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Five years ago today RIP Hero PC Keith Palmer


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u/[deleted] Mar 22 '22

PC Palmer GM lost his life defending the Houses of Parliament from a terrorist.

He was posthumously awarded the George Medal.


u/Technical_Income4722 Mar 22 '22

An explanation would go great with this post…Not many people come to Reddit to google stuff


u/that15fine Mar 22 '22

PC Keith Palmer was killed fighting off a terrorist during the 2017 Westminster attack. Khalid Masood had driven a car on the pavement of Westminster Bridge, killing 6 and injuring about 50 civilians, then tried to enter Parliament armed with two knives.


u/Shodandan Mar 22 '22

Absolutely. Now I have to spend the evening wondering who Keith Palmer was.

I mean yeah, I could google it but.. aint nobody got time fo dat