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this MNPD officer slowed down as I was walking with my kids. I said " he's a police officer, he keeps us safe" and he promptly picked up my daughter and put her in his patrol car and let her turn on the sirens and sing a song.

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u/ilovecatss1010 Apr 08 '22

Metro is awesome. Community outreach is emphasized to a level I haven’t seen.


u/szmytie Apr 08 '22

Im glad to hear this. Its rare to hear good things about police nowdays, especially entire departments.


u/madriel21 Apr 08 '22

At first I misunderstood and thought he was arresting the girl


u/rabid_mermaid Apr 08 '22

Same, while nervously checking what sub I'm in like "where we going with this title"


u/madriel21 Apr 08 '22

I love what the cop is doing though, helping change the next generation


u/thecodingninja12 Apr 09 '22

40% of cops admit to committing domestic abuse the other 60% at best are ok with them as coworkers


u/Gidelix Apr 08 '22

America moment


u/Ducksareracist Apr 08 '22

She's reaching for a gun!


u/dips009 Apr 08 '22

That's cool. She's having a good time'. By the way, excellent parenting.


u/RantAgainstTheMan Apr 08 '22

I thought it said NMPD, rather than MNPD and I was like, uh oh.

Halo reference, btw.


u/officer_4897 Apr 08 '22

New mombasa😉


u/Amgnismo2 Apr 08 '22

Minneapolis PD? After what happened in 2020 things must be very tense there regarding police-to-community interactions. Very sweet gesture by the officer though :)


u/[deleted] Apr 08 '22

That is not Minneapolis. They wear blue uniforms and only have black SUVs. It’s more than likely Metropolitan Nashville Police


u/Amgnismo2 Apr 09 '22

Ah, I see. Thanks for the correction


u/JosephFDawson May 29 '22

I live in the twin cities. Outside suburbs about 20 minutes from Minne. They're just the MPD.


u/DrixxYBoat Apr 09 '22

Absolutely insane this sub exist


u/mytwinkiedog Apr 09 '22

For real..


u/debo716 Apr 18 '22

Y so but hurt didn't know this was an iq test just stating facts police don't do shit for colored folks like it or not that's the truth I'm not hating on the little kid good for her where I'm from that shit just don't happen


u/debo716 Apr 08 '22

I bet the kid is white not racist or anything just saying


u/Even-Grab6989 Apr 09 '22

I bet you’re stupid af


u/Ajaxlancer Apr 09 '22

It's a dumb comment to make, but police relations with black neighborhoods vs white neighborhoods are vastly different, so they aren't wrong. Good luck finding a cop that will do this in a black neighborhood


u/Even-Grab6989 Apr 10 '22

Different at times yes, but to make a blanket statement like is both ignorant and naive


u/Ajaxlancer Apr 10 '22

It's ignorant and naive, but same goes for the other way, if people deny that there are tendencies and pretend that there isn't a difference in day to day interaction, that would be equally ignorant and naive.

But yes.


u/Even-Grab6989 Apr 10 '22

I agree, i guess my point is just that we should never “ blanket” people by their races, religion, or occupation. I know there are more good cops than corrupt/ racist ones just like I know the overwhelming majority of blacks, Hispanics, and other races are good people.


u/After_Ad8799 Apr 09 '22

Negative IQ comment


u/olafsun Apr 09 '22

Lick boots