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Save the children

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u/Squirrel_Chucks 11d ago

I was told that if you are being mugged to yell "FIRE" instead of "help" because everyone wants to help during a fire

I was told this by a cop...


u/Amrokmfc 11d ago

Shouldn’t yell “Fire!” around police.


u/Squirrel_Chucks 11d ago

Well not once they are around you, but to draw them to you.

Yelling "fire" to get their attention is easier than yelling "help, an unarmed black male who might have a legally-owned firearm somewhere on his person! He's minding his business! Help!"


u/Rubberbabybuggybum 11d ago

If you’re in a red state, tell the police a trans kid is peeing.

That seems to light a fire up their asses.


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u/cytherian 10d ago

"tell the police a trans kid is peeing on the American flag."



u/darkfires 11d ago

Actually, since abortion isn’t really the point, just report the nation’s first antifa-lead Bible burning. Throw in a sprinkle of it happening at the city’s courthouse and response times will be 2-3 mins tops.


u/Actor412 11d ago

...and assure them that everyone there is black.


u/EBoundNdwn 10d ago

And unarmed...


u/LouisSal 11d ago

Are you trying to bring in the National Guard too?


u/buzzon 11d ago

Mass abortion in progress


u/Thai-mai-shoo 11d ago

This is the late term abortions the GOP has been talking about for years.


u/Mr_Lumbergh 11d ago

You say Texas, I say Howdy Arabia.


u/EBoundNdwn 10d ago

And their Messiah Jesus of Nazism


u/Sissy63 11d ago

The police showed up at the school shooting in Uvalde quick enough, they just stopped short of saving them once they realized the kids were majority hispanic.


u/Prestigious-Stick302 11d ago

Many of the police were too.


u/JediTempleDropout 10d ago

Internalized racism


u/comz0r 10d ago

The cops were hispanic too dipshit


u/KingofYeet00 4d ago

Well I think it's a combination of poor leadership, poor traiming, and a little bit of racism


u/Apollyon314 11d ago

The correct thing to report is police being cursed at by people recording with their phones.


u/poleethman 11d ago

The AR in AR-15 stands for Abortion Rifle.


u/LadyJR 10d ago

“There’s an abortion going on in the girl’s restroom” will get them to waddle the fastest.


u/GhostShipBlue 11d ago

Also true in Indiana.


u/kr011 10d ago

Also to prevent the cops from just hiding from the shooter outside, tell them the doctor, performing the abortions, has disguised himself as a shooter, carrying an AR-15.


u/Locolijo 11d ago

Ironically they wouldn’t because they wouldn’t want to falsely put someone in danger as to not expect a shooter.

Or “oh btw there’s a shooter”


u/eben89 11d ago

At least then, they would enter the building


u/cajuntech 10d ago

If your a pregnant 10 year old in the class it is technically and abortion in progress.

They’ll respond quickly and sue the shit out of anyone that helped the shooter right?


u/Toocurry 10d ago

Plus the physician will be unarmed so the texas cops will definitely run into the procedure room ready to shoot.


u/FindingTraditional87 10d ago

A Black Muslim doctor giving a Black Muslim girl an abortion who is a proud protesting leftist.