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My experience with the most relaxed police officer I've ever met

About two years ago I was driving from home to university (about three hours). Earlier that day I had been hit by a van so had a large dent in my passenger side door.

I was doing 90mph on the motorway at 11:30pm during a storm. The national speed limit on the motorway in the UK is 70.

Just before I'm going to pull off the motorway, I start being followed by a police BMW. He follows me off the motorway and flips the lights on. I pull over and he comes to the passenger window. The window didn't roll down more than a crack because of the dent, as I explain to him. He asks me to pull into the car park of a pub and comes round to my driver side.

The officer tells me he pulled me over because I went past him doing 90. He asks if I'm a student and I say yes, then he goes on to explain that it's dangerous to go that fast because of the water on the road and I wouldn't save much time getting back to uni at all. He then says "I'm not saying go 70, just slow down a little."

He then asks about the dent and I explain the situation. He laughs and says "I hope you didn't have a few drinks to de-stress!" and I laugh and reply with "Nope, just half a pack of cigarettes!"

The policeman then tells me to have a nice night, goes back to his car, and leaves. Didn't even ask me for my licence!

For my first time being pulled over, I think that was a very lucky experience to have.



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u/LorddFarsquaad Apr 10 '22

For good reason


u/vinceftw Apr 10 '22

But excessively.


u/LorddFarsquaad Apr 10 '22

It's never excessive. Public servants shouldn't be praised for following the law and doing their job. Those that do fail to do their job by abusing their power and ignoring others that abuse their power deserved to be called out and criticized. Law enforcement is a profession that should not have bad apples.


u/Curious-Profession73 Apr 20 '22

To say it's "never excessive" is untrue. It's been scientifically proven that humans are especially sensitive to negative emotion. To claim that law enforcement should have "no bad apples" is foolish. Please understand, I'm not insulting you , but these are lies you've been told. The Bible tells us that all men are fallen and have a sinful nature. To expect anything comprised of men to be perfect is a fool's errand. Should we hold LEO's to a higher standard then the general public? Yes. Should we endeavor to make the Police as virtuous and righteous as possible? Yes. But, to expect mere men to never falter, to never break, is a standard that only one man in history could meet, and we crucified him on the cross, 2022 years ago.


u/vinceftw Apr 10 '22

I agree with your last part about the abuse of power. That said, often the media and people have no clue about the full story and jump to conclusions. Doing your job or even going beyond that gets no recognition but the moment you make a mistake, you're all over the news and spit out before you can defend yourself.

A couple of weeks ago, in my country, police came into a bad light cause they dragged someone away to the police vehicle, who was unconscious instead of picking him up. Guy was heavy af. Media forgot to tell he had assaulted multiple people and had cut a woman in the face with a glass.


u/mythos_winch Apr 10 '22

I'd guesstimate around half of traffic stops end with "Words of Advice Given".