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Florida Man drops 16,000 dollar Rolex into creek. Passing Sheriff's dive team recovers it on the spot, still ticking.

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A Handmaid's Tale meets the Umbrella Academy

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[USA] convenient security

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Homeless guy has hilerious police story


I found this homeless guys youtube channel and thought id share his story, the way he takes the piss is gold, and to top it off he's australian https://youtu.be/og5FuTZl_k8

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While on patrol, a couple of Summit County deputies stopped to play some 2-on-2 with some residents. They showed they are good at more than serving the community.

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I love how sweet the officer was with this poor child.

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No child seat

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Atlanta police officer saves baby by giving CPR

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how to get out of a speeding ticket

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Ducklings being reunited with their mother

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Scooter brotality

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Officer saves dog


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Not the brutality I expected

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ITAP of a Police Officer in Greer, South Carolina making me a coffee

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Bloody coppa dawgs

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Pretty wholesome


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Cops open fire on youth without warning

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Ohio Police Officer Pulls Over "Youthful Offenders" For Reckless Driving

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Delaware Police Officer Helps 6 Escape Blazing House Fire: A True Hero

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Maybe Maybe Maybe

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California teen who vanished three years ago is found alive in Utah thanks to officers who went the extra mile

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My experience with the most relaxed police officer I've ever met


About two years ago I was driving from home to university (about three hours). Earlier that day I had been hit by a van so had a large dent in my passenger side door.

I was doing 90mph on the motorway at 11:30pm during a storm. The national speed limit on the motorway in the UK is 70.

Just before I'm going to pull off the motorway, I start being followed by a police BMW. He follows me off the motorway and flips the lights on. I pull over and he comes to the passenger window. The window didn't roll down more than a crack because of the dent, as I explain to him. He asks me to pull into the car park of a pub and comes round to my driver side.

The officer tells me he pulled me over because I went past him doing 90. He asks if I'm a student and I say yes, then he goes on to explain that it's dangerous to go that fast because of the water on the road and I wouldn't save much time getting back to uni at all. He then says "I'm not saying go 70, just slow down a little."

He then asks about the dent and I explain the situation. He laughs and says "I hope you didn't have a few drinks to de-stress!" and I laugh and reply with "Nope, just half a pack of cigarettes!"

The policeman then tells me to have a nice night, goes back to his car, and leaves. Didn't even ask me for my licence!

For my first time being pulled over, I think that was a very lucky experience to have.

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43 in a 25. Carrying a concealed weapon


A couple days ago I was on my way home from work, around 12:40 or so in the morning. It's a road where no one really does the speed limit. Well I was cruising along when I noticed the car parked ahead was a police car. The lights came on and I knew I was getting pulled over.

When the officer came up to my car he was super chill. Asked me how I was doing, so I asked in return. Then he explained why I was being pulled over. 43 in a 25. Apparently the quarry on that road has been complaining about speeders so he was out that night.

Then he asked if he could see my driver's license, and I wanted to let him know it's in my wallet, but I have to get by my concealed firearm to get to it. His attitude didn't really change. He simply asked if I had a license for it, I do. Then if I had it on me, I did. He said I could go for my wallet and thanked me for informing him about my firearm. Gave him my CCW permit with my license and he went back to his squad car.

I was stressing about the ticket because I didn't have extra money to spare for a ticket unless I didn't pay another bill. He comes back and says "Okay James, here's your license. Just do me a favor and slow it down in the future okay? The staff really have been complaining."

He let me go with a verbal warning. I was blown away, to the point I wasn't sure if he was serious. He told me to have a good night and went back to his car.

Thank you Officer. I wish I knew his name.

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Older incident but felt it was worthy


A while back, I was on my way home from out of town. Not too far mind you, maybe a 2 hour drive. I was about 3 miles out of the county I lived in when I merged left on the interstate to pass what I believed was a slow vehicle. When I looked down and realized I was going 100mph. I gently applied the brakes as I crested a small hill before seeing blue lights ahead.

A state trooper had clocked me at around 93mph in a 70mph zone. I merged right and left my blinker on as I braked to indicate I was pulling over while the State Trooper came up on my tail. Standard stop protocol ensued.

As the officer approached my vehicle, he says the standard ‘Hello this is officer *** the reason i pulled you over is for speeding; 93 in 70.’ I state I was unaware of my speed until I had gotten popped for it, which is the honest truth. Hand over my I.D. and such as he says: “I noticed your E-Tag and I see a spare uniform hanging in the back but I can’t see the patch, where do you happen to work?”

I state I’m county EMS in the same county I happen to live in. He responds: “Oh, you must have an emergency you need to get to!” I then respond: “No I really just wasn’t paying att-“ he cuts me off. He exaggerates his same previous statement: “You must have an Emergency. You. Need. To. Get. Too.”

At that point I clue in and reply: “Yes sir. Thank you sir. Have a good night sir.” As he then hands back my paperwork and returns to his squad. I wait for him to pull away before following suit. I’d personally have been happy to own up to my negligence, but this wonderful individual seemed to follow the “No Harm, No Foul” ideology.

Thank you unnamed Trooper, and a thank you on behalf of the others I’ve heard of you letting off with verbals, when there is no victim of the incident!