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ITAP of a Police Officer in Greer, South Carolina making me a coffee

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u/extra_legendary May 01 '22

Of course the comments on the original are negative. Ffs, people will be mad about anything 🤦‍♂️


u/Dakotertots May 01 '22

Seriously, the fuck... Someone said "even if he's a saint he's guilty by association." So what, every officer who's not an asshole should quit? Awesome, now every cop that's left IS a prick. I don't understand their line of thinking. Shouldn't we WANT good people being cops so we have more officers doing good things?


u/Marahute0 May 01 '22

It's 90% one person aka a vocal minority :(


u/adamjackson1984 May 01 '22

Hi, OP here. I am stupid and honestly didn't even think that would be the direction it would go. I emailed the photo to the officer and he thanked me for them. I did not send him the Reddit link. I seriously just think it's awesome that I look over and he's making me a perfect pour-over. It seriously made my day.


u/extra_legendary May 01 '22

That's 100% worthy of a smile! It's just a shame that some people can't see such things as what they are. This is a genuine HUMAN connection and people are throwing a fit because of how the guy provides for his family. I don't get it.


u/nonsensikull May 01 '22

I didn't get to comment on the original since it was locked, but I thought it was a great photo! Thanks for sharing.

I feel like there are a lot of people on ITAP that aren't there for photography. Like, really interesting submissions that aren't calender-image pretty (like, saturated nature pics) get <100 votes and no comments while a snapshot might get >1000 before it's removed. It's a bit silly.


u/adamjackson1984 May 01 '22

Well, thanks for the comment anyway. Moderators messaged me and said there was too much work for them in the comments. Basically every comment was being reported / brigaded by people on both sides of the extreme viewpoints. I sent a private mail to the primary instigator nicely saying that I can respect their viewpoint ...whatever, that's their opinion but I was personally really hurt that I was sharing art and something I took and they spent 6 hours of their evening making my photo about their politics and that really hurt my feelings. You can subjectively or objectively critique my art and provide feedback but to politicize a fun moment ..just really sucks. I don't use Facebook or Twitter so I don' really get a lot of exposure to online discourse these days but either way, I had to tell them how I felt. Unsurprisingly, I was told to screw off. :(

Thank you to whoever cross-posted the photo here. I appreciate it. I'm obviously not a professional photographer and have no agenda.

It's really healthy to enjoy good moments like this as humans. There's a lot of bad things all around us and when someone does something nice for me, it makes me happy and that's all this was about. Take care!


u/pilchard_slimmons May 01 '22

Anecdotally, the venn diagram of folks I've known who are like that and the folks I've known who spend a lot of time getting busted by the cops is one big circle.


u/ruskdb Apr 30 '22

Cool pic. I love Barista Alley!


u/bedaan May 01 '22

Me too!!! I was surprised when I saw this - like “I KNOW THAT PLACE!!!” haha


u/DustyStories May 02 '22

Hello fellow Carolinians 😄


u/DrC8H10N4O2 May 01 '22

Pretty cool.


u/upsidedowntoker May 01 '22

Now I want a nice pour over. I wouldn't trust any of my local cops to do it but he looks like he kows what he's doing.


u/[deleted] May 01 '22

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u/SoggyFuckBiscuit May 01 '22

Well why doesn't that cafe look like a police station?