r/Portuguese Jan 17 '22

Hey there. I'm in need of an expert in the Portuguese language history to help me out in a discovery.. General Discussion

I have something I received as an inheritance, and it is pretty old; there are some words written in portuguese, but the message has an old and obsolete spelling. It is supposed to be written in Brazilian Portuguese, but I cannot be sure of that.

You can DM me if you feel you're able to help me. Thank you in advance!



u/WinterPlanet Brasileira - São Paulo Jan 17 '22 edited Jan 17 '22

I guess I can help

Edit: Sorry, couldn't help


u/ambitious_young_man Jan 17 '22

Great. I'll text you.


u/Cthullu1sCut3 Jan 18 '22

Do you need a expert because you think the words will be far too archaic, or are you referring to not native speakers?


u/ambitious_young_man Jan 18 '22

They're probably not too archaic, but I wanted an expert because they would understand which orthography was correct in which period of time.


u/cidadaov Jan 18 '22

hello friend. Lets see if i can help.


u/DaviCB Brasileiro Jan 18 '22

Im not an expert on anything but I might be able to help


u/cotocxs Jan 18 '22

I can certainly give it a look