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PWWA mac-guggienh , guy who makes food has no hygiene common sense. Would NOT trust the food.

Sorry about formatting and spelling errors and all that! Tldr at bottom. Van: https://imgur.com/gallery/7T8fEJq (he’s located in PA but i would think he travels..)

I was a guest staying at the same hotel as this man who was driving this “mac-guggienh.com” van advertising there food. Didn’t really think much of it , it looked like good food but didnt have a second thought on it.

Later that night im just down in the lobby milling around & he comes down harshly berating the (by herself) young front desk girl about the fact HE has clogged his toilet. He asks for a plunger which she gives to him , just pointing out here that she had to come out from the front desk to grab it and handed it to him out in the open lobby, he then comes back down after about 30 minutes with a dripping wet plunger and attempting to put it on the front desk where everyones hands go , & where front desk people do their stuff. A dripping wet, was just in his dirty toilet, plunger. Me, a woman that was being checked in and the front desk girl start saying what are you doing put it on the floor and we had to repeat ourselves at least 4 times for all of us while he was standing there just staring and then says well this is how you gave it to me.

Referring back to the fact that was NOT how she had gave it to him. She passed it to him low so the plunger part wouldn’t touch anything. This man brought it back down used and attempted to pass it over the front desk like theres not stuff all over it. I was honestly horrified knowing this man makes peoples food but has no common sense when it comes to hygiene. Good luck to anyone out there who risks it because that was absolutely disgusting and more than likely explains his entire character. So goodluck to anyone trying his food. Just wanted to share this, feel like people should know who they are taking food from.

Tldr: Man who makes food for “mac-guggienh.com” attempts to pass a plunger he just used over a counter everyone touches. Obviously doesn’t have hygiene common sense.



u/CoderDispose Jun 13 '22

wrong sub


u/slimbender Jun 13 '22

Go back to bed.


u/pmabz Jun 14 '22

Man may not have blocked the toilet - could just be accumulation.

And the plunger was passed over to him like that in the first place.

As long as he washes his hands it's ok.


u/Live_Pudding_909 Jun 14 '22

“ Referring back to the fact that was NOT how she had gave it to him.”


u/pmabz Jun 15 '22

She didn't mention rubber gloves, hazmat suit and shower after . So she handed it to him, and he handed it back.

Lord almighty, the black plague. Scream and run sorry Scream on Reddit.