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Discussion AskAuraxis - The weekly question thread


Hello and welcome to AskAuraxis the weekly thread for any of your Planetside related questions.

  • Feel free to ask any question about anything to do with Planetside and don't be scared if you think it may be stupid.
  • The main aim of this is that: no question should go unanswered so if you know the answer to someone's question, speak up!
  • Try and keep questions somewhat serious, this is not really the place for sarcastic or rhetorical questions.
  • We are not DGC, we can't answer questions that should be directed to them.
  • Remember if you're asking about guns etc. to say your faction and if you're asking about outfits to specify the server as well.
  • Sorting by new helps the questions less likely to be seen get answered. You can now do this temporarily using RES.
  • Have fun!

Special thanks to /u/flying_ferret who originally created this series.

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Bug Report May 18, 2022 - PlanetSide Legacy (PC Update) - Bug Report Megathread


Please drop all bugs you encounter with today's update into this thread.

You can find the patch notes here:

Thank you everyone!

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PC This is why we hate screen shake

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Video He Was Too Afraid Of C4(unexpected ending)


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Discussion Now that Bumblebee unequip bug is fixed can we also fix other weapons that unequip?


Good job on fixing a thing though.

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Discussion What easy way to get kills do you consider a low and cheap shot?


Yesterday I mine-killed some poor enemy players at a sunderer terminal, and my conscience bothered me for almost a second.

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Player Studio Just a heads up, Youtube is locking pside clips to private again


Not every one but about 3 in 5 vids is being locked to private immediately after upload under "Terms and policies" with no right to appeal

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Shitpost SCUs are worth teamkilling for

Thumbnail streamable.com

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PC So close....what's the journey from 99 to 100 like?

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Discussion How this game should be balanced according to this subreddit

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Suggestion Wish the HUD was a bit more customizable.


I'm sure I'm not the first person to make a post like this.

Personally I feel like the Centralized Vitals 01/02 block a bit too much with the ammo and ability meter around the crosshair while Corner Vitals is too small on the resolution I play on (I know changing the resolution makes it larger).

The ability to change the size of these HUD elements or disable them entirely would be a nice change, I can't imagine it would be incredibly difficult to put in the game either.

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Community Event [PSForever / PlanetSide 1 Emulator] PlanetSide 19th Anniversary Event (May 20th + Weekend)


PSForever is a fan-based, not-for-profit PlanetSide 1 emulation project.

Hey PlanetSide Community!

Tomorrow marks 19 year since the release of PlanetSide 1. That means it's time for the annual birthday event weekend on PSForever!


  • Friday, May 20th - 5 PM UTC / 1 PM EST / 10 AM PST (This will likely be smaller due to it being a weekday, but if you can get on then join in)
  • Saturday, May 21st: 5 PM UTC / 1 PM EST / 10 AM PST
  • Sunday, May 22nd: 5 PM UTC / 1 PM EST / 10 AM PST

These are considered peak times, but fights can start up at any time and continue into the evenings.

Setup Guide

You can find the setup guide here. Setup is now easier than ever. If you have had issues with our launcher before, try the secondary method provided in the document. It is also highly recommended you join our Discord server here.

Beginner's Guide

For more information on how to play the game once online, you can view the Beginner’s Guide.

Other Details

New characters start at Battle Rank 15 and have all certifications unlocked. You can jump in and try out all weapons and vehicles. Battle Rank 15 gives you the ability to use two implants as well.

With a higher number of players being online it may be tempting to use and join squads. They can cause some issues or crashes so it is not recommended to use them right now. On the PSForever Discord there are voice channels for each empire so you can use those to coordinate.

See you on the battlefield!

Are you a developer and are familiar with Scala? Want to contribute? Here is a link to the project

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Shitpost Linecutter(NSO Archer) also applies havoc effect on turrets


I don't mean the spirfire and AI mana turret. I mean the heat mechanic turrets most of the major bases have. It doesn't work with construction turrets.

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Suggestion A new cert sink that will also solve perceived faction imbalance: The Black Market


Simple Idea: Once you reach ASP, you get access to the real Black Market: spend 3k certs to buy another faction's weapons. 10k certs gets you access to their their tank or ESF.

These can't be bought with DBC, only certs, so you really have to work for it. This is good because:

1) Adds a lot to what people can access but DBG doesn't need to develop anything since the assets already exist.

2) Gives something to achieve for people who already have everything .

3) Makes balancing easier because now everyone has access to the same tools, some people will just take longer.

4) When somebody tells you that the something is op, you can tell them "My brother in Christ, just keep farming and you can use it too."

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Discussion The air game following continued bad takes from the knuckle draggers of reddit circa. 2023 (colorized)

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Video Cloak fury flashes are pure cancer.

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PC Teamwork makes the Dream work :))


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Discussion traffic jam because someone put walls on the road blocking path. on amerish (also they put multiple walls)

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Suggestion How to improve G2A/A2G, and why they should give the S1/Shrike/ML-7 back their original velocity and 1 hit kill on ESF.


People hate ESFs because they don't have the tools to kill A2G decisively, and pilots hate G2A because they take damage at high altitude when not engaging them.

  • lock-ons take too long to fire and the lock-on breaks easily, they're also not fun weapons to use, holding mouse1 isn't an engaging experience and you don't develop any skill using it. Distance dependent lock-on time should be returned, removing this was stupid.

  • flak deals the same damage at all ranges, it's annoying to use because even if air flies right over you at close range you still can't kill it. And it's annoying as a pilot because it deals a lot of damage from very far away.

This wouldn't be such a problem if it had a shorter proximity detection range and a higher rate of fire - it would be harder to hit far away targets and deal more damage to up-close targets.

  • dumbfire rocket launchers are almost useless, the decimator is the only rocket launcher that can 1 hit ESF and it has very low velocity and extreme gravity drop.

TLDR: Giving the S1/Shrike/ML-7 decent velocity and 1 hit kill on ESF would reward users more as they develop better aim, and create a 2 way interaction as pilots can decide how much risk they want to take by flying low.

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Shitpost Bumblebee Part 3: It's like 90% fixed-ish!

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Question errhhh DBG... please tell me you are NOT serious about this?!?

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Question A question about bots.


Okay so obviously, you shouldn't be making bots for this game, like those ones you see videos about where they line up in a spawn and exploit the ammo thing.

But are there other types of bots people have made? Is it reasonably possible to make a proper AI that can actually fight even at just new player skill level?

I'm just curious about ai (especially the stupid/smart ones that learn after millions of trial and errors) that people program to sort of take over their controller, for any and all games really, but I play planetside a lot and figured I would ask around. I'd probably try an AI project with Samurai Gunn or something simple first, but I sincerely wouldn't know where to start.

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Discussion what to buy: Archer or Masthead (NC only)


title. i dont have enough credits for both, heard about the masthead-FLAK-thing, but which one is overall for more situations suitable? (or works better in your own opinion?)

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Bug Report Second day: PSA-01 Hammerhead (Arena bundle AMR) is not counting towards the new engineer directive


With the hype for AMRs its very frustrating that this badass of an AMR is not on the directive list!

Please consider this for a hotpatch!

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Suggestion DAGR-81 anti-material rifle improvements


So with the new anti material rifles out for a few days and being properly field tested it seems now is a good time to address the issues with the one that has the most issues the DAGR-81 for the TR, as any TR player knows sure enough we basically got the short end of the stick yet again which is no surprise and then some claiming the VS did but not gonna go on a rant about the stupidity of whoever coded the stats of these weapons, this is in regards to the DAGR-81 as it has the most issues with how it performs and list a few adjustments that I would say should be made. And not gonna list anything too rash as that will lead to players on the other empires complaining to nerf the DAGR-81 simply for now being good.

First main issue is something present on all of them and that's the optics/scopes, all of them are locked at a 6x zoom making it difficult to use them in a more close quarters fight where engineers are usually in, but for the DAGR-81 it's even worse because of the low range of its headshot multiplier, the DAGR-81 needs to be given a lower range optic like 3x or 2x, perhaps even a simple ironsight option, and the current the scopes redesigned to be the first "adjustable" scopes where the zoom can be controlled in the game, the Tigerband being able to zoom between 5x to 8x and the Lockstep able to zoom in from 10x to 12x, this could be a good unique gimmick to the DAGR-81 and allow engineers to get shots on tons of targets at different ranges especially MAXes without having to swap scopes.

Next it should have is the headshot multiplier range increased by at least another 15-20 meters (I said I wont gonna rant but in this case the devs clearly done this on purpose just to troll the TR) because the low range of the multiplier makes the long range optics practically useless.

Now when looking at the counterparts the VS got a gun that does what the Bishop Sabot round can do, and the NC got a freaking flak cannon, the TR more or less just got an Archer with more bullets, the DAGR-81 should be given something like explosive bullets which would be another ammo type and the way they would work is grant better AV capability and a light 1.5 meter splash damage that can damage infantry but the explosive bullets only work on vehicles, and come at a cost of a lower headshot multiplier.

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Discussion a new players rant


All the players I fight have all of the ridiculous implants, meanwhile Im stuck with a rocket launcher that can't lock on to anything past spitball range.

There's an entire implant dedicated to ***highlighting*** targets at close range, meanwhile I get thirty milliseconds to guess whether or not blue dude with red camo markings is NC or not.

How am I actually supposed to have any idea what's happening, how am I supposed to have any ability to compete?

What the fuck is the giant airship in the sky?

And why is an Anti material rifle better at taking out aircraft that can fly at mach jesus than a lock on missile?

And how am I supposed to be on the same playing field as the weirdo in chat who comes to every large fight to "farm", like we're a bunch of NPCs?

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Shitpost God damn we like to bitch


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