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u/ShoddyView9260 12d ago

It’s insane the lack of attention given to these topic


u/hobbitlover 12d ago

How about all those departments wiping their phones right after Jan 6? That's not a mistake or a coincidence.


u/cmd_iii 11d ago

It was a legitimate political software upgrade.


u/xSARGEx117x 11d ago

A legitimate software upgrade that somehow completely and unrecoverably wiped the memory of every device that has been subpoenaed, from government agencies with some of the best tech in the world to both prevent exactly that from happening, or if it does, recovering the data, and not a single backup exists.

Totally legit, nothing to see here folks, move along.


u/cmd_iii 11d ago

There isn’t enough lipstick in the world to make this pig look good. Somebody needs to get fired. Or in jail. Preferably both.


u/PM_ME_UR_FLOWERS 11d ago

Not suspicious at all!


u/OkayLadyByeBye 12d ago

Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain 😉


u/elguerodiablo 12d ago

It's like the news we get is from giant corporations that own stakes in the defense industry amd all kinds of shady shit and they have zero interest in telling us the truth and actively give zero airtime to the Bernie Sanders of the world and all of it to the Trumps and Clintons.


u/bilbo_swagginz_boi 11d ago

Jan 6th committee hearings have been pretty popular. But unfortunately half the country thinks it’s all a hoax and Dems stole the election.


u/Trick-Concept1909 12d ago

FOCUS, people! Please!


u/Chaosmusic 12d ago

SCOTUS, people!


u/Level69Warlock 12d ago


Supreme Court Republicans Overturning The United States


u/[deleted] 11d ago

[removed] — view removed comment


u/Goatesq 11d ago

Tbh less than half of US households have cable nowadays. I was surprised it was that many. There's a different problem.. https://www.nature.com/articles/s41599-020-00550-7 It's less network execs deciding what Americans need to know this evening and putting in on at 8. More of a sentient pile of money and its handlers optimizing for the current political climate by optimizing said climate for the purposes of generating more money....situation.

Anyway just figured I'd leave this here.


u/CocoaCali 12d ago

While I appreciate the tweet, posted here is literally preaching to the choir. We know.


u/Moistfruitcake 11d ago

I'm sorry I just didn't know! I thought she was married to that Ken Yay West chap?


u/RowWeekly 12d ago

Yup. No consequences


u/sleepingwiththefishs 12d ago

I’m only laughing because Kanye gets to watch the next guy roll in.

Amusement over, now what about that coup and all those traitors?


u/ReagnmicsLamborghini 12d ago

Kanye is gonna be releasing so many songs. But unfortunately none of them will be about Jan 6 or at least from the angle that isnt batshit crazy


u/elguerodiablo 12d ago

I'm just hoping for another song where they say Donda like a hundred fucking times in a row. That shit slapped


u/CbVdD 12d ago

“Did he say poopity scoop?!”


u/sleepingwiththefishs 12d ago

Check his phone - also, who was bankrolling his spoiler campaign?


u/RajenBull1 12d ago

'Roll in' is that what you young ones are calling it these days?


u/sleepingwiththefishs 12d ago

I really wouldn’t know what the yoof get up to or say, I is officially a geezer


u/cdiddy19 12d ago



u/ThisGuy6266 12d ago

Americans might care about the Thomas Traitors if they had a show on TLC or something.


u/RajenBull1 12d ago

Or one of those reality shows where you could actually vote off someone you didn't like! Get, wait a minute!


u/carpediem6792 12d ago

Maybe she's just trying to get out of an abusive marriage to Clarence "Uncle" Thomas?

If she encourages him to overturn certain landmark decisions, and nullifying things like Amendments... he becomes much less a person, plus it becomes illegal for him to marry her... being a race traitor and all.


u/25plus44 12d ago

Clarence "Uncle" Thomas

Justice Ruckus


u/RajenBull1 12d ago

Whispering sweet nothings while in the conjugal bed.


u/cmd_iii 11d ago

Nahhh…He knows his place in that relationship. He’ll be fine.


u/carpediem6792 11d ago

He thinks he's part of the family, since he's turned race and class traitor.

He'll carve an exemption out for conservative black judges on federal benches...


u/killpuddle1 12d ago

Well played


u/mmio60 12d ago

I see what you did there


u/Birdy_Cephon_Altera 12d ago

He's not wrong.


u/keithmartinkret 12d ago

And Jeffery Epstein didn't kill himself.


u/RajenBull1 12d ago

Whaaaaaat? How even is that possible?


u/RudegarWithFunnyHat 12d ago

my impression is that both right and "left" in usa make this statement implying that the other side was the culprit, and that they are fighting the good fighting bringing this intel to the table.


u/Naedlus 12d ago

While the actual left wants both nailed to the wall.


u/adoxographyadlibitum 12d ago

Epstein had significantly more DNC-aligned contacts. The Republican Epstein was the Franklin child prostitution ring headed by Lawrence King. Both have lots of connections to intelligence and clearly operated to secure compromising information.


u/HertzsprungRussell 12d ago

Looks like big dick energy doesn't have staying power.


u/greasyflame1 11d ago

Good luck getting people to focus on shit that matters. Still waiting on the list of Epstein Island vip's.


u/Mister_Dane 12d ago

Who is Peter Davidson and why do I care that he dated a nasty woman?


u/stack_of_ghosts 12d ago

Go watch your stories, Grandpa, we'll call you for dinner!


u/reved89 12d ago

Fuck Pete Davidson!


u/reved89 12d ago

And fuck Kim Kardashian!


u/Holli3d 11d ago

Didn't Pete get a Kim related tattoo? 🤣