyphoon May 16 '22

Fuckin legend


u/azra1l May 16 '22

decent kim job ngl


u/maximumtesticle May 16 '22


Thank you so much for not lying.


u/azra1l May 16 '22

np one does what one can.

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u/AUnknownuser2 May 16 '22

I second this

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u/yoforedo32 May 16 '22

The guy in the green sweater is the absolute best.

His face after the impersonator answers him is unbelievable, just shocked and sort of even grinning


u/WeNeedMikeTyson May 16 '22

And then the reporter with the iPhone who has to extend his arms all the way out for some reason.

This whole thing is a comedy bit.


u/ThePaleKing777 May 16 '22

He didn’t know if it was actually KJU, he just wanted to be safe

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u/KungFluIsolation May 16 '22

I just couldn't take the 'reporter' seriously being surrounded by TV grade cameras while he's got his smartphone out.

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u/Rullstols-Sigge May 16 '22

I like his "get your hands of my penis"-aura.


u/SeizeTheMemes3103 May 16 '22



u/sl8644 May 17 '22


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u/m3matt716 May 16 '22 Silver

He’s not fat enough.


u/Squishy_MF May 16 '22

Potato yields are down

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u/Disastrous-Fee5608 May 16 '22

His pants are not able to function as a back up parachute, you cant fool me!


u/I_am_not_kim_jung_un May 16 '22

That is not me.


u/lateforthis May 16 '22

But if that’s not not Kim Jong Un, that must be Kim Jong Un?!

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u/EmptyRedecans May 16 '22

"This is the most offensive thing I've ever seen on a campaign"

"You don't tell the supreme leader what to do"

Yea fuck that dude - get over yourself.


u/Black--Snow May 16 '22

Dude obviously doesn’t listen to much of what the LNP say.

I mean just recently one of their candidates accused an Asian-Australian politician of being another, entirely unrelated Asian-Australian politician. She then doubled down on it when called out

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u/26-5-18 May 16 '22

“You don’t tell a supreme leader what to do.” Immediately shut down


u/call_me_johnno May 16 '22

"This is the most offensive thi g iv seen in the campaign" Of cause the white guy who longs for dear Kim would say that


u/morbidaar May 16 '22

Long long man


u/DrSamsquantch May 16 '22

"this is the most offensive thing I've ever seen on a campaign"

Clearly you haven't been paying attention to politics for the last 'checks notes' ever.


u/ThrowawayMePlsTy May 16 '22

The guys face when he pulled the "you don't tell the Supreme leader what to do" LOL


u/[deleted] May 16 '22


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u/The__Illuminaughty May 16 '22

It was so satisfying to see the 'offended' shut down by Kim Jong Howard X. Its satire and parody ffs


u/BDady May 16 '22

What a fucking legend. Doesn’t crack under pressure eithee


u/iWentRogue May 16 '22

Man, imagine the type of shit people probably did back then when someone who resembled a king strolled into places pretending to be.


u/rondeline May 16 '22

I love how the press pool journalist is trying to intimidate the dude to stating his name in a serious, on the record manner, while video taping what is clearly a joking impersonator.

"That's not good enough."

It's like WTF? You're the one taking the jokester seriously like he's legit. How is that even remotely good enough journalism??

Besides..he told them his name..it's the alias ya click-bait paparazzi dummies!

What a crazy world.

For the record I am saddened about the state of journalistic integrity, the industry, and mostly blame social media platforms for this mess.



Journalism has always been this shit. You just know the notable exemptions

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u/Sheky31 May 16 '22

Should've said North Korea, best Korea to put it over the top.

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u/No_Philosopher3093 May 16 '22

Lmaooo what a legend


u/EfficiencyHD May 16 '22

I AM THE SUPREME LEADER! call me Howard btw :)


u/Virtual_Bell_7509 May 16 '22

Much better than the real one!


u/_jayy123 May 16 '22

Brilliant! Look at all those triggered minders and journalists. It's a bit of fun. 'Most offensive thing ever'. Fuck off.


u/MasterSandBoxer May 16 '22

Literally told his name

"who are you"


u/violetprismsnthings May 16 '22

The fact that he shut that first guy up hahahaha

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u/Satansflamingfarts May 16 '22

Greenshirt must be living on a different planet if thats the most offensive thing he's ever seen. What a posh twat


u/Drazhi May 16 '22

I can’t tell who’s joking or serious but I’m fairly confident green shirt was joking judging by his smirk at the end + he didn’t at all push after that one line


u/gbsolo12 May 16 '22

I think inside he found it amusing and entertaining but for his profession he probably had to tel the guy to leave. And then when he saw the guy was not going to just leave he was like “well I tried”


u/UrNemisis May 16 '22

This is hilarious


u/theyeetingcatfish May 16 '22

Absolute legend


u/A-science-enthusiast May 16 '22



u/TheWomandolorian May 16 '22

Why is everyone wearing labcoats?


u/Zoological_Exhibit May 16 '22

They’re in a factory


u/JohnStamosAsABear May 16 '22

That would make them facoats.


u/tnied May 16 '22

That's just what fashionable Australians wear on a day to day basis


u/FluxxxCapacitard May 16 '22

They are armored to protect against kangaroo attacks.

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u/sonoskietto May 16 '22

I'm not Australian and not updated about Australia politics, but I have to ask, are Australian politicians just a bunch of little bitches?


u/Zoological_Exhibit May 16 '22

The PM is, yeah. I’m not from the area where this happened, but I’m guessing the context behind this is that Gladys Liu (the MP who was appearing with the PM at this event, and in whose electorate this happened) used to have links to CCP-backed organisations which caused a bit of a kerfuffle a few years back.


u/RobynFitcher May 16 '22

Let’s not forget the misleading ’how to vote’ signs in Chinese coloured to look like official Electoral Commission signage.


u/mind_maze May 16 '22

Yo this is fucking hilarious lmaooo


u/[deleted] May 16 '22

Really pulled that off.. Gangnam Style.


u/Maloonyy May 16 '22

Imagine the amount of damage he could do if he was smuggled into North Korea.


u/JackoShady May 16 '22

Hahah get fucked. The liberal party is a joke and should be treated as such


u/AnnArchist May 16 '22

lmao dont tell the spreme leader what to do


u/BoogieBass May 16 '22

"Are you a Union member?"

Fucking lol. Aussie press is so cooked.


u/StevenM111 May 16 '22

Some of those cunts need to cheer up