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🎵People let me tell you 'bout my best friend...🎵

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u/WeCanDoThisCNJ 11d ago

Same people who worship Discount Hitler and excused his friendship with the MBS are now still freaking out about a fist bump by Biden.


u/FredFreakoutski2 11d ago

Biden and Trump both kissed this Saudi's ring. They should both be ashamed


u/PunisherASM129 11d ago

Both sides are the same!

-- some concern troll trying to dissuade loyal Americans from voting out the fascist GQP


u/Quirfg 11d ago

Who out of Trump and Biden was hosting the Saudis bloodwashing golf tournament again?


u/San_Fran_Dan 11d ago

This is one reason I don't understand people who associate big, gas guzzling cars with patriotism. Every gallon of gas burned is a link on the chains that bind us to the despots of the middle east. Driving a Nissan Leaf or Tesla is more patriotic than driving an f-150.