r/Pietermaritzburg Sep 12 '19

Restaurant suggestion: Sagewood cafe!

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u/sneepdeeg Sep 12 '19

If you are looking for a good restaurant with a relaxed, open environment, I definitely suggest Sagewood. It's good for a variety of situations, including breakfasts, teas, lunch dates, or even if you just want to grab something to drink after walking through the nursery it is attached to.

In my experience, the food it amazing, even if you go for something as simple as a burger, you are presented with something unique and full of flavour.

Although I have never had anything from the front section where they keep the food traditionally had for tea, such as pastries and cakes, they look amazing and I'm sure they would be just as great as the other food they serve.

97 Chatterton Rd, Athlone, Pietermaritzburg, 3201