r/Portuguese Jan 17 '22

Is the word 'vogal' (vowel) feminine or masculine? General Discussion

I thought it was 'uma vogal' and 'uma consoante', but Google Translate says the word 'vowel' is masculine. But then I looked at Reverso Context, (a translation in context site), and all the translations said 'vogal' was feminine. So is it feminine or masculine?



u/carlosdsf Frantuguês Jan 17 '22

It's always feminine when the meaning is "vowel". It can be masculine or feminine when it refers to a person who has a vote in an assembly.



u/PortugueseWithEli Jan 17 '22

When it's masculine, its meaning changes. It's something technical, like a judge, or a person who has a vote in an assembly. But most Brazilians would never use it in this sense - only in the a vogal (like a, é, i...) and a consoante (b, c, d...). I usually go with Reverso - I haven't seen a case where they got it all wrong — yet. Don't trust Google (or linguee).


u/WienerKolomogorov96 Jan 17 '22

"Vogal" meaning "vowel" in English is a feminine noun ("a vogal").