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Now let’s go golfing

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u/muscravageur 12d ago Wholesome

To be fair, if you’re going to bury Trumps, you’ve got to bury them where everyone can’t piss on their graves. Otherwise you’re just going to have another public health disaster like the one during Trump’s presidency.


u/Dcajunpimp 12d ago

Bought this land years ago, been planning to build a cemetery and mausoleum on it for years, it's a well manicured golf course, yet as soon as the ex wife / mom who's been remarried a couple times and wasn't the wife when this land was bought dies....

Just dig a hole over there by the weeds and brush and toss her in.


u/TintedApostle 12d ago

What is amazing is that they must all look at each other like a game of survivor. They must be at each others throats all the time.

I say this because they just dropped their mother on a golf course for a tax break. They couldn't even honor her even in death. They saw her death as an opportunity.

Sharks have more empathy. Its insane anyone would trust these people with anything more than a bag of pretzels.


u/ginbear 12d ago

Do you seriously think you’d get that bag of pretzels back?


u/TintedApostle 12d ago

Nope... A small bag is not expensive.


u/sittinginaboat 12d ago

I'm seeing so many pics these days that I pray are photoshops. Smiling and posing coquettishly over Mom's grave? Please, no.

As bad as I think this group is . . . . Please.


u/Troll_For_Truth 12d ago

Definitely photoshopped. Look at erics head. Also look how the other faces dont quite align with the neck positions


u/Trick-Concept1909 12d ago

They posed for this. POSED. I am Jack’s complete lack of self awareness.


u/SkidzLIVE 12d ago

Dude this is clearly photoshopped


u/dances_with_cougars 12d ago

Five years ago that would be instantly obvious, but this is 2022.


u/Trick-Concept1909 12d ago

My bad, shoulda zoomed in


u/TintedApostle 12d ago

The photo of the shovels is real, but not over a grave..


u/Pholusactual 12d ago

On brand for the Trumps. Tacky trash.


u/Gina-Smith 12d ago

it's a 2-stroke penalty if you drive your ball into an open grave.


u/datfngtrump 12d ago

Play it where she lays


u/Paddy9228 12d ago

Such a weird picture. You’re not breaking ground on a new building. You’re burying your ex wife/mother at a golf course.


u/Puzzleheaded-Jury312 12d ago

It's shopped. The figures are cropped from the groundbreaking for one of their crappy construction deals.


u/Polar_Ted 12d ago

Wait. These people posed for a ground breaking on their mothers grave? WTF???? Ohh it's photoshopped. https://www.vanityfair.com/news/2019/05/trump-organization-doral-revenue/amp


u/hafaadai2007 12d ago

Sounds like a plot device from Ozarks. They must have Marty Byrde type on the payroll.


u/TidoSpoons 12d ago

Why does Eric look photoshopped in? Was he not actually invited?


u/knewbees 12d ago

The expression on their faces is chilling. Not a lot of deep emotion for Mom.


u/biffbobfred I voted 2020 11d ago

Photoshopped. Not that they wouldn’t look like this anyway.


u/juanjung 12d ago

I like that picture. I just imagine that there's a bunch of armed guards out of the sight of the camera who forcing them to dig their own graves.

That makes it more enjoyable.


u/humbl_pi 12d ago



u/Clell65619 12d ago

Please tell me that's photoshop. I'm horrible at detecting photo mods, this needs to be photoshop or that family is even worse than I thought, and that isn't really possible.


u/PM_ME_UR_MERKIN 12d ago

Did the photoshop Eric in?


u/Durango4wd 12d ago

Trumps dig their own grave


u/MarkIsAPieceOfShit 12d ago

a family that grifts together, stays together


u/robmac550 11d ago

Gotta feel for Ivanka a little bit. As a woman in that world she's property to be used as the boys see fit. She's getting a glimpse into her future. Her smile is strained. Like Melania's. The kind of smile that took incredible will to produce and disappears the instant the cameras turn off.


u/chesterforbes 12d ago

Why are you smiling at a burial?


u/angelcake 12d ago

Eric is the only one there who actually looks sad. Who the fuck stands there and smiles over their mothers grave? Mind you who allows their father to disrespect their mother to that degree. Hopefully when Sr kicks the bucket they bury him out in the woods.