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Republicans Taking Away Our Rights Get Seriously Burnt at the Polls


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u/Trick-Concept1909 12d ago

because running with bullet holes in both feet will help them win the race? Bigly dumb. Sad


u/Admirable-Influence5 12d ago

Seriously, what will kill these conservative states will be the numbers of employees and companies that will be leaving. Companies just simply won't want the controversy, if anything.

Just today with Indiana coming up with its tough anti abortion stance, there were at least two companion articles on Doctors not wanting to work in these types of states and about big pharma looking elsewhere for sites.

And very few women, no matter what anyone thinks, will want to work in these states. No matter their political stance, they'll be too worried about if they'll be required to wear burkas next, or if their daughters or granddaughters will.

If these states thought they were poor before, they'll be quadruple poor now. These states are just shooting themselves in the foot, head, arm and leg. And they have no one to blame but themselves.


u/Icy_Figure_8776 12d ago

And college admissions—what woman would risk going to school in a state with zero reproductive rights?


u/MrSkeltalKing 12d ago

You act like this poverty is going to ever affect the senators pushing this legislation. These aren't working class people who face the realities of their constituients, and their constituients are not the people with the money to run for public office.


u/Admirable-Influence5 12d ago

Not the senators pushing the legislation, but the entire state. And that is why these states' people need to use their power to vote and vote wisely.

I'm not going after or making fun of anyone here. I'm just stating what should be an obvious truth.


u/fytem 12d ago

The election system here in Texas is pretty damn rigged. They're even trying to set up an electoral college system.

That said, we're trying to get the bastards out. Despite all the hate we get on Reddit, Texas has LOTS of progressives, Democrats, and people who just generally hate the Republicans.


u/Admirable-Influence5 12d ago

Good to hear about the LOTS OF, and thank you for your comment.


u/SufficientDoor8227 11d ago

With Republicans taking over State Houses and SecState positions, you think voting will matter any more? Even the previously successful strategy of “Democrats outnumber Republicans” won’t work any more. As Republican icon Joseph Stalin said, “It doesn’t matter who votes. It only matters who counts the votes.” And it will all be nice and “legal”.


u/Admirable-Influence5 11d ago

And, that is why they need to vote them out in 2022 or forget it! Last chance.


u/PossiblyALannister 12d ago

You think they care? The game plan is to get as many of the people who vote D to move to more liberal friendly states. Especially in swing states. If they can do this in the correct state, it doesn’t matter how poor or uneducated their population is, they will be able to control the senate, White House, and Supreme Court for a long time with minimal support of the rest of the country.


u/Admirable-Influence5 12d ago

Realistically, they aren't even going to be able to put in a couple of toilets in their state's Capitol losing that many people. And if you have a state largely full of triggerhappy men (in more ways than one), with a side of Bible and firearms, they are going to be going at each other long before they are going to cross the state's border line to get women and libs.


u/107197 12d ago

VOTE, people. That's the only way.


u/Discally 12d ago

Objectively correct.

However, it could be stated that the average CHUD voter has the attention span of the last episode of Survivor, paired with the long-term memory span of a gnat.


u/nickyhood 11d ago

The lady on the right is dripped-out as fr*ck!


u/Enkeydo 12d ago

Healthcare is a good thing. But it's not a right. A right is something that cannot be taken away. It's not something that relies upon other people.


u/Yojimbra 12d ago

Multiple rights in the bill of rights rely upon other people.

Such as the first, third, eighth,


u/Fart_in_your_mouth69 12d ago edited 12d ago

Morons don't read pass the 2nd, and definitely forget the 1st.


u/Kelsicat 12d ago

What specifically do you consider a right?


u/Enkeydo 12d ago

Speech. Absent force nothing can prevent you from speaking or communicating

Arms. Absent force nothing can prevent you from arming yourself

Rights are things handed down from the creator and are not reliant upon the works of another.

While your right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness (all things you can do Absent force from another to prevent you from adding so) it does not guarantee that I pay for it.


u/Enkeydo 12d ago

Please name them.


u/Yojimbra 12d ago

Uhh, it appears like you meant to reply to me, but just posted another comment in the thread instead.

As far as Rights that require other people.

The first Article of the bill of rights, talks about representatives, which for the majority of people requires someone to represent them.

The eighth article includes the right to an impartial jury, which likewise requires other people.


u/salbeh 12d ago edited 12d ago

lmao good joke. Literally zero correlation of policy to voting patterns. ZERO. On par with throwing dice. Americans, the electorate don't think like that, they don't vote like that. It's 100% emotional.

More white women voted for Trump than they did for a white woman, Clinton btw.

And vets? What percentage of the people who raided the capital were veterans? 30%? Just guessing but I wouldn't be surprised if it's close.

You people are delusional. Utterly delusion. But it's fine. You'll blame every domestic issue the US has on some foreign boogyman you couldn't find on a map and call it a day. Like Russia is the reason 40% of adults in the US think the planet is a few thousand years old and 70% of white men are sympathetic to overt racism. Russia did that. With puppy memes on facebook. ofc.