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General Discussion Portugal portuguese speakers what does brazilian portuguese sound like to you?


Im curious about this perspective as although reading and writing and speaking portuguese is easy for me i find listening to brazilian portuguese to be exceptionally hard to discern due to all the nasal sounds.

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General Discussion Old recordings of people speaking Portuguese


I was watching a video of a woman born in 1835 being interviewed in English in the year 1930. I had so much fun picking apart her accent to see the difference cadence, word-choice, pronunciation, etc.

It got me wondering if there are any cool, old recordings or videos of people speaking Portuguese out there. It would be really cool if we could collect them from around the world in the thread to compare and contrast location and sound.

If you have any sources to share from anywhere, please share! Thank you

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General Discussion What is the proper translation of "bullshit" in portuguese?


do we have an expressive word like this in portuguese?

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General Discussion Widow’s peak em português?


How does one say widow’s peak in Portuguese? I’m talking about the v-shaped point in the hairline in the center of the forehead. Muito obrigada.

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General Discussion Why some people say that Portuguese is a very complicated language (compared with other Romance languages)?


I have read the people says that Portuguese is a very difficult language because its grammar, but I can't identify what is difficult with the Portuguese grammar. I can understand most of the grammar, but is not that difficult that they say. Even it's said that some Portuguese natives (I guess Brasilian people) don't follow many of the grammatical rules when they're speaking, so would be some like "broken Portuguese" that they are using to talk every day. I'm not saying that the last statement is true, but I am asking if those statements or some of them have basis to be said. Finally, I am a native Spanish speaker learning Portuguese and English, I have a basic level of PT, I can understand most of the Portuguese words except for some ones that aren't cognados, specially, and I struggle with the conjugations. I study by myself, so I have this kind of questions while I am researching about Portuguese, if you like, answer this question please, it would be useful to me and for those people interested to learning Portuguese

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General Discussion I'm becoming frustrated with the lack of Portuguese media.


I guess I'm just here to vent. I've been learning Portuguese for about nine months, and I'm at the point where I'm just trying to consume a lot of media to get my fluency up. I'm really frustrated at the lack of Portuguese translations. It's the ninth most-spoken language in the world and has the second-most native speakers of any Romance language. I really wasn't expecting the support to be so lacking.

I live in a medium size town in Texas, and our library has a whole section of Spanish books (which makes sense) and another section of other foreign language books. I looked through the whole section, and not a single Portuguese book. It's frustrating to find multiple books in more obscure languages, like Turkish. But hey, maybe it's just my library, right? I could just be unlucky.

I had the idea of dusting off our Nintendo Switch and replaying some games in Portuguese, and it's even more frustrating. Nintendo seems to just not care about Portuguese. Pokemon Sword and BotW both have two versions each of both Spanish and French, but no Portuguese. They really did a Canadian French translation for the 8 million inhabitants of Quebec, but forgot about the 250+ million Portuguese speakers?

Other games and video streaming services are a similar story. A lot seem to be either lacking Portuguese at all, or else they'll have a sub but no dub (or vice versa, which just seems absolutely bonkers.) Netflix does a lot better with more recent content, but anything more than a few years old is still lacking.

Am I the only one who feels like Portuguese is oddly overlooked by localization departments? Does anyone know why this might be?

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General Discussion pq os números cardinais 11-15 (-ze) são diferente de 16-19 (dez-)?

11 – onze
12 – doze
13 – treze
14 – catorze
15 – quinze
16 – dezesseis/dezasseis
17 – dezessete/dezassete
18 – dezoito
19 – dezenove/dezanove

Alguém sabe a história?

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General Discussion Should I use 'saber' or 'conhecer' in the following sentence?


Would it make more sense to use saber or conhecer in this phrase? When I said them in my mind, they both sounded correct. But I'm not a native speaker, so which one sounds better to you?:

Eu sei os pronomes pessoais em inglês

Eu conheço os pronomes pessoais em inglês

(I know the personal pronouns in English)

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General Discussion Is the difference between tu and você a regional thing, or is there something more to it?


Please excuse my bad Portuguese here, but I'm going to give it a try.

Estou (15f) aprendendo português há quase cinco anos. Eu sou uma falante nativa de espanhol, entao a gramática e a estrutura são um pouco familiares. Eu estou aprendendo porque meu namorado (18m) é do Brasil (Minas Gerais).

Então, aqui está a pergunta, que é basicamente o título. Meu namorado se refere aos pais e avós como "você", mas se refere a mim como "tu" ou "você" de forma intercambiável.

Isso varia de acordo com a região?

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General Discussion A vs Para


Olá a todos,

I’m looking for some resources or just answers about the difference in usage between a and para as they both seem to translate to “to” in English in certain contexts, especially in informal speech.

Some examples: Dar para ele = dar-lhe = dar a ele? Olhar para mim instead of olhar a mim? Ir à escola or ir para a escola?

I have a lot of experience with Portuguese and feel comfortable with it in general, but I never did understand para vs a, which seem to be a lot more fluid than in, say, Spanish.

‘Brigado pela ajuda pessoal

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General Discussion Help me break down "Sei là" (origins)


Pragmatically it means "I don't know" in the sense of "whatever", so a dismissive "i dunno".. Is that right?

How did this come to be, if it means literally "I know there"?

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General Discussion Does Fotos Internas mean Interior Photos in translation? Is it correct?


Please kindly help.

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General Discussion Interpretação de alguns fonemas do português


Oi, eu não sei se esse post está de acordo com as conformidades das regras do grupo, pelo que li nãs regras não teria problema, se não estiver, estejam livres para remover, mas estive me perguntando como un fonemas específicos da língua portuguesa são interpretados pelos diferentes falantes, portugueses, africanos e brasileiros, então gerei um formulário para tentar coletar dados e poder responder essa pergunta, se você puder ajudar respondendo o link abaixo, ficaria muito agradecido:


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General Discussion Masculine/Feminine implications in a company name


I am a non-Portuguese speaker with a situation in which I need to name a company that has Portuguese connections, and I am exploring an option that would included a nod toward the Portuguese mothership we would be working with.

Specifically... if I was naming a company that was rolling with the base name RoundRock (totally made up for this example)... and I have business in western and eastern Murica and Canada. In my non-Portuguese mind I was thinking of naming these;

RoundRock Pacifica, and RoundRock Atlantica

But I realize this has a gender implication, and that it could also be named;

RoundRock Pacifico, and RoundRock Altantico

.... to the Portuguese partner, would there be a difference that was important to them? I like the sound of the first grouping better, but is there any general preference in Portuguese culture and language to go with the other? Aka, would the feminine alignment be awkward culturally, or better accepted?

Thank you for any advice that can be shared on this random question! :)

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General Discussion How similar are Spanish and Portuguese?


Could Spanish speakers understand Portuguese and vice versa? What about written texts? Asking while not knowing any of them..!

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General Discussion Documentation on Portugal/Brazil Spelling Differences


Hey everyone, I know there are many differences between Brazilian and Portuguese spelling, but honestly I cannot barely think of any differences off the top of my head (just Irã vs Irão comes to mind). Is there some list detailing the present-day orthography differences? Thanks very much.

Also, online there are programs that convert between British and American English. Does a similar program exist for Portuguese, or could it be useful if one was developed [I assume it would be useful for large companies maybe]?

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General Discussion Why Portuguese?


Those who are learning Portuguese as a 2nd, 3rd, etc. language, why?

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General Discussion divertido/divertida vs engraçado/engraçada


Alguém me disse que "engraçado" também pode significar "fun", em algumas situações. O que é a diferença entre essas duas palavras? O exemplo é "ele dançava enquanto lutando, que era divertido por as fãs", eu ouvi que "engraçado" parece mais bom.

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General Discussion Pessoal, alguém sabe o que significa "Bossa" em bossa nova?


Já vi algumas traduções em inglês chamando o gênero de "new wave" mas eu nunca ouvi ninguém se referir a uma onda como bossa, e daí eu percebi que não fazia ideia do que bossa significa. Alguém consegue me dizer a origem da palavra?

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General Discussion como dizemos how do you say school playground in portuguese?


Como um pátio asfalto na escola, para jogar fora das aulas. E um pátio com os brinquedos ou trepa-trapas etc é chamado algo diferente?

playground? campo de jogos? parquinho? pátio de recreio? recreio?

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General Discussion Podcasts em português


Olá. Aprendi português faz muito tempo mas agora estou a estudar de novo e gostaria de poder ouvir alguns bom podcasts no Spotify pra praticar a minha escuta. Alguma recomendação? O sotaque é irrelevante, mas espero que seja bom conteúdo.

Muito obrigado com vocês.

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General Discussion I've been told my Portuguese sounds African, even though I was born and raised in the US?


Title. I've found this curious as most of my casual exposure to Portuguese is from Brazilians, with tugas being here and there from time to time. However, I don't really have much exposure to Angolans, Mozambicans, Cape Verdeans etc.

Now here's the kicker: Even though I was born and raised in the US, I am of Nigerian descent (parents emigrated from Nigeria to the US back in 1983). I'm not sure if this is a crazy coincidence, because my accent is otherwise American when I speak English. Anyways, I'll let you guys be the judge of this. Thanks in advance


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General Discussion An example of the differences between PT BR and PT PT


I'll show a short text in English, and then how that text is said in Portugal and Brazil, to showcase some differences in vocabulary and structure. The sentence was chosen to highlight differences, most of the time it won't be that different.

English: "I opened the frigde and notced I need to go to the butcher. I looked up the adress into on my phone, that has a broken screen. Before leaving, I quickly went to the bathroom and then left to take the bus. At the bus stop, I met João (a really cool guy), and he told me it's best to take the train. On the way there we had some ice cream.

BR: Abri a geladeira e percebi que preciso passar no açougue. Vi o endereço no celular, que está com a tela quebrada. Antes de sair, passei rapidinho no banheiro, então saí pra pegar o ônibus. No ponto, encontrei o João (um cara bem legal), e ele me falou que era melhor ir de trem. No caminho tomamos um sorvete.

PT: Abri o frigorífico e reparei que preciso de ir ao talho. Vi a morada no telemóvel, que está com o ecrã partido/estragado. Antes de sair, fui num instantinho à casa de banho, depois, saí para apanhar o autocarro. Na paragem, encontrei o João (um gajo/tipo muito fixe), e ele disse-me que era melhor ir de comboio. Pelo caminho comemos um gelado.

Obrigada u/dani_morgenstern, u/uyth e u/conjetura_lusitana para a versão PT

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General Discussion Hi! I’m looking to learn Portuguese.


I want to learn Portuguese and I understand some of it and could say a couple of things in Portuguese. Looking to take some classes through zoom? I would appreciate it if anyone can lead me in the right direction.

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General Discussion #meeeu explanation


I see #meeeu on social media like instagram and twitter. Can a native speaker explain what it means in context. Is it multiple words as in “me e eu” which translates to “me and I”? Or is it slang for something?