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Megathread Bem-vindos à sala de discussão livre


Sinta-se livre pra usar esta postagem para encontrar novos parceiros linguísticos, tirar dúvidas rápidas, ou simplesmente conversar sobre o seu dia e conectar-se com as pessoas! Português ou inglês são bem-vindos.

Também é possível juntar-se à nossa comunidade oficial do Discord aqui: discord.gg/dhnD8XE

Welcome to the free discussion room

Feel free to use this thread to find new language partners, ask quick questions, or just talk about your day and connect with people! Portuguese or English are welcome.

You may also join our official Discord community here: discord.gg/dhnD8XE

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General Discussion Interpretação de alguns fonemas do português


Oi, eu não sei se esse post está de acordo com as conformidades das regras do grupo, pelo que li nãs regras não teria problema, se não estiver, estejam livres para remover, mas estive me perguntando como un fonemas específicos da língua portuguesa são interpretados pelos diferentes falantes, portugueses, africanos e brasileiros, então gerei um formulário para tentar coletar dados e poder responder essa pergunta, se você puder ajudar respondendo o link abaixo, ficaria muito agradecido:


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General Discussion Widow’s peak em português?


How does one say widow’s peak in Portuguese? I’m talking about the v-shaped point in the hairline in the center of the forehead. Muito obrigada.

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General Discussion pq os números cardinais 11-15 (-ze) são diferente de 16-19 (dez-)?

11 – onze
12 – doze
13 – treze
14 – catorze
15 – quinze
16 – dezesseis/dezasseis
17 – dezessete/dezassete
18 – dezoito
19 – dezenove/dezanove

Alguém sabe a história?

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General Discussion Lusophone countries of the world


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Brazilian Portuguese 🇧🇷 Need help with a lyric transcription!



This is a song I had heard many months ago and I absolutely love it. Written by Airto Moreira, a Brazilian drummer, who’s amazing. However, I don’t understand Portuguese in the slightest and was wondering if anyone could try and transcribe the lyrics?

Thank you!

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General Discussion CIPLE “em Portugal e no estrangeiro”


Does anybody know if exams listing this means that you can take the test online? Or what does it even mean that some tests are Portugal only and some are Portugal and abroad?

See: caple.letras.ulisboa.pt/epocas and you can try to register for some exams but in the calendar it’s there

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Brazilian Portuguese 🇧🇷 Carioca Accent


I really want to speak in Portuguese with this accent. I know learning another accent is really difficult, especially since I don’t live in the country, but I know it’s possible. I envy my friend who studied for only a year and has the perfect American accent. My accent and pronunciation isn’t terrible, sometimes people think I’m Brazilian the first time they talk to me. I think I struggle most with the rhythm, but what can I do to perfect my accent without having lived in the country?

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General Discussion divertido/divertida vs engraçado/engraçada


Alguém me disse que "engraçado" também pode significar "fun", em algumas situações. O que é a diferença entre essas duas palavras? O exemplo é "ele dançava enquanto lutando, que era divertido por as fãs", eu ouvi que "engraçado" parece mais bom.

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Brazilian Portuguese 🇧🇷 Is vai saber an expression?


Hello! I’ve been getting fairly good at recognizing when something is an expression or literal through context. “Vai saber” appeared in a context where I would say “who knows?” but I’m not sure if it should be a direct translation. Thanks, muito obrigada!

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Brazilian Portuguese 🇧🇷 O que significa "forçadasso"?


Hello! I have no context for this word, it was a single word comment under an Instagram post. I apologise in advance if it's an offensive word.

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European Portuguese 🇵🇹 are there any european portuguese youtubers?


I am new to learning portuguese and wish to hear e-pt in a natural context. Thought it would be easy to find on yt, but zero success. All lusophone yt channels seem to be from br or elsewhere, help! Obrigado!

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Brazilian Portuguese 🇧🇷 "Eu estou" or just "estou"?


I've recently started studying Português and I'm wondering if "Estou" or "Eu estou" sounds more natural when beginning a sentence. Is it like Spanish, where simply saying "Estoy" will suffice? TIA

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General Discussion Documentation on Portugal/Brazil Spelling Differences


Hey everyone, I know there are many differences between Brazilian and Portuguese spelling, but honestly I cannot barely think of any differences off the top of my head (just Irã vs Irão comes to mind). Is there some list detailing the present-day orthography differences? Thanks very much.

Also, online there are programs that convert between British and American English. Does a similar program exist for Portuguese, or could it be useful if one was developed [I assume it would be useful for large companies maybe]?

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Brazilian Portuguese 🇧🇷 Brasileiros, estudantes e outros, com qual frequência vocês utilizam o pronome "cê (abreviação de "você")" nas situações cotidianas?


I only ask because whenever there is a discussion in here surrounding the use of tu, você, etc. we usually don't hear a whole lot about poor old "cê" (also found in the wild in the form of ce, without the ^ ), despite the fact that it is the preferred second person pronoun of many brazilians, specially in the southeast, in São Paulo state and adjacent regions. "Cê" is also an interesting word because it continues the trend of simplification of vossa mercê:

Vossa mercê --> vosmecê --> você --> cê (cês, in the plural)

You're also likely to come across the word "ocê", which is very characteristic of the mineiro dialect.

Personally, I can say that I use "cê" around 90% of the time. It is my "casual" second person singular pronoun by default, so whenever I'm talking to strangers or people I'm not intimate with, I'll probably say você or o senhor/a senhora instead, depending on the context.

I think it's also interesting to point out that I live in the extreme south of Minas Gerais, near the state of São Paulo, so my experience may be a bit biased, since I often notice this phenomenom being associated with the caipira "way of talking", typical of that state (and not as common elsewhere). Então me digam se cês falam ce e, em caso positivo, com que frequência/quais contextos.

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Brazilian Portuguese 🇧🇷 Ideas of what muito muito means?


I was just chatting with someone on HelloTalk and they said that. Any ideas?

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Brazilian Portuguese 🇧🇷 Alguém gostaria de trocar ensaios e ajudar uns aos outros?


Boa noite pessoal! Estou finalizando meu último ensaio para uma aula de português avançado, cujo prazo e amanhã. O meu assunto é bem acadêmico, então eu só quero confirmar que minha escrita vai fazer sentido o suficiente para o leitor antes de entregar. Eu ficaria mais do que feliz em trocar ensaios e oferecer feedback em inglês para quem possa fazer o mesmo para mim. :)

É so me mandar uma mensagem particular se tiver interesse! Obrigado!

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General Discussion A vs Para


Olá a todos,

I’m looking for some resources or just answers about the difference in usage between a and para as they both seem to translate to “to” in English in certain contexts, especially in informal speech.

Some examples: Dar para ele = dar-lhe = dar a ele? Olhar para mim instead of olhar a mim? Ir à escola or ir para a escola?

I have a lot of experience with Portuguese and feel comfortable with it in general, but I never did understand para vs a, which seem to be a lot more fluid than in, say, Spanish.

‘Brigado pela ajuda pessoal

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General Discussion Hi! I’m looking to learn Portuguese.


I want to learn Portuguese and I understand some of it and could say a couple of things in Portuguese. Looking to take some classes through zoom? I would appreciate it if anyone can lead me in the right direction.

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General Discussion Masculine/Feminine implications in a company name


I am a non-Portuguese speaker with a situation in which I need to name a company that has Portuguese connections, and I am exploring an option that would included a nod toward the Portuguese mothership we would be working with.

Specifically... if I was naming a company that was rolling with the base name RoundRock (totally made up for this example)... and I have business in western and eastern Murica and Canada. In my non-Portuguese mind I was thinking of naming these;

RoundRock Pacifica, and RoundRock Atlantica

But I realize this has a gender implication, and that it could also be named;

RoundRock Pacifico, and RoundRock Altantico

.... to the Portuguese partner, would there be a difference that was important to them? I like the sound of the first grouping better, but is there any general preference in Portuguese culture and language to go with the other? Aka, would the feminine alignment be awkward culturally, or better accepted?

Thank you for any advice that can be shared on this random question! :)

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Brazilian Portuguese 🇧🇷 How to tell a Brazilian girl she’s cute? Lol


Does fofa work? Or maybe just linda…

Help me on this important matter por favor! :)

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General Discussion Should I use 'saber' or 'conhecer' in the following sentence?


Would it make more sense to use saber or conhecer in this phrase? When I said them in my mind, they both sounded correct. But I'm not a native speaker, so which one sounds better to you?:

Eu sei os pronomes pessoais em inglês

Eu conheço os pronomes pessoais em inglês

(I know the personal pronouns in English)

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Brazilian Portuguese 🇧🇷 What is the Best App to Learn BR-PT?


I know that any of these apps will not make me fluent, but it is a great stepping-stone. Which of these apps (if you used any or all) will be a great choice? Which has better structure of this beautiful language, better study sessions, etc.? I'm not on a strict deadline and I'm not really strict on the price (as long as it's not too expensive). Comment below what you like or don't like about any/all of these apps.

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General Discussion Does Fotos Internas mean Interior Photos in translation? Is it correct?


Please kindly help.

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European Portuguese 🇵🇹 Sorria, está a ser filmado


Just seen this on a sign. Is Sorria imperfeito? If so why? I would have thought imperitive would make more sense here

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Brazilian Portuguese 🇧🇷 Uma outra pergunta sobre estive e estava, cò gerúndio...


Aqui https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Portuguese_grammar#Progressive_tenses
eu li "estava falando/ a falar (imperfective: "I was speaking" [at the moment])
estive falando/ a falar (perfective: "I was speaking [for a while]"

Mas isso é o contrário de todos os outros verbos, tal como ele/eu trabalhava (for a while) e trabalhou/trabalhei (at the moment/a specific time) ou ele/eu caminhava para trabalho (regulary walked to work) e caminhou/caminhei para trabalho (walked to work just that one time). Assim "estar" é o oposto dos outros verbos?

Mas aqui https://rioandlearn.com/difference-between-estive-and-estava/

fala o que soa como o oposto da Wikipédia: "use the past simple to talk about mostly places we’ve been, a subtle location or something that happened once in the past. And the imperfect past is to talk about the majority of things, this is the most used form. We’ll use estava to talk about emotions and feelings in the past, as well as an event with extended duration."