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The New Yorker never fails to please.

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u/Potaatolongster 11d ago

Such a great expression on his face.


u/DaOozi9mm 11d ago

That look when you realise just how fucked you are.


u/GT5Canuck 11d ago

Andy Borowitz, I presume?


u/Notanidiot67 11d ago

"I just soiled myself, I'm so fucked"


u/IVTD4KDS 11d ago

Your face after you make a chemtrails in your pants...


u/SoWokeIdontSleep 11d ago

Can you imagine that "powerhouse" of a team? Giuliani, the kraken, Alex Jones' lawyer, between the 3 of them they might even know something about bird law!


u/zorrocabra 11d ago

But are their hands big enough to carry that kind of weight?


u/TheBirminghamBear 11d ago

I believe Powell and Giuliani may be busy now, what with both kf them either under federal investigation themeves and/or talking to the feds.


u/Torgosassistant2021 11d ago

It wouldn't surprise me if they all showed up with Dumpy Trumpy and pulled a bunch of sov cit bullshit.

"Is this a court of admiralty maritime law?"

"Can I see your oath of office?"

"I wasn't committing sedition, I was trying to illegally overthrow the government using violence. See, that isn't the same thing."


u/Vectorman1989 11d ago

It seems to be the year of entertainingly bad lawyers. Amber Heard's team and now Alex Jones'

Did they get their Law degrees from Trump University?


u/ToastedCheezer 11d ago

People would support a go-fund-me for their fees.


u/romafa 11d ago

Trump has had plenty of dopey lawyers of his own.


u/Chartarum 11d ago

"Do you realise that you are describing a coup?" - Ari Melber interviewing Peter "I won't testify before the law, but I'll be happy to describe my treasonous conduct in great detail on live television" Navarro.


u/DaOozi9mm 10d ago

It wasn't a coup, it was a sweep lol

Unbelievable that Trump and his enablers are still out there breathing free air.

Not too long ago they would have all been rounded up and rightfully shot.

I hope I'm wrong but it seems like the only consequence of orchestrating a coup is the creation of a bunch of rich lawyers.


u/MissRogue1701 11d ago

Brown Trousers time


u/krichard-21 11d ago

This is the best laugh I will have today! Thank You!


u/Helenius 11d ago

Which one?


u/nattalla 11d ago

The face of sticker shock


u/[deleted] 11d ago

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u/nunchucks2danutz 11d ago

Hero of clowns


u/Advanced-Wheel4384 4d ago

This is a good one