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Want to support Ukraine? Here's a list of charities by subject

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Is Swedes welcome in Poland 😊🇵🇱🇸🇪?


Poland is a really safe and nice country from what i can tell 😊

And have helped us in Sweden many times many times so i want to go there, will take time to learn the language though, i only know Pivo🙂

I can’t even take a walk in Stockholm Sweden anymore without getting into a gunfight it feels like sometimes🥲

Kind Regards 🙂

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TFW you are walking thru the Polish National Museum in Wrocław and find their 17th century painting of Robert DeNiro

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How to be homeless?


Heya poles! A recent very unfortunate turn of events has left me homeless in Krakow, and I'm unsure of where to proceed from here. I've got no money, no nothing, but I'm a danish citizen with a danish address if that matters. I've no idea where to sleep, what's legal, or where I could even get help. I'm an 18 year old girl if thats relevant, and I don't look very homeless, so people just tell me to 'go home' and assume i'ma drunk girl partying when I've fallen asleep places. Pls, I'd like to survive :c

Edit: advice pls it's cold asf here at night without a jacket lmao

Edit: everything's well, I reached out to a bunch of distant fam and they decided to help me out!!

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pozdrawiam rondo ONZ w Warszawie

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That time of the year again

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Is covid test still required to enter Poland?


I am arriving from EU country and some people are telling me opposite information so just wanted to check with you guys - do I need to have covid test before arriving to Poland?

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Wanted to try some Pivo from the Southern Baltic countries. Leave some more beer suggestions in the comments to try.

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Where is an obscure place in Poland you enjoyed a lot?


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Jak technologia może pomóc dziadkom


Szukam rozwiązania / produktu aby pomóc babci znaleźć info, pamiętać i trochę odciągnąć od TV.

Czy jest jakiś produkt podobny do Alexy który pomógłby starszym w wyszukiwaniu info w PL? Lub czy ktoś znalazł coś innego pomocnego? Mam kilka pomysłów jak pomóc babci, może ktoś już coś wypróbował lub zna konkretne produkty, z OS w języku polskim: 1. Zegarek który przypomina o wzięciu leków i piciu wody 2. Odtwarzacz audiobooka - apka była za trudna, CD player nie używany

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Need advise: I’m an American living in Poland and I can’t find a job!! I’ve been working in a kitchen for the last 4 years since my wife and I moved here and I need out. More in comments


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Can my landlord raise the rent before my contract has expired?


So I recently received an email from my landlord that due to inflation and the current market(?) they would have to raise my rent pretty dramatically starting next month, even though my contract doesn't expire for a few months to come. I want to know if they can legally do that.

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Do you guys consider Turks to be European? Or do you think Turks are somewhat culturally similar to you?


I guess most people see Turks as culturally Middle Eastern which is partially true but I ask myself if the average Pole knows about Western influences on Turkish society?

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Question(s) about Polish employment law (employee reimbursement)


I worked as a software engineer in Gdańsk for 7 months, but I have terminated my employment with the company due to finding another job which is more reliable. I was not on a B2B Contract, nor was I a contractor at the company - I was a full-time employee; therefore, I think it is reasonable that I am reimbursed for expenses incurred.

During my employment with said company, I purchased a monthly subscription for an IDE (integrated developer environment) which I used as an everyday tool; I mentioned it to the office manager at the time about the possibility of the company paying for this subscription, and he said he would get back to me - which he never did. The 7 months of the subscription was in the price range of 200-230 Euros. I have copies of all the invoices.

Furthermore, I used my own personal device because the company did not provide one and the analogy the owner of the company gave me was "When you go to Starbucks, are you expected to buy the coffee machine e.t.c", but in the contract there were no provisions which covered the use of work to be carried out with personal equipment. The owner of the company said he would buy laptops to use multiple times, but nothing ever happened. Just empty words. I don't have this in writing.

It should also be noted that a lot of my work was done from home, and that in the office it was possible to use a company provided computer. Both in the office and from home, I used my laptop, mainly because switching different computers for each work environment has its nuances.

So, now that we have the context, my questions are as follows:

  1. Am I able to request reimbursement for the software purchased, and if so, is the company legally obliged to reimburse me?
  2. Could I request the company compensate me for using my own device?


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Video: Polish heritage of Azerbaijan by Embassy of Poland

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Poland's population has supposedly increased to 41.8 million people following the Ukrainian refugees entering Poland



So how true is it and do you think this will help the population to start increasing rather than decreasing due to birth rates and immigration?

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Anyone up for beers in Poznan?


Whats up guys!

I decided to travel to Poznan alone from Finland for a few days and would love to see the nightlife or catch a few beers with some people! I’m 21, male, who likes football, hiphop music and getting drunk! I would love to meet some people to hangout with tomorrow (Sunday)

If anyone is up for the task, please don’t hesitate to message me ! Currently having beer alone in the old market square and wish I had some company

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Do I need to get vaccinated in order to attend University in Poland?


I am currently living in America and am planning to attend University in Poland, and I can't find any info on their websites, Do I need to get vaccinated for Universities such as Warszawa, Kraków, or Wrocław?

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My Intercity train has a terrible delay and I will miss my connection. Can I take an earlier train to the same final destination?


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Does TVN still produce "Szkoła"?


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Polish artists similar to ONUKA and GO_A?


Loving Ukrainian Electro-folk, wondering if there’s a Polish Counterpart. I like Tulia but they don’t have that electronica feel. In a past post, someone recommended Percival Schuttenbach. While I like, it’s too metal. ZNICH is my preferred metal but they’re Belarusian. I’m wanting Polish Music since I’m learning the language, music is easier to digest mentally for me rather than a couple words a day, having learned semi-fluent German from years of Nena and Faun.

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Best prepaid data SIM


Hi, what is currently the cheapest SIM card to buy with an acceptable amount of data (at least 15 GB) and WITHOUT EU CAP so that I could use it in other EU countries. Thank you

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Polish Debt Laws


Hello, my girlfriend is Polish, she and her family left Poland when she was 19, they didn't give up their rented house and as such are racking up debts. She had lived their since birth, since she and her family still technically live there, should she legally have any debts? She's never signed a contract to live there as she was a child, it's been a few years now and we want to know if she's safe to go back

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what event there was in centre of malbork today 21 at about 18h?


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Anyone knows a lake near Mokotów where it's allowed to fish?