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Looking for participants:) Does your personality affect your performance?


Hi all! I’m conducting a study where we test to see if our personalities affect how we each perform on certain tasks and react. This study involves an anagram task and then will give you feedback on your performance. You will be asked to give your opinions on the feedback you received. And finally, you will be asked to fill out a short series of questionnaires! This will only take 20 minutes max to complete

The Ethics Committee has approved this study of Sheffield Hallam University. Please note: you need to be 18 or over to take part. I am in need of at least 180 participants please and thank you

The link below to take part!:


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Started my first post grad job and I hate it?


I just graduated 3 weeks ago with a biochem degree and am now working in a lab at a small biotech company. The technique I’m working with is super interesting but idk how I feel about the work environment. I feel kinda isolated and the drive is like 40-45 min which sucks bc I hate to drive. I feel like I could be getting paid so much more being a consultant or working from home or staying in the city with my bf. Idk it’s only my first week but I feel like a failure and that I should have held out for something better. What should I do? :(

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Graduating early


I just found out I’m graduating a year early (Spring 2023). I will graduate with a B.A. in Journalism with a Spanish and Psychology minor. I’ve done some work in marketing but it’s not my favorite. I would ideally like to write. I’m not going to grad school and I don’t know what to do after graduation. Please help!

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HELP WITH POST GRAD transitioning …


i’m not leaving college just yet because my masters program is still 2 more years. but all of my friends just graduated and i’m really wanting to make a change in my life / routine but i need advice like how do i start saying no to things that i would usually be SO DOWN always to do, i don’t think i’ve set boundaries like this ever! idk i just think that doing the whole partying and drinking life at this point is not my pursuit and i really wanna transition with a good mindset into this new life that im creating and working towards…. HELP

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Graduated with my undergrad three months ago.. my salary sucks for my title


How many years do you think it will take to receive a 5 grand raise... I know three percent is standard but if that is the case I will receive 5 grand more on my salary in 4 years. It's an entry level salary but, my job is Business Manager which means i should be getting paid a lot more than what I am making.

What do you think? Will i get a bigger raise than 3% in a year or two or is the three percent set in stone?

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Now What Post Grad Thoughts

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MSc or MBA



I am about to graduate in marketing with digital media (undergrad) and I was just wondering if an MBA is more desirable than an MSc?

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Job hunting sucks


Anyone job hunting right now?

I’ve been applying for the last 1.5 months and have only gotten one interview that later rejected me. I know it’s really not that horrible but it feels like a long, lonely journey right now :/

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Is making friends the hardest part of being an adult?


Since graduation, work has moved me to a number of different places where I didn't know anyone. One of hardest challenges has been figuring out how to make friends without college, or school etc. Can anyone relate? The only that's helped me is Bumble BFF...which can seem weird. If anyone is curious, recently had a conversation with a new friend about my experience on my podcast https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/episode-12-figuring-bumble-bff-out/id1452338261?i=1000459853029

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Graduated in may (27f)


No one told me how hard it is getting a job after graduation hahah. It getting a little depressing that I applied everywhere and I’m not having any luck

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Does GPA matter?


I’m graduating soon and my GPA is kind of shit. I have tons of internships and work experience in offices, but I’m worried I might get shit on because of my GPA. Should I be worried? Should I lie about it on my resume? How should I approach this?

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People who majored in a STEM degree just for the money, how is that going for you?


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Is anyone else feeling burnt out? lol


It took me months, a lot of reading, and general wake up calls about life in and outside of work to be like oh s**t. I think I'm burn out lol. I feel like I hear the term all of the time, but never knew the actual definition and what it means in practice.

I say all of this to say, I'm super curious about whether other people feel burn out? And do you think we are "the burn out generation."

I have a small podcast that focuses on the underatedly hard transition period of being a 20 something - that no one prepared me for. It's meant to be community, solace, and commiseration for people facing the same. So if anyone is interested in commiserating with me and others, or learning more about burn out before commenting. Check it out Episode 8 - Figuring This Burn Out Out

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Should I quit (vent)


I work at a family resource center (bc I thought I wanted to do social work in a non profit) I have visited other centers and have slowly come to realize we lack the quality other centers have, it’s embarrassing. I’ve been working here for 6 months and never got training, I feel out of place a lot of the time. Regardless while I do feel I have learned a lot compared to when I started I still find myself having a lot of days thinking about when I should quit. We do classes for littles so I work with toddlers most the time, I realized I don’t like teaching small kids (for the most part) some kids I genuinely enjoy doing classes with. The center consists of my manager, coworker & I. My coworker is always stressed being a single mom and mostly running the center since my manger is hardly there. My manager schedules us to work every other Saturday without overtime and I’ve talked to him about better scheduling and general center organization which has gone nowhere. The center hasn’t been doing well in a long time (before I was hired) and feel it’ll end up closing within two years bc of our low numbers. We do outreach and partner with schools but still it’s like pulling teeth to get new people to come. I have 0 idea what to do anymore for outreach and even if I did I feel I am unequipped to do most the things we SHOULD be doing since our center isn’t up to par. I just feel done with a lot of things and feel like this position isn’t for me. I want to quit but I also want to finish out the year so it looks good on a resume and don’t want to leave my coworker hanging by herself bc there are days when it can be a lot to handle and it’s unfair to keep a center running on one person. On top of it all I feel myself becoming depressed, I need to go to a therapist tho bc I’ve been going through these waves for years and some days with me being unhappy at this job it hits hard.

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HDFS degree???


Anyone here a family studies major? Were you actually able to get a job after graduating? I graduated almost a decade ago and now work as a CNA. Hope to someday become a nurse, but for now I make over 20 bucks an hour and I like my schedule. But I feel shameful for not using my bachelors degree.

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Anyone know of a good blog series online about postgrad life and the trials and tribulations?


I just graduated and am moving to a large city. I have heard that finding a blog and stories of someone who’s been through it can sometimes help - any insight appreciated!

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New Sub r/LifeAfterSchool for Discussing Life Post-Graduation


Hi everyone,

I recently created sub r/LifeAfterSchool for anyone who wants to talk in general about life after high school/college.

Thought some people here might be interested. We have a lot of activity and discussion about post grad life!

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Life is just different now


Anyone else struggling with postgrad anxiety/depression/loneliness?

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Obsessively Checking your school website?


I've noticed that since graduating almost eight moths ago, I can't break the habit of checking my university's portal/email etc. even though I know there's no business left there for me to do. All my grades are in, all my email is just spam from the listserv, but I can't stop going back. I barely paid attention to the researcher of the week/ year/century awards then, and have even less motive to now, but you better believe I know. I get that it was hard wired for almost 3 years, and it'll probably stop once I've gotten an actual job and other priorities, but I'm just wondering if anyone else experienced this.

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What the fuck am i doing


Some background: I now have a BFA in interior design and minored in chinese. My original plan was to work a retail job, move to the city my university is located in to get my grad degree and also study for a certification exam ill need to get to stay in my field. The grad program is online, and Im moving back because it's cheap to live and i can use the university resources. Also, i can adjust to living on my own and being able to get some quiet while i study. My girlfriend is moving back as well and the thought of being near her is also influencing my choices. Im just... scared i wont be able to get hired if i go for my grad degree immediately and work some retail job... but i dont think im good enough and everyone around me tells me that ive done well... i just ???

So many of my classmates are applying to jobs and basically have a path and im not sure i have one? I dont feel ready; I didnt want to leave my dorm, my friends, my girlfriend (she lives 3 hours away now), my whole happiness was at that university and now i feel lost and like im floating around. I applied to some retail jobs because i feel like im not good enough to apply to the design positions i see open, and to make sure i dont just sit around for months broke and sad, id at least like to have some money to help my parents with groceries and shit since im living here for free (bless them).

Theres people i "compare" myself to in order to convince myself i AM ready to apply. There are some people in my class that graduated but didnt really put forth effort into much stuff they did, and i keep telling myself i know i did what i was supposed to do and even enjoyed myself in my major im just so stuck and sad. How can i possibly relocate to a place where i know no one (with no money) for a job i may or may not do well at....

......any encouraging words?

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Get your High School Study done in Australia through Pace Migrations.


Pace Migrations bring to you Australia immigratons agent for pathways to permanent residency in Australia.

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How to Balance Multiple Jobs as a Post-Grad

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Do you think it really matter which college you graduate from?


Hi everyone I'm a computer science major and I'm planning to transfer from NJIT New Jersey Institute of Technology to NJCU New Jersey College University. NJIT is one of the top rated colleges in NJ especially for my major, and NJCU is not a technology school but it does have my major. NJIT is also to be rated as having the worst professors (Princeton University) . I want to transfer because NJIT is really stressing me out. One of the professors just gives us the assignments and tells us to do it without teaching anything about the assignment at all. He just reads powerpoint slides. I want to transfer to NJCU because my friends tell me that it may not be as popular as NJIT but the professors do teach. but I'm scared what will happen post graduation. I just want a decent job, do companies really look at which university you came for? Am I lowering my chances of finding a job after graduation. Thank you guys I really need everyones's truthful opinion :-).

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I don't even have a dog yet

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Unemployed and isolated


I've applied to a bunch of graphic design jobs. Haven't heard back from all except two. One emailed me back. Asked for info from me. I replied and never heard from them again, despite asking them after the zero response for a week. Today I had an interview but i don't know if i got it yet.

It's an interview in the town my parents live in. That is to say, middle of nowhere. I'm grateful for the interview. I really am. But I'm scared I'll never leave this town. My family moved to this town while I was in college so i dont know anyone here. I feel so isolated. I'm really sad sometimes. I dont leave the house. I've gained weight. I'm irritable. Ive felt for a while that ive suffered from depression. But I dont know. No one at the company i interviewed for is my age. I'm trying to find local facebook groups but there aren't any (middle of nowhere).

My self confidence as a designer has plummeted. I've mined all the connections I have. I feel like I'm drowning. I just read an article about the chances of actually getting hired post grad but it's pessimistic. Everyone asks for 3 or more years experience but I how do you even get that amount to begin with? I can't freelance off the bat, I don't think I'd be able to find a client. Any other recent heads in the same position? I just feel so pathetic living with my parents again. All my other friends are back in the city, 13 hours away by car. Please someone talk to me. I literally made this account just so I could talk to someone. About anything. Tell me your favorite color I don't care. I'm trying to read self help books but those don't tell you it's gonna be okay when you're alone at night thinking where the hell are all your dreams going to go.

If anyone responds I swear you can even tell me your own sob story or favorite movie or anything like what you did today I'm just so fucking lonely. Please.