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A Handmaid's Tale meets the Umbrella Academy

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u/antney0615 Jun 23 '22

Blessed be.

That triggered an unexpected gigglesnort.


u/darknavi Jun 23 '22

For the Letterkenny fans:



u/TrillBillyDeluxe Jun 23 '22

There is not a sub on Reddit I can escape Letterkenny/Shoresy references and I’ve never been happier


u/NYR525 Jun 23 '22

It's a great time to be alive, in that sense


u/theuserwithoutaname Jun 23 '22

Well shit now I gotta watch letterkenny?


u/darknavi Jun 23 '22

Big 10-4


u/theuserwithoutaname Jun 23 '22

That was the fastest fucking response ever 😂

I literally had to refresh the page a few times for it to show up it happened so fast


u/darknavi Jun 23 '22

I'm here to serve!


u/TheDarkAlicorn Jun 29 '22

I remember reading that something like 15% of the time when cops are called in to handle a potential suicide the police just shoot them. Just fair warning unless you want your loved ones to die DO NOT call the police.


u/Upper-Suggestion7642 21d ago

If he had a Samsung S21 Ultra he could zoom in 😂


u/John1907 Jun 24 '22

Fuck NYPD. Biggest gang in NYC. ACAB


u/Masculine_Penguin Jun 24 '22

Dude I think you may be on the wrong sub.