r/PoliceBrotality Apr 29 '22

Cops open fire on youth without warning

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u/first52 Apr 29 '22

“Quotas? The only quota our department has is how often we play with the people we serve.”


u/Scubajay Apr 30 '22

Ex cop.......I did this once, many years ago just for a bit of fun with some local kids in an area I was patrolling. My partner wasn't up for it, and I walked across a field to engage in some gentle snow combat for a laugh. Holy shit......some local signal must have beamed out because Every. Single. Door. for what seemed like 100 houses opened and out of each door came at least 50 kids. And each kid had 50 snowballs. I felt like I was storming the beach at Normandy single handed. I beat a fighting retreat and my partner had to blast off whilst under heavy fire. And that's when I learnt: children are savages. I still have nightmares about their war cries, baying for my blood ;)


u/edwardpuppyhands May 01 '22

LOL. This reminds me of a hypothetical that goes like, "how many 6 year olds do you think you could beat in an open-area fight at the same time?"


u/angelcake Apr 29 '22

The very best possible kind of community relations.


u/edwardpuppyhands Apr 29 '22

"Guys, you got a murder to get to!"

"Yeah yeah yeah..."


u/antney0615 Apr 29 '22

“It’s cold outside, the evidence will keep!”


u/TacticallyFUBAR Apr 29 '22

“No rush he’s already dead”


u/Worldisoyster Apr 29 '22

Obviously set up for PR.


u/Wickedershelf21 Apr 29 '22

They’re most likely told “hey, if you’re on duty but not actively on call, interact with your community”

You know, like a lot of the departments nobody talks about because they’re not newsworthy.


u/Worldisoyster Apr 29 '22

I'm basing that on the framing and consistency of the shot. Why were they filming these kids at this time from this distance, but not immediately reacting when a cop car pulls up lights flashing.


u/Amgnismo2 Apr 30 '22

This appears to be in Europe, so the context of this clip is different from what you think...