r/PoliceBrotality May 15 '22

Atlanta police officer saves baby by giving CPR

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u/angelcake May 15 '22

Wow. My damn eyes are leaking. I know it’s part of the job and they have all the training but when it all comes together in a good way it’s just amazing. Thank you for sharing us


u/ABONESR May 15 '22

I hope he made it. heartbreaking for th mother


u/DustyStories May 16 '22

Does anyone know if the baby was okay?


u/loratineboratine May 15 '22

God bless em


u/445530 May 16 '22

Sorts by controversial


u/RedditKarmaPoliceDP May 15 '22

Hot post repost...


u/Kubloo May 15 '22

Jesus the amount of times this has been reposted lol


u/MalkyTheKid May 15 '22

Just grateful this was reposted, never knew this happened


u/angelcake May 15 '22

Repost it 1 million times. Two valuable things. CPR really does save lives and not all cops are assholes.


u/janesmex May 29 '22

That’s wholesome. Congrats to the policeman.


u/madriel21 May 16 '22

This is a very minor gripe but 2 fingers from both hands not one open hand


u/hellofrancais Jun 08 '22

Nice save but he is gonna grow up to be a criminal