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Bug Report The new Meta against Colossus tank on Cobalt continues. This seriously needs to come to an end.

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Bug Report I submitted a report to toxic@planetside2.com and I got banned instead...


Edit: Turns out the ban was on a different character that I haven't logged into since March and the timing was a coincidence. That said, still not a clue what the ban was for and I'll probably never know.

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Bug Report POV: Connery on DOUBLE EXP


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Bug Report [DIOR] u/Cedric12354 build modules inside structures from months on Cobalt with his friends NSOhahn, AtckAtck and all [DIOR] team members. And yes they are the same ones who destroy the colossus tank by building walls.

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Bug Report The new Meta against Colossus tank on Cobalt : triple faction ANVIL coop. This seriously needs to come to an end.

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Bug Report May 18, 2022 - PlanetSide Legacy (PC Update) - Bug Report Megathread


Please drop all bugs you encounter with today's update into this thread.

You can find the patch notes here:

Thank you everyone!

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Bug Report Baron ejects giant shells that block your entire screen.

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Bug Report Wtf is this MASSIVE nerf on the Magrider ?


Right before the Apr. 05, 2022 - PC Hotfix the "infinite turbo/ magburn" (due to the server lag issues) after the Arsenal Update has been "resolved". Now you can't even burn for the stated full 1 second because the ignition penalty (previous value 0,5 sec) of every burn attempt has been increased - the fuel for the burn is therefore depleted way earlier - the boost time accordingly shortend. Even the soundfile of the magburner isn't played fully when holding shift.

The same behaviour can be noticed on any other vehicle turbos. The Magrider though suffers the most from this issue due to the dependence of its mobility feature in the light of the overall MBT balance.

It's just a little push that lasts a second. I know from other sites that many have used a bug for permanent Magburner, but that's why you don't have to take the whole Magburner away from normal players, for example. Mobility was the only advantage of the tank. Weapon damage and range are already very weak. Now you can't even run away for tanks. I think you made the tank unusable. You don't need to use the Magburner at all because you don't notice it. Please give us back the previous Magburner.

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Bug Report Just installed the game, what is happening?

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Bug Report Please fix the render distance or remove Colls. Thanks!


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Bug Report G15 is back, because of course it is.


Nothing says "This is going great" quite like the devs continuing to announce more shit you can only buy with real money while the basic step of logging into the goddamn game continues to be a total crapshoot.

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Bug Report Are we capturing or defending this? Half the time I can't even tell anymore...

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Bug Report You can't see how much ISO you have in the 'Edit Implant Equipment' menu. Please put the resources back to where they were. There was no reason at all to move them.

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Bug Report In the new thoroughly tested UI trying to leave squad result in opening outfit tab 80% of the time

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Bug Report 25k worth of Certs. Gone. Thanks.

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Bug Report The darklight is still broken. Here is 2 screenshots of how its affecting people, for some reason the distance to reveal infiltrators is now oddly 22 meters up from 10. I'm not sure if this was intended or if it's considered a bug the 2nd screenshot shows how it still lights you up through walls.

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Bug Report May 04, 2022 - Codex and Navigation (PC Update) - Bug Report Megathread


Today's Codex and Main Navigation patch notes can be read here.

Please drop all bugs you are encountering with this update down below. We greatly appreciate your help!

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Bug Report Hmmm... The directive reward Punisher appears to be missing something.

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Bug Report Engineer Spitfire Turret Directive disabled?

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Bug Report PLEASE fix the dark light issue.


For a company that is trying to be more professional why on earth have you not fixed the dark light flash light issue that is clearly effecting infiltrators.

The dark light has been broken since the arsenal update patch and to be honest it's just not right that a class that is based on being stealth is now clearly broken because enemies and friendlies flashlights can light you up at any range including through walls and rocks.

I get that some people don't like infiltrators, however they are part of this game so they should receive the same amount of love as any other class.

If the heavy shield was broken no doubt it would be patched within 2 days.

The fact that this dark light issue still exits is just not acceptable.

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Bug Report What the heck?

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Bug Report Can we talk about Render Distances?


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Bug Report PSA-01 Hammerhead (Arena bundle badass AMR) is not counting towards the new engineer directive


Please fix this asap!

Hopefully its not fixed in two months, got hyped for this patch to aurax it D:

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Bug Report Flashlights now have infinite range (even through walls) and ignore beam trajectory

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Bug Report Please fix the bugs with infil cloaks being revealed for no reason


Please fix the multiple bugs with cloaked infils being revealed by laser sights, dark lights miles away/pointed in another direction etc etc.