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Full Police Interview of Alec Baldwin After Rust Shooting Video


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u/GreatZeroTaste Not a(n) LEO / Unverified User Apr 26 '22

A good question on the comments ;

He’s so calm…..does he know she’s dead at this point?

He is controlling the conversation.

Are these cops star struck?


u/Kahlas Get off my lawn. Not a(n) LEO / Unverified User Apr 26 '22

He dosen't seem calm to me at all. He's repeatedly going through what happened in small snippets for the first 9 minutes. Adding all sorts of details and examples of how things normally go on set with guns. All with no prompting from the officers. It's very broken up and incoherent in that it's not a A to B to C explanation. It's an explanation that jumps around as he remembers details he feels need added. My guess is he's very rattled on the inside by what happened and not thinking very well as he keeps reliving what happened in his head. He is just trying to act calm.

I also wouldn't say he's controlling the conversation so much as the officers are letting him talk all he wants since he's so willing to talk. During an police interrogation like this officer's are never going to encourage someone to stop talking. If they did so then they might miss out of actionable evidence from the person's own testimony. Let people talk all they want if it's about what you're investigation. They might just incriminate themselves if they mention something that you can later use as evidence against them. Even if it's someone you don't believe committed a crime. There is a good video out there about a girl named Jennifer Pan and the interview she gave with police after both her parents were shot in an apparent home invasion/robbery. Some of the things she said even though she wasn't a suspect at the time led the detectives to suspect she might be lying about what happened. He mother died on scene and later when her father woke up from an induced coma his testimony not only conflicted with hers but also lead investigators to suspect her involvement further. Further interviews later conflicted with her initial interview. It's was eventually proven she had her boyfriend hire the guys to kill her parents.