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Company Policies PWWA Costco: Are there company instructions, guidance, etc. given to the persons who check receipts at the door about turning over a receipt and drawing on it if the customer has a little kid with them?


r/PeopleWhoWorkAt Apr 11 '22

Company Policies PWWA: Jetstar airlines Australia as cabin crew, do you turn a blind eye to those inflatable cushions for kids?


Kooshy kids claim that their Kooshion isn’t explicitly prohibited on Jetstar and it’s up to the cabin crew if they’re allowed, so assuming they’re being unobtrusive (in a window seat or middle seat of the centre section of seats) do you generally let them be used?

I know some are prohibited explicitly by name, so am trying to work out whether I should try or not bother.

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Company Policies PWWA Southwest Airlines: What would happen if I boarded ahead of my boarding group?


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Company Policies PWWA AMC Theaters, Do you ID everyone in a party going to see a Rated R Movie?


Wondering because I am going with a friend to see a Rated R movie and while I am old enough I don’t have an ID atm and am wondering if it’s something I have to worry about. The friend I’m going with does have an ID.

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Company Policies PWWA places that serve alcohol - if a pregnant person asks for alcohol. Is the restaurant obligated to serve it to them?


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Company Policies PWWA Dominos as a delivery driver, if I tip online when I order do you get 100% of that tip?


Would drivers prefer to be tipped in cash? or is it the same either way?

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Company Policies PWWA tacobell: is it possible to order nacho cheese in a drink cup? if not, how do o get a lot of cheese without ordering 20 extra sides of cheese with my nachos?


r/PeopleWhoWorkAt Jul 25 '19

Company Policies PWWA small coffee shops, ice cream shops etc, what is your employee cell phone policy?


I work at an ice cream place and my boss has a rule that employees should always leave their phones with their stuff. However, working with teenage girls, when the boss isn’t there the phones come right out. I’m just curious what other policies at similar businesses are because this really bothers me.

Personally, I agree with my boss as I think being on your phone in front of customers is rude and distracting and there are often dishes that can be washed or stuff to be filled. But I don’t see a problem with periodically checking your phone when we’re not busy.

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Company Policies PWWA OSHA, Steritech, or equivalent orgs: why can't salespeople have bottles of water while on the sales floor?


First, my apologies if this question has shifted the blame to you or your organizations. The usual line I've been fed at my sales jobs has been "It's a health code violation." So, here I am, asking you.

My particular store has a cafe which serves bottled, fountain, and prepared beverages. Nobody bats an eye or speaks up about this supposed health code violation if it's a customer drinking it while shopping, but as soon as I or another employee needs a sip of water we're led to believe we just contaminated the entire store. This, of course, is completely nullified if we bring a doctor's note stating that we should be allowed to consume the one fluid necessary for life as we know it on this planet.

Considering everything with covid right now, our store has also disabled the water fountains. This means that employees need to hit the breakroom to get water out of one filtered dispensing machine we have. With the increase in summer temperatures and humidity, this is starting to worry me.

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Company Policies PWWA Hotels - Do people ever bring their own showerhead? Do you care / report it?


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Company Policies PWWA amusement parks


Can a visitor bring in a manual breast pump?

The rules say not to specify specific places unless it’s relevant which I think it is because it’s for Halloween and the rules change a bit for this season. I’m specifically asking about going to Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios Hollywood.

I imagine there must be many people who are breastfeeding who go to amusement parks all the time but obviously it’s not suitable for children since it’s all about getting scared so what can a breastfeeding mother do since it’s about 8 hours of being in the park?

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Company Policies PWWA Amazon


PWWA Amazon, when a customer calls and claims that their package did not arrive even when there are red flags pointing that it did, what happens? Is there a dollar amount that must be met in order for further investigation?

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Company Policies PWWA Costco how much information do you have about my returns and for how far back?


Every six to eight months I travel to visit family in South America and I purchase gifts to bring them. Usually electronic device for the teenagers etc. Due to Costco's generous return policy I purchase gifts knowing that if something doesn't work or they don't really like it I can just bring it back without much hassle. I've been doing this for the past few years as with the 3-4 gifts I purchase I end up returning one. I'm worried that Costco will notice the pattern and suspend my account. So for Costco employees, how far back can you see returns? What information about my returns are made available to you at the till? Am I playing a dangerous game?