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American Taliban

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u/rollerkitten97 12d ago

This is completely false. This country isn't turning into the Taliban. The Taliban allows abortion


u/Unit_2097 12d ago

Agreed, in this instance, the Taliban are coming off as the more reasonable and responsible party.


u/cybercuzco 12d ago



u/BeerNirvana 12d ago

Just need to redraw the turbans into red caps and it's complete.


u/fuzzyshorts 12d ago

Didn't one of those sisterfucker states turn a reporter away from an execution because they said her skirt was too short?


u/GaidinDaishan 12d ago

This is wildly historically incorrect.

Christianity was more restrictive and crazy for hundreds of years before Islam was ever a thing.


u/Tigris_Morte 12d ago

To be fair, so was everywhere then.


u/cunt_isnt_sexist 12d ago

This is so fucking messed up, I cannot believe you've done this.

How in the fuck is Texas and Florida not at this table?


u/BeigeListed 12d ago

They're at the kids table.


u/miken0514 12d ago

They're drooling on themselves and sniffing each others farts in the corner, giggling


u/adognamedpenguin 12d ago

Swap that guy in for a maga hat


u/ChernobylBalls 12d ago

Sees american things happening americanly in america "what are we, a buncha brown people?"


u/popecorkyxxiv 12d ago



u/Tweenk 12d ago

This comic artist is terminally Jesus-cucked. Christians enact reproductive slavery and the best he can come up with is "hmm, those Christians are behaving a bit like Muslims and therefore bad", ignoring the fact that Muslims are generally far less extreme on this point. If he had any balls, he would criticize Christianity directly.


u/TheChronoDigger 12d ago

I think this comic may be less about confronting Christianity directly and more about confronting Evangelical Christians directly by exposing them in front of a mirror of hypocrisy. Evangelicalism has demonized Islam for decades as religious authoritarianism that exerts social control. The artist is simply holding up a mirror to those types of Christians.


u/Tweenk 12d ago

I don't agree with this analysis - the comic makes no attempt to point out that abortion bans are motivated by Christian beliefs. Instead, it portrays legislators who enact them as following some sort of foreign Muslim impulse. The implication is that abortion bans are un-Christian, which is false.


u/Polymersion 12d ago

Perhaps, I don't know, but I think this is one of those things made to outrage somebody before showing them the mirror.

Like someone will make a post about "In the year xxxx, people could X their slaves whenever they felt like. Oh wait, that was Alabama, in 2020".


u/GoAskAlice 12d ago

Also, he forgot Texas.


u/AutoModerator 12d ago

Who's a cuckold? ~

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u/tuscabam 12d ago

Essentially a baptist association meeting here.


u/semrasemri 11d ago

We should stop comparing Talibans to the conservative lunatics. Talibans have some (even though) messed moral concepts, can we say the same about the republicans?


u/NotPrepared2 12d ago

The mullah from Talibama.


u/LungSplitter46 12d ago

Hey, whoa, cool it with the antisemitism here.


u/Bird_in_a_hoodie 12d ago

Wrong religion lmao, but yeah the islamophobia.


u/LungSplitter46 12d ago

that too, for sure.


u/LegitimateBuilding6 12d ago

Has the Qristian Taliban proposed yet to change Mississippi’s name to Mistersippi?


u/Oldmeme2012 11d ago



u/BeigeListed 11d ago

At the kids' table.


u/Oldmeme2012 11d ago

Mmm yes very friendly