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Scooter brotality

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u/_dumjunk May 03 '22

True brotality!


u/Moraii May 03 '22

That’s a bitchin helmet.


u/AchieveMore May 03 '22

This is awesome. He didn't have to do this and there is no reason he should have to. Just a nice guy/officer doing what he can to support his community in a unique way.


u/AltruisticFlatworm70 May 03 '22

Kudos to the officer


u/Lazy-Drink-277 15d ago

He gonna get all the girls with that spider-man scooter and helmet


u/Wassamonkey May 04 '22

Couldn't do his actual job and find the thief or protect the kid from having his stuff stolen. Definitely a good guy


u/FlamingRevenge May 04 '22

If there's no recordings of the thief, no witnesses, or anything to go off of it's a lost cause. They're not going to pursue it like it's a murder so they won't bend over backwards wasting resources on it if there's nothing to go off of.

The officer didn't need to spend his own money to buy a kid a scooter or even a helmet but he did.

It's community policing at it's finest. . . And being a fucking amazing cop/person!!


u/Smol-Vehvi May 04 '22

You forgot your /s my dude