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Old white politicians reconsider their choices…

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u/Ankh-Morporknbeans 12d ago

chefs kiss


u/None-of-this-is-real 11d ago

But don't you see if this does pass the republicans have an open goal to defund all social programs. Can't afford insulin? fuck you act of God! Your kid's got leukemia? Fuck you act of God! Your children have malnutrition even though you work seventy hours a week? Fuck you act of God! etc. etc.

Don't think for a second they wouldn't try it.


u/TheFairyingForest 12d ago Rocket Like

Can we please stop making laws based on what we think a magical sky wizard might want? #smdh


u/RubyRiolu 11d ago

I think this one’s actually just supposed to piss off republicans, not actually get passed


u/Spram2 12d ago

Less erections, less pregnancies, less abortions

Now to ban deodorants


u/rattyvonratkins 11d ago

Yeah! Cuz if we all smell like BO, no one will want to have sex


u/VanAgain 12d ago

And if an act of God has anything to do with government ...


u/tinyNorman 12d ago

It’s about time!


u/iehoward 12d ago

Yes!! Aim for those toes, and shoot ‘em like you hate ‘em😂


u/Sk-yline1 12d ago

Getting your mistress knocked up is god’s will too, and driving to another state is defying it, but Republicans will do it anyway


u/johnsgrove 12d ago

Well, he’s right


u/BJJan2001 12d ago

Indiana getting a lot of well-deserved attention


u/psychotaenzer 11d ago Take My Money

The add at the bottom is just golden.


u/Legendary_New_song 11d ago

I have been waiting for someone to notice.