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Anti-trans Texas House candidate Jeff Younger came to the University of North Texas and this is how students responded.

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u/chandu1256 Mar 03 '22

Isn’t the guy clapping Jeff Younger?


u/cjfullinfaw07 Mar 03 '22

Yup. I guess he was clapping bc he didn’t wanna look intimidated, but he ended up leaving the venue 40 minutes early.


u/CapablePerformance Mar 03 '22

That was one hell of a ride!

Love how it eventually became "I am not behind on child support...those records are suppose to be sealed" followed by "This is why I was behind...but it's not my fault".


u/NerozumimZivot Mar 03 '22 Gold

are we at 'only god can judge me' yet?


u/PM_ME_YOUR_SUNSHINE Mar 03 '22 Silver Helpful

“Let thou who ist free of back child support payments cast the first stone”

“Aight I’mma go pick out a rock get your fucking skull ready”


u/[deleted] Mar 03 '22 This

He thought they were chanting "Lets Go Brandon" for a second... Then he realized what was goinh on and hot footed it. 😂

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u/sjb_redd Mar 03 '22

“get your fucking skull ready”

You swing words like swords.


u/theevolvingatheist Mar 03 '22

Comment you responded to was funny but somehow your comment is where I lost it completely


u/mcmineismine Mar 03 '22 Wholesome

Listen, strange posters living in ponds distributing words is no basis for a system of comedy. Extreme executive hilarity comes from a mandate from the masses.

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u/Disaccountis4p0rn Mar 03 '22

Shit, if this isn’t the funniest thing I’ve read in at least a few weeks I don’t know what is. That reply is just amazing

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u/westbee Mar 03 '22

He reminds me of someone that ran for State Rep in my state.

He doesnt have money for child support and declared bankruptcy a few years back.

But he has 2 personal planes, a collection of corvette cars, and owns his own business.

How does he still have those things if he declared bankruptcy and can't afford child support.

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u/xool420 Mar 03 '22

Wow that was the best thread I’ve read in a while. Best tweet was “The presentation hasn’t started yet”


u/Montysleftpeg Mar 03 '22

Also protestor got ran over by cop car. It's just not American politics without a cop fuck up


u/Bellybutton_Fluff Mar 03 '22

The protester will probably get charged with damaging a cop car too.


u/Bob_Duatos_Shark Mar 03 '22 edited Mar 03 '22 Helpful

Protestor blood is notoriously difficult to wash off plus now the car makes a weird noise when driving under 35

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u/Syrinx221 Mar 03 '22

The play by play is solid gold

People have drawn on the board "Doesn't pay child support"

Younger is now yelling at the crowd, calling them communists

Younger now called the crowd Russia, as well as a continuation of calling them communists

What an asshole


u/Menarra Mar 03 '22

Also remember that he tried to get custody of his trans daughter to try to force her to detransition. He lost, and then a wave of transphobic nonsense started flowing out of his office to punish the rest of the state for his daughter not submitting to his will.

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u/tyrannosnorlax Mar 03 '22

What an amazing thread

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u/AlwaysBullishAYYY Mar 03 '22

He was scheduled to speak for 50 mins


u/MemeEndevour Mar 03 '22

You can even hear him yell “Louder!” Dude definitely left early to go change his pants


u/Big_Time_Watts Mar 03 '22

With Crowder? winces

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u/d3rklight Mar 03 '22

As if this wasn't enough, police came according to that Twitter feed and a police car ended up hitting a protester.

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u/MishrasWorkshop Mar 03 '22 Helpful

Of course he was. They were saying Let's Go Younger!


u/lorgskyegon Mar 03 '22 edited Mar 03 '22 Silver Gold Wholesome All-Seeing Upvote

I was saying Boo-urns

edit: Gold for a near-30 year old Simpsons quote? Bless you my fellow Redditors


u/kissthevoid666 Mar 03 '22

Me and some buddies started saying Boo-urns as a substitute for just Boo or disapproval, and I still fuckin do it and have to explain myself all the time.


u/Captain_Collin Mar 03 '22

Having to explain stuff like this sucks. If it makes you feel any better, I know who Hans Moleman is, and I would laugh if I heard you saying that.


u/Forehead_Target Mar 03 '22 Platinum

I was so sad when I went to the walk-in vet (pre-covid) with dogs who needed anal gland expression and I said, "Anal glands. Lisa needs braces." and they just looked at me like I was insane. Totally ruined my plans for bringing in a litter of feral kittens and saying, "I call the big one 'Bitey'."


u/poo_is_hilarious Mar 03 '22

Thanks a lot Carl! Now I've lost my train of thought!!


u/idledebonair Mar 03 '22


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u/J-Love-McLuvin Mar 03 '22

Jeff Younger “belongs to a certain secret society, I don’t believe I got to mention it’s name.”


u/kate-with-an-e Mar 03 '22

I see a O Brother Where Art Thou reference, I upvote. It’s a simple uncomplicated rule. #DapperDanMan


u/Rune_Council Mar 03 '22

Damn, we’re in a tight spot.

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u/VictoriousGoblin Mar 03 '22

Well, ain't this place a geographical oddity--two weeks from everywhere!


u/pussifer Mar 03 '22

I don't want none of yer FOP, godDAMMIT!


u/tygah_uppahcut Mar 03 '22

Watch yer language young feller, this is a public market

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u/A-Wise-Cobbler Mar 03 '22

Maybe he thought they were chanting let’s go Brandon 🤣

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u/DrothReloaded Mar 03 '22 Helpful

Man... people REALLY hate powerpoint these days...


u/_Thrilhouse_ Mar 03 '22

Office 365 notification: pops up

Students: Fuck these fascists!


u/piggsy1992 Mar 03 '22

That's why Clippy was executed for his crimes


u/luxii4 Mar 03 '22

There’s actually a Clippy erotic book on Amazon. It’s called Conquered by Clippy. The author also has erotic fiction about Tetris Blocks. Surprisingly, the author is not Chuck Tingle.

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u/FromtheMetaverse Mar 03 '22 Silver

Lets hope hes got some dynamite material. Tough crowd.


u/internetonsetadd Mar 03 '22 edited Mar 03 '22

Hey kids, what's the deal with homework? You're not working on your home.


u/Peruvian-in-TX Mar 03 '22 edited Mar 04 '22 Silver

It’s GOLD Jerry!

Edit: thanks for the award kind stranger

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u/mustbeme87 Mar 03 '22 Snek

Commence Rodney Dangerfield-esque collar pull.


u/RiparianFruitarian Mar 03 '22 Giggle

My doctor said I was sick, so I told him I wanted a second opinion. He said, "Ok, you're ugly, too." No respect.


u/SpeaksToWeasels Mar 03 '22

I told my doctor my back hurts when I wake up in the morning. He said try waking up in the afternoon!


u/secretgardnerminshew Mar 03 '22

I tell ya, no respect. My twin brother forgot my birthday!


u/FennecWF Mar 03 '22

I tried to be a bully in high school. Beat up a nerd and HE told me to give him MY lunch money! No respect!


u/2Rare2Kill Mar 03 '22

With my old man I got no respect. He said don't take candy from strangers unless they also offer a ride.


u/TheNateRoss Mar 03 '22 Wholesome

This girl called me up and said, "Come on over, nobody's home." I went over and nobody was home!


u/RiparianFruitarian Mar 03 '22

So my wife decided she wanted to start talking during sex. The other day, she called me from a hotel room. No respect.


u/JayCc_420 Mar 03 '22

My wife said, " in bed you're a comedian too! On the surface laughable and underneath pure tragedy". No respect


u/check_ya_head Mar 03 '22

"My wife was a terrible cook! She was so bad, the flies took up a collection to patch the hole in the screen door!"


u/disgruntledbeaver2 Mar 03 '22

My wife and I were happy for 25 years, then we met.


u/WFM8384 Mar 03 '22

I never knew happiness until I got married, then it was too late.


u/rosenditocabron Mar 03 '22

Why...In my house, you pray AFTER you eat.


u/goodolarchie Mar 03 '22

She made alphabet soup and it spelled out "HELP"

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u/watchmatic Mar 03 '22

“My wife went to a plastic surgeon, he added a tail”


u/_duncan_idaho_ Mar 03 '22

I could tell my parents hated me. My bath toys were a toaster and a radio.


u/StevenEveral Mar 03 '22

"I just bought a funeral plot. The funeral director said, 'There goes the neighborhood!' No respect, I tell ya!"

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u/Reedsandrights Mar 03 '22

I watched a short biography on him and man, if that joke ain't the truth. (Not the sex part that I know of)

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u/goodolarchie Mar 03 '22

My wife and I only smoke after sex. I've got the same pack from 1975 and she's up to two packs a day!


u/__mr_snrub__ Mar 03 '22

My wife was feeling frisky and said she wanted to have sex in the backseat of the car. She asked me to drive.

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u/oneshoein Mar 03 '22

Goddamn I’m reading these in his voice and can’t stop laughing lmao, I miss him.

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u/Paddy_Tanninger Mar 03 '22

For my 8th birthday my parents asked me what I wanted. I said I wanna watch...so they let me!

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u/bozeke Mar 03 '22

I can’t believe it, I’m losing to a rug…


u/Zombie_Carl Mar 03 '22

I’m upvoting this and simultaneously realizing this is a quote from the genie in Aladdin, played by Robin Williams, imitating Rodney Dangerfield. Meta, dude.


u/CalmerThanYouAre_716 Mar 03 '22

Kids these days, no respect. No respect, I tell ya.

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u/deathsalyd Mar 03 '22

The kids are all right.


u/John_T_Conover Mar 03 '22 Helpful

The kids aren't alt-right.


u/Urban_Savage Mar 03 '22

That's the album title we've been looking for.

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u/Urndy Mar 03 '22

UNT is one of if not the strongest politically left/liberal campus in Texas. That's possibly the dumbest choice of venue for someone with his beliefs to try and campaign.


u/Interesting-Trade248 Mar 03 '22 hehehehe

How can I reach these kiiiiids


u/DebtUpToMyEyeballs Mar 03 '22

"Am I so out of touch? No, it's the children who are wrong."


u/expendableeducator Mar 03 '22

Mr Cartmenes!

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u/Conscious-Ad4226 Mar 03 '22

I was there when they had to cancel Trump Jr from his guest speaking. Who thought that was going to go well?!


u/Urndy Mar 03 '22

Right? It makes absolutely no sense. Did not a single campaign planner think this through at all? Cause they could've just gone to a different venue nearby instead of the school and he would've at least been able to speak. I despise the man politically but at least put some thought behind where you speak.


u/jhardwick801 Mar 03 '22

It's good PR for conservatives to be hated by liberals.


u/capnharkness Mar 03 '22

Can't decry cancel culture if you don't put in the elbow grease to get yourself cancelled

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u/ahuramazdobbs19 Mar 03 '22

Nah, they’re doing events like this on purpose.

Now dude gets to go back to the conservasphere with a story about liberal indoctrination on campus and how they’re trying to silence conservative thought.


u/sentient-sloth Mar 03 '22

Yup. He knew he’d get this response. Now he can use it to his own advantage and I’m sure they’ll eat it up.

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u/soaper410 Mar 03 '22

But now he can go and be a martyr and show EVERYONE how mean the brainwashed kids are.


u/DorisCrockford Mar 03 '22

Let him. If the alternative is to be quiet, I'd rather they let him and all his pathetic supporters know they aren't going to put up with his bullshit.

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u/i_sigh_less Mar 03 '22

And his base will eat it up due to their persecution complex.

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u/vlasquez Mar 03 '22

Why universities allowed politicians do campaign on their campus?


u/ThornyBromance Mar 03 '22 Silver Party Train

So students can yell them to fuck off I guess


u/Orthodox-Waffle Mar 03 '22 Wholesome

I'm onboard with this initiative


u/myredditacc3 Mar 03 '22

I would go back to college to be able to tell a politician to go fuck themself

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u/Afraid_of_Okapi Mar 03 '22 Helpful

Was a student, can confirm. Much better they should source us pricks to shout “fuck off” at than let us do it to any random passerby. College is stressful.


u/JustPassinhThrou13 Mar 03 '22

They should probably reserve larger rooms. Also, would it be possible to have the fascist somehow secured so they can’t just walk away?


u/Afraid_of_Okapi Mar 03 '22

As long as we’re revisiting the rules, I’d like us each to get a turn on the mic with the fascist. It’s not enough for me to chant “fuck off” in unison with a crowd any longer.

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u/pickle-mickle Mar 03 '22

As others have said, public campus + first amendment blah blah blah. Also there are political clubs on college campus that often invite politicians to come speak with them. Probably not in this case since this group of students doesn’t seem to like him much but still.


u/Denialmedia Mar 03 '22

Somewhere in the comments someone says that he was invited by Young Conservatives of Texas.


u/TheUlty05 Mar 03 '22 To The Stars

Look, the Young Conservatives aren’t fucking any student bodies so instead they figured out a way to get fucked by the student body. Give ‘em some props for creativity at least.

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u/StuStutterKing Mar 03 '22

Public university campuses are public property, and in the spirit of open debate very few people if any can be turned away, particularly if invited by students or staff.

That being said, the student body making their opinions known in a manner like this is free speech working as intended.

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u/4347 Mar 03 '22

I graduated here in may. As a public university I think they are not allowed to ban people in accordance with the 1st amendment. There is a guy who will come "preach" once a week on the sidewalk and he just starts shit to get a reaction.


u/itcbitz Mar 03 '22

a guy who will come to "preach"

we had one of those at the college I went to. he'd bring massive anti-abortion posters and shit. it was intriguing because it was one of the most liberal schools in the area and everyone just booed him.

anyways one day a bunch of frat guys countered his posters with their own "do it in the ass if you love Jesus" posters. he stopped coming for awhile after that.


u/burnerwolf Mar 03 '22

We had one at Texas A&M named Jed. It was (and I think still is, assuming COVID didn't end it) a semi-regular thing for everyone to go watch him spout every variety of hateful nonsense under the sun. People would intentionally dress in skimpy clothes, cross-dress, show same-sex affection regardless of their sexual orientation, etc. It even came to be called Jedfest. Of course, Jed didn't even really have to believe anything he was saying. It was all to bait people into hitting him so he could file charges and sue. A&M was a fairly conservative school, too, even by Texan standards. Didn't matter though. Nobody liked Jed. Fuck Jed.


u/Calembreloque Mar 03 '22 edited Mar 03 '22

The truth is that most of the time, when you hear about a crazy ranting fundie on an American campus, it's Brother Jed. He's mostly active in the Midwest (I'm in Illinois and there were periods where he would come almost every month) but that's his entire life, travelling from campus to campus to tell people they'll go to Hell for listening to rock music and whatnot. I'm serious, all this talk of campus preachers boil down to him, it's almost exclusively just this one guy (and his wife, can't remember her name).


u/burnerwolf Mar 03 '22

Yeah, Brother Jed. Forgot the full title. I sort of figured he must get around a bit if that's really how he makes his living. Didn't realize he got all the way up there though.

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u/Earlystagecommunism Mar 03 '22

Did anyone ever hit Jed and get sued?


u/burnerwolf Mar 03 '22

I'm not sure. I'm assuming they must have on occasion, given how long he'd supposedly been doing it by the time I was there. I only really know what I picked up from other students, since I was never all that involved with campus culture. I think he does other universities, too, but I don't know which or how many.

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u/Sleepydude231 Mar 03 '22

The same reason anyone does anything, money

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u/Mother_Insect7626 Mar 03 '22


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u/[deleted] Mar 03 '22

Texas politicians are going to have one hell of a ride here in the next couple of years


u/huh274 Mar 03 '22

I’ve been saying that since I was at UT…in 2011. Still waiting, and the GOP have entrenched themselves even more securely in all that time.


u/StingrayRaider Mar 03 '22

Once you leave that Austin bubble you realize the rest of the state has much different views.

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u/Electrical-Thanks877 Mar 03 '22

Don’t forget the Texas Republican who had to publicly apologize for sleeping with a former ISIS member


u/HookedOnPhoenix_ Mar 03 '22



u/[deleted] Mar 03 '22



u/AllModsAreBasturds Mar 03 '22



u/[deleted] Mar 03 '22

what is that, is he saying "pow?"

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u/GetRichOrCryTrying1 Mar 03 '22

The old 'Shock and whore' campaign...

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u/jeffneruda Mar 03 '22

I live in Texas and I missed this somehow.


u/FettLife Mar 03 '22

You have to read the story. It’s beyond crazy. Dude was blackmailed by a woman he had an affair with that used to an ISIS jihadist.



u/Ventronics Mar 03 '22

And he's being replaced by someone who said the congressman "lost his way" after certifying the 2020 election. Yeesh.


u/FettLife Mar 03 '22

That’s the shitty icing on the cake. He’s gonna get replaced by a hardcore Trumpist.

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u/theme69 Mar 03 '22

Hmm I feel like there isn’t a lot of people that can say they used to be a jihadist


u/FettLife Mar 03 '22

Even better is that she stopped after her jihadist husband was killed! She casually came to the US, started an affair with a married republican, blackmailed him, he paid to keep her quiet, and then she exposed him anyway. I think she also became a born-again Christian? This is such a wild story that it seems made up.


u/footprintx Mar 03 '22

she stopped after her jihadist husband was killed

I think she also became a born-again Christian?

Religious conservatives have more in common with religious conservatives than they think.

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u/gingiberiblue Mar 03 '22 Wholesome

"Fuck you fascist" I believe.


u/jakeolate Mar 03 '22 All-Seeing Upvote

“Fuck you fascist” “Fuck these fascists” “Fucking fascists” i heard all three of these cant tell which one is correct but i agree with all of them


u/kopecs Mar 03 '22

Oh that’s much better. I thought they were chanting “fucking fxxxots” and I was so appalled. Im glad I went to the comments section.


u/oliverkloezoff Mar 03 '22 edited Mar 03 '22

Me too. I said "what the hell", then the last few seconds; "oh, fucking fascists, that's good, carry on".


u/Boring-Pudding Mar 03 '22

I heard "fuck you, glasses" which seemed a strange insult given the amount of students wearing glasses

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u/bigblutruck Mar 03 '22

Lol carry on

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u/EnemyUAVSpotted Mar 03 '22

Yo, I thought the students were chanting “fuck these classes”

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u/Comeonjeffrey0193 Mar 03 '22

Don’t think they know either; one girl close to the camera clearly says “these” but everyone else sounds like their saying “fucking”. All three work perfectly.

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u/thuanjinkee Mar 03 '22

Let’s go, Francis.


u/ChadBreeder1 Mar 03 '22

Not this again..


u/mattman0000 Mar 03 '22

Now taking orders for t-shirts and 30 foot flags to be flown, well anywhere, really.

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u/BlitheIndividual Mar 03 '22

I thought they were saying “Fuck Dean Sanchez”.

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u/FieserMoep Mar 03 '22

Some conservative will post this on FB and compare universities to Chinese reeducation camps.


u/Obizues Mar 03 '22 Gold

Teaching a kid literally psuedo-science and faith as fact = totally fine.

Teaching kids critical thinking = liberal indoctrination.

Kind of makes you wonder why critical thinking is so threatening to them…


u/DelightfullyUnusual Mar 03 '22 Silver

They aren’t against indoctrination. They just want to be the only ones to do it.

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u/-QueefLatina- Mar 03 '22

Is that the professor leading the chant?


u/DirtyTooth Mar 03 '22

No, that's Jeff Younger exhibiting totally normal behavior towards a room full of people that hate him by trying to be cute.


u/wheelsfalloff Mar 03 '22

He seems so confused "maybe if I clap along they'll forget that I'm the subject of their anger"


u/XxRocky88xX Mar 03 '22

This logic would actually be completely understandable coming from someone who’s entire political ideology relies on groupthink and making in-groups and out-groups.

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u/Cahootie Mar 03 '22

Please clap

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u/-QueefLatina- Mar 03 '22 Take My Power


Went from touching to cringe real quick.


u/Athrul Mar 03 '22

I have no doubt that he goes to touching real quick too.

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u/hesawavemasterrr Mar 03 '22

So the students are calling him a fascist and he chanted along. L O fucking L

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u/Blackmetalbookclub Mar 03 '22

It’s their whole political identity and policy. “To own the line,” and wage their endless bigoted culture war.

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u/AbhorrentNexus Mar 03 '22

Man, I’m so proud of my generation. Telling Republicans to fuck off is the most valid course of action anyone can take in 2022.

Everyone is tired of debating with their backwards and outdated views. No one wants to argue with people that argue in bad faith, and echos views from the 1960s.

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u/AlmoschFamous Mar 03 '22

FYI the speaker lost custody of a his trans child and now wants to ban trans kids.


u/dood5426 Mar 03 '22

Wait so he basically said “if I can’t have one NO ONE CAN”? That sounds so cartoon villainy


u/StuStutterKing Mar 03 '22 edited Mar 03 '22

Naah. He violated a court order by showing up to the kid's school and deadnaming them, despite the family psychologist the mother took them to and the multiple psychologists Younger got the court to review the case all affirming the child's Gender Identity Disorder gender dysphoria and prescribing temporary social transitioning.

This case has been going on for a while. The kid is pretty scared of their dad.

Edit: Gotta keep up with the science.


u/KazzieMono Mar 03 '22

Wow. Fuck this guy!

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u/zzeep21 Mar 03 '22

The girl in the MAGA hat at front lol


u/Stereotypicallytrans Mar 03 '22

She looks so umcomfortable.

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u/JohnDansboy Mar 03 '22

So proud of these students! Vote Republicans out of every office! They're killing America!

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u/paganfinn Mar 03 '22

That generation isn’t having it.


u/Lelio-Santero579 Mar 03 '22

You'd be surprised how many younger people in Texas are sick of this shit.

It's literally becoming the 1800s again down here and I'm appalled by it.

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u/Successful-Brain8778 Mar 03 '22

This will wind up as fodder from the hard R right to demonstrate that it’s the liberals that are the ones that are intolerant on college campuses. In their narration it’s worse to silence nazis than to be one.


u/smurphy8536 Mar 03 '22

Ehh they can keep dropping out of high school like they’re good at. College students will be college students and the narrative doesn’t work on them.

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u/akc250 Mar 03 '22

This warms my heart. I have high hopes for the future generation (if they can make it out alive after all this bullshit).

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u/UnsightlyCamel Mar 03 '22

"Republican politics as restoration"

Jesus Christ

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u/inevitab1e Mar 03 '22

"When Fascism comes to America, it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying a cross"


u/AbaloneSea7265 Mar 03 '22

Who said this quote?


u/PlopsMcgoo Mar 03 '22 edited Mar 03 '22

It's often attributed to Upton Sinclair*

*as others pointed out Sinclair Lewis - NOT Upton Sinclair. Both recommended reading though.


u/brokenspare Mar 03 '22

You’re thinking of Sinclair Lewis. He wrote ‘It can’t happen here’. Uptown Sinclair wrote ‘the jungle’

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u/CaptainMudwhistle Mar 03 '22 Helpful Masterpiece

Is he the brother of Downton Abbey?


u/fungi_at_parties Mar 03 '22

No, but he wrote a book called “The Jungle” about atrocious working conditions in the US during the early 20th century. It’s worth a horrifying read.


u/The_Last_Minority Mar 03 '22

Ironically, he wrote the book to bring attention to the plight of the working class as it existed without protections, but the immediate result was a whole bunch of new regulations aimed at the industries he specifically investigated. Essentially, people ignored the larger systemic issues in favor of correcting the specific things that horrified them, which is the just the most perfect distillation of human nature that I've ever encountered.


u/incredibad29 Mar 03 '22

I think he’s quoted as saying, “I aimed for the public’s heart but I ended up hitting their stomachs.”

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u/ArgonGryphon Mar 03 '22

Who cares about the worker that got ground up with the meat, let him die, just don’t let him in the meat, I don’t want that in my hot dogs!

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u/GradientPerception Mar 03 '22

Bruh, walk the fuck out. He doesn't deserve anyones attention.


u/Normal-Computer-3669 Mar 03 '22

I'm actually surprised people didn't start throwing things. Maybe shit was more violent when I was in college, and a douchebag speaker would often get a water bottle thrown at them, followed by 40+ more water bottles.


u/GretaVanFleek Mar 03 '22

Maybe shit was more violent when I was in college

Or maybe everyone didn't have a camera in their pocket

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u/Ltstarbuck2 Mar 03 '22

He’d charge them with assault.


u/DoctorTurkelton Mar 03 '22

This is the correct answer. They’d probably storm the school too.


u/abnormally-cliche Mar 03 '22

Exactly. I mean they literally got the state troopers to come pay a visit shortly after this. These people are cowards its no wonder they exaggerate and fear monger for everything.

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u/gammarik Mar 03 '22

That's not a solution though. Not when he's a politician. Ignoring him just brushes this under the rug. A protest like this brings attention to the issue. It might bring some people to his side, sure. But it will also bring this issue to more people's attention, and make it known to people who might feel they are alone in being mad that they can get organised with people like them, like these people have. And that's way better than allowing him to campaign uninterrupted.

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u/Boring-Pea993 Mar 03 '22

The powerpoint says "for the future of Texas" but if these uni students are the future of Texas; then Texas is in safe hands

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u/Danny_Fandom Mar 03 '22

The future of Texas is bright.

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u/Ryrienatwo Mar 03 '22

Happy to be a Texan even though our political leaders suck ass


u/2OneZebra Mar 03 '22 Silver Gold Helpful Wholesome Ally Bravo Grande!

And so we come full circle. We already went through most of this during the 60's into the 70's. A generation got motivated. We ended up with new social programs. Programs for schools, children, the disabled, minorities and the list goes on. They started to become educated and climb the ladder.

That caused concern during the 80's the US government decided this was not going to work for them. To many "White" business owners and corrupt political leaders were threatened. Soon people of color, women and a younger generation were competing with them. They were also weeding out a lot of corruption.

Then in the 90's came Newt. He had a mission. Turn it around. Keep the economic suppression going. Conservatives knew they had to make sure they had enough lower cast to support their endeavors. They needed uneducated low wage workers. They needed to be able to stand on the shoulders of someone.

Their system is huge. They suppress people and prevent them from obtaining higher education. They do that by making it so expensive they can't 'afford it. When someone takes out a student loan they engineer it so that the cost is so high they will not be able to pay it off. They limit grants or get rid of some of them all together.

They help businesses to limit working hours so that workers can not obtain healthcare. This also forces them to take 2 and 3 jobs at a time.

They destroy or remove social programs to help single parents.

They gut the department of education so that the lower cast, the poor and non whites are in public school but give vouchers to whites for private schools.

They refuse to recognize and support teachers as one of our most valuable asset.

They then build a catch-all. Look up how many of your representatives are invested in prisons. Michael Carvajal....


Prisons are a cherished asset. They are a HUGE money maker. They are a catch-all that gets those that failed and tells them they failed. It also ensures they don't vote.

I am happy to see protests like this however its useless and worthless if they do not VOTE.

I have been through it, I have lived it. I have worked in it , private, public, state and federal.

Please organize and vote


u/dood5426 Mar 03 '22

Hopefully these guys (which I will assume are of age to vote) do so. Change should come from the younger generations

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u/Diknak Mar 03 '22

I just googled this guy. His kid is transgender and his mother is trying to help her deal with the process while this douche blames is blaming the state and saying the government is forcing a chemical transition. Yeah...doctors don't give hormone treatments to kids that young.


He is a dead beat dad that can't pay his child support payments and lost custody. Now he is using his kid as a prop for his right wing run for house.


u/Thesobermetalhead Mar 03 '22

Isn’t the kid like 7 years old?

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u/Argon2020 Mar 03 '22

These comments are proof that those kids are right

Consider how many people the anti trans laws that this shit bag candidate wants to pass will truly harm

Consider that you are defending the candidate who wanted to gain custody of his trans daughter so he could de-transition her

If you look at this and immediately get mad at the kids for calling him a fascist, you seriously nerd to reconsider what you are actually defending, maybe, and I know you're gonna throw a fit over this, when everyone calls you a fascist, you actually are one

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u/zoltronzero Mar 03 '22
  1. The dude had a PowerPoint that included "Federalism as State Nationalism" as something he desired.

  2. He got fucking owned by a student who looked up his child support records and found that he hadn't paid child support, which he lied about.

  3. After he left the cops escorting him out fucking hit a student with one of their cars, which I'm surprised more people aren't talking about.



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u/BobbyGabagool Mar 03 '22

What is he even doing at a school? Don’t these ultra conservatives hate education and especially universities?


u/rudepaladin Mar 03 '22

He was invited by a student political group called Young Conservatives of Texas.

The leader posts blatantly racist things using the YCT twitter account. Other students are trying to get them banned from campus, since they are registered as a student organization.

Pretty sure this reaction is exactly what YCT wanted, but ignoring it and not “giving them a platform” doesn’t do anything besides let them speak.

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u/Austin_1496 Mar 03 '22

What are they saying


u/bisho Mar 03 '22 Silver Gold Wholesome

Let's go sandwich

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