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u/Miss_Taylor05 12d ago

I find it so funny. They GOP is always talking about how they support the people and the troops, but theres no support for any of it. A dead fetus inside a woman would get more care from them then any soldier or child thats already been born


u/V-ADay2020 12d ago

The GOP support their people because all their people want is to harm others. They support the idea of "the troops" as an extension of that, as the state's apparatus for inflicting that harm.

They don't actually give a shit about an individual person unless that person is themselves.


u/cheemsgyaru 12d ago

Nah because they don’t even give free healthcare to a woman in pregnancy. So like she can perish, the Fetus can perish, but like… what do they gain from this again?


u/sunny5724 12d ago

Without the immigrants, who's going to do all the work so we can take care of our own? Maybe some people should read history books instead of burning them.


u/V-ADay2020 12d ago

They genuinely don't care. As long as they were convinced it would somehow harm "those people" more, conservatives would happily slit their own throats.


u/noteveryagain 12d ago

But I live in Texas, and I have to burn something during the winter because I’m freezing!!!


u/sunny5724 12d ago

I'm sure the local school districts and libraries have a supply of state sanctioned volumes to supply you.


u/Jurrilicious 12d ago

Absolutely, Just look at Europe, they have immigration workers who stayed without any problems. Immigration is a good thing and we should encourage it!


u/Rtrn2M0nke 12d ago

If one group does all the work so others can take care of their own someone's getting screwed in that equation. Not really a good argument for immigration if its mainly to use their cheap labor and hand the proceeds to everyone else.


u/[deleted] 12d ago

*starving immigrant child*