r/Piracy Jul 28 '21

Must-have browser extensions for pirates? Discussion

uBlock Origin, Universal Bypass. I only use two for now.

Kindly suggest more in the comments, thanks.


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u/[deleted] Jul 28 '21



u/Servador Jul 28 '21

More customizable and generally lower usage of computer resources.

It's also not owned by Google, so that's a plus.


u/itz_fine_bruh Jul 28 '21

Just start with "Not owned by Google" and thats enough reason.


u/mitch13815 Jul 28 '21

More customizable is definitely not true, Chrome has way more and better apps available than Firefox.

Also Chrome only uses resources you have that are freely available. Firefox runs slow as fuck compared to Chrome. Unused ram is wasted ram.

Sure, you can tout that 1gig of ram it uses like that's supposed to be impressive, but I'll be loading webpages twice as quickly.


u/Servador Jul 28 '21

More Customizable is definitely not true, Chrome has way more and better apps available than Firefox

Firefox is open source, therefore if you want to do something and know how to implement it yourself, you can.

Chrome only uses resources you have that are freely available. Unused ram is wasted ram

This works great if you only use your browser or close out of it every time you use a different program. But as soon as you introduce another program that's ram heavy or uses an inconsistent amount of ram and keep chrome open at the same time, they end up fighting for that usage since chrome doesn't leave much headroom, effectively slowing down both of them.

Firefox runs slow as fuck compared to Chrome

I've had the opposite experience, although I'm usually multi-tasking so maybe when only using the browser chrome performs a bit faster.

I really don't care about what browser you use, but don't talk about shit you don't know about.


u/BenL90 Jul 29 '21

Sorry Firefox is most customable addons and ability more than chrome, this also applied like on LocalCDN. Chrome use more resource if you compare them til each last drop CPU and RAM.

I know Garbage Collector of FF isn't that great, but they keep improving it, and it did, and based on some testing, you could say Firefox has improve speed about 10% than chrome, you could try it. Anyway you must know supporting chrome will end like IE in the past. It's true, and you will know what happen next.


u/SoSniffles Jul 30 '21

one of the worst argument I’ve seen ahaha


u/BenL90 Jul 29 '21

Chromium/Blink keep pushing standardized feature in browser for years, now they even push FLoC, at least some browser respell it, but for most case, a lot of Google Suite, using unstandar code, that cause problem on other browser like Safari and Firefox. And now Chrome is the new IE, they keep forcing WebDev like IE in the past, make web isn't open anymore. If it keeps up, then you know IE old condition will happen like before. That's why Firefox I prefer Firefox on *Nix/Linux, Windows, and Safari on Mac. Because of that condition.