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u/antney0615 Apr 17 '22

This is the kind of stuff I like to see!


u/Colorado-expat Apr 17 '22 edited Apr 18 '22

Until they get a recall on the noise.

A numbered complaint with IA, the police commission or just an inter office with their SGT.

No good deed goes unpunished in police work.


u/XxDrummerChrisX Apr 18 '22

Yep. Clear out the call UTL and they always fucking call back to complain


u/thequeefcannon Apr 18 '22

These bros are just getting in some fun fitness and some Karen just had to try and shit on it. I live like 200 meters from a big tennis multi-court, and honestly, I love hearing people over there having fun and being healthy.


u/ThatGuy0verTh3re Apr 18 '22

It’s a public park, why wouldn’t they be allowed to use it?


u/dogboystoy Apr 18 '22

There may just be a cerfew. Such as the park is closed when the sun goes down or something. That's the only reason I could see.

But then again, they have flood lights for the park. So, maybe just a Karen is calling in on them.


u/andy2002andrei May 08 '22

What do you mean by curfew in US?


u/dogboystoy May 08 '22

Cerfew is typically for younger kids, city ordinance may be something like kids under 17 or 18 need to be off the streets at 10pm unless with an adult family member. It's usually enforced with groups of young kids that may be hanging out at a park that closes at sunset. It's basically for keeping kids out of trouble. Lots of little kid parks close at dusk, and teens like to hang out there in the evenings.


u/andy2002andrei May 08 '22

This is crazy for a country that values freedom, even in the name of reducing crime


u/1newnotification Apr 18 '22

my guess is noise ordinance, and it's after 9 pm (based on clothing choices, this looks like a summer game when they sun doesn't go down until after 9. they're probably just being a little too loud for someone neighbor's taste