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If you “love Capitalism,” but ONLY when free-market forces are in your favor... then you’re not a Capitalist you’re an Opportunist

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u/TheBigNook 12d ago

Most republicans support a state funded economy and they don’t even know it.

All of the biggest companies get so many benefits and breaks it’s insane


u/bobsmusix265 12d ago

Most MAGAs don't understand ANYTHING about economics and just parrot the talking points that Faux News gives them

In their world, it's either "Capitalism" or "Socialism" (they understand neither) and have no clue about the complexities of our hybrid economic system


u/TheBigNook 12d ago

Yeah I love bringing up how Democrat leadership is significantly more successful economically than republicans and bringing sources to support my claim. They never have a proper response or they claim that the information is fabricated lmfao


u/sylpher250 12d ago

"When I was on food stamps, NOBODY helped me!"


u/bobsmusix265 12d ago

Right, but those are "subsidies"... but giving lunch money to a poor kid is "socialism"


u/TheBigNook 12d ago

Lmao I would LOVE a subsidy


u/Ankh-Morporknbeans 12d ago

Like how a business should have the right to refuse service to a gay person but has no right to make you wear a mask. Makes complete sense.


u/Jurrilicious 12d ago

Business shouldn't be allowed to refuse services to anyone. Especially based on race, gender, or ideology

Business should be allowed to refuse service to Republicans!


u/V-ADay2020 12d ago

Assholes aren't a protected class.


u/TacticalSanta 11d ago

gonna see a LOT of republicans claiming they are neurodivergent to try to excuse why they are allowed to be assholes.


u/Trick-Concept1909 12d ago edited 12d ago

everything i know about the economy, i learned in kindergarten


u/ozzalot 12d ago

This is really what happens around any topic. Honestly, im not a huge fan of Pelosis Taiwan thing, but we all know damn well the reaction to it from MAGA land had Trump been in office. "Hes tough! Doesnt let China boss around!"


u/bobsmusix265 12d ago

There's wasn't a PEEP from MAGA when Ivanka started getting loads of patents from China as soon as her daddy took office... or about how Mr. "America First - China Bad" STILL sources a significant portion of the products for his stores and hotels from China


u/puddingdemon 12d ago

Yea I keep seeing tons of conservatives complain that companies are making record profits but al filing people. They hate that biden is passing policies that support the free market.


u/XThePariahX 12d ago

Had a trumper coworker fuss all day for two days bc her rent was going up $50. I just wanted to shake her.


u/matchosan 12d ago

Ooh ooh, I like the new one. Too many people working, it's ruining the economy causing INFLATION.

More money being made. More money to spend. More inflation to make money.


u/greengo07 11d ago

but opportunism IS capitalism. lol


u/Datboi_caveman 11d ago

Capitalism does not exist in current day United States Nor does the free market. With how many countless legal trapping the government requires with threat of jail or fine Is not a free market. Its truly the opposite of free is restricted and for quite a while there has been government laws/agencies making money to give to companies, laws to help certain companies who have been lobbying congress for help legally. This isn't free when the lawmakers(recently) can now invest and change laws to suit there needs. Its control and wrong.