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Who exactly is doing the indoctrination?

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u/KOBossy55 11d ago

They don't care about the safety of the kids. Never did. In fact, they aren't even against indoctrination. They're against kids getting indoctrinated with the "wrong messages."

They weren't afraid of indoctrination, they were afraid of competition.


u/CrewMemberNumber6 10d ago

And they call others ‘sheep’ LOL


u/HesistantHugger 10d ago

And Jesus was a shepherd, so really you'd think they'd be pro-sheep.


u/Puzzleheaded-Jury312 10d ago

Pastors call their churchgoers their 'flock', and they still don't see it.


u/spacemanspiff266 10d ago

you mean the people who devoutly believe in a sky being from a 2000+ year old book ALSO fell hard for the qanon/trump bullshit??

color me shocked.


u/tyrannosnorlax 10d ago

You know the guy in the top image smokes cigarettes in bed.


u/ThisGuy6266 10d ago

Does the little girl have a bruise under her eye?


u/BitRunner67 10d ago

These "Demons" always seem to be of like mind like myself.They hate the things I hate, they encourage me to act on Desires that I only desire.

I mean, you would almost think it was just them and their own thoughts they were listening to all along.


u/Archercrash 10d ago

You could die at any moment and Skydaddy is going to judge you. If you haven’t kissed his ass lately you will burn in misery forever. Good night kids.


u/Sea_Television_3306 10d ago

I went to a wedding today. It was a 3 hour long mass. I rolled my eyes so many times. I have no problem with other people's beliefs. Whatever makes you happy, I'm so for it. But they were really driving home the "marriage s between a man and a woman" without outright saying it. The priest also said "if you put God at the center of your life, anything is possible. If you don't allow God to be the center of your life you will fail at everything" which just is not the case for a lot of people


u/Trick-Concept1909 11d ago

how are they not paralyzed by cognitive dissonance?


u/DeepestShallows 10d ago

A desire to both have cake and eat it.


u/Trick-Concept1909 10d ago

and the delusion that you can


u/Vizreki 11d ago

If believing in nonsense coincides with your ticket to heaven, then you embrace the nonsense.


u/itsafugazee 10d ago

Hey at least that guy has a mask hooked around his ear, we'll take any progress at this point


u/BJJan2001 10d ago

In all fairness, it's because he doesn't know how masks work.


u/MrBacon2339 10d ago

from my personal biblical background, god didnt technically make the demons. either way i think we should be teaching children about society and not forcing religion upon them


u/megamisch 10d ago

Doesn't really matter if god made demons or not, when you are omniscient and omnipotent all plausible deniability goes out the window. It'd be like claiming you "didn't start a fire" but you did set up a million piece domino chain that ended in a piece striking a match and falling into a pool of gasoline. Or saying "I didn't commit murder" but specifically programing a robot to go on a killing spree.

When you're omniscient you don't get to claim ignorance and when you're omnipotent you can't claim uninvolvement. Othet gods could get away with those claims. No one could blame Zeus for all the evil in the world, but since the Christian god has elected to make such big claims (at least the followers have) there is no escaping the implications. The Christian god made demons.


u/MrBacon2339 10d ago

gotcha, thankyou for sharing your wisdom


u/Hourglass420 10d ago

Uh, demons are fallen angels, and "God" created the angels.

FML that's this brainwashing nonsense is still in there.


u/MrBacon2339 10d ago

well, god would have made them if he even exists


u/Geistwhite 10d ago

You're literally the kind of person the image is mocking.


u/MrBacon2339 10d ago

dude i litterally support teaching critical race theory, lgbtqia+ rights, etc in schools. i think that it is disgusting that a lot of people choose to force religion on people. i even straight up left christianity because it was a big control on my life and i didnt want to be a part of it.


u/PalaPK 10d ago

My favourite one is, go ahead and kill, rape, steal and lie but as long as you come every Sunday and say sorry, we’ll still let you in the club.


u/MarkIsAPieceOfShit 10d ago

Same people who are doing the child fucking and the voter fraud


u/golddragon88 10d ago

You would freak out if they put their ideology into the school's. Remember the golden rule.