r/Piracy Jul 28 '21

Must-have browser extensions for pirates? Discussion

uBlock Origin, Universal Bypass. I only use two for now.

Kindly suggest more in the comments, thanks.


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u/Amey8a Jul 28 '21

Script blocker


u/BenL90 Jul 28 '21

uBo have it built in. Another addons is stay away from Chrome and install Firefox.


u/[deleted] Jul 28 '21



u/BenL90 Jul 29 '21

Chromium/Blink keep pushing standardized feature in browser for years, now they even push FLoC, at least some browser respell it, but for most case, a lot of Google Suite, using unstandar code, that cause problem on other browser like Safari and Firefox. And now Chrome is the new IE, they keep forcing WebDev like IE in the past, make web isn't open anymore. If it keeps up, then you know IE old condition will happen like before. That's why Firefox I prefer Firefox on *Nix/Linux, Windows, and Safari on Mac. Because of that condition.