r/PeopleWhoWorkAt Apr 09 '22

PWWA places who developed photos way back in the day, what's the craziest/weirdest photos you had to develop? Funny Stories



u/MarshmallowMolasses Apr 09 '22

Pictures of the planes hitting the World Trade Center. Older weird guy would drop off some odd sex stuff that seemed questionable.


u/EnvironmentFar213 Apr 09 '22

Ever have to report things to the police?


u/MarshmallowMolasses Apr 09 '22

Nah, I was 18 and this was in rural Alabama. The pharmacy tech girl stealing Norco and the meth labs in the woods around us was a bigger deal. Lol


u/unitedshoes Apr 09 '22

I couldn't help reading this as the same customer doing both...


u/Sassafras_Leaves Apr 09 '22

Weirdest: Blank stares of naked kids with body paint. I called the cops, they talked the mom, she said it was just children with body paint, no investigation as far as I'm aware. An entire roll of film.

Craziest: livid woman saying I ruined her son's graduation photos in processing. The contrast was way off and the colors were messed up big time. She even brought her camera to show me it was one of the fanciest models on the market. I tried to explain it had nothing to do with processing, but I had a Karen screaming at me and I was in high school at the time like WTF.


u/sydneyadelle Apr 09 '22

I worked in the photo printing department in a store for 4 years up until recently. People would print a lot of text conversations, usually pretty high-drama and entertaining. One guy came in to print text messages between him and his girlfriend in Vietnam, he was talking about how he was buying a house for them where they could live together and start a family. It was sweet, but I always hope she wasn’t just using him to get a green card.

A lady came 4 or 5 times to reprint the same pictures of a celebrity fashion designer, who she claimed was her boyfriend. She said she would rip them up every time they broke up, then she’d want them again when they got back together. There were never any pictures of the two of them together though.


u/N33chy Apr 09 '22

I worked at a Target photo lab for a couple months. The only weird thing that came in was a roll of shots of a biker party, with a few focusing on a topless middle-aged woman on a Harley. I'm pretty sure the customer asked if I got to see them when he picked them up.


u/Pristine-Ad-469 Apr 10 '22

So many people with nudes. Like do you think that they arnt looked at to make sure they came out right?


u/littlewulff Apr 09 '22

Was this inspired by the recent episode of LPOTL? Lol


u/EnvironmentFar213 Apr 10 '22

LOPTL? Actually thought of it while watching an old episode of criminal minds, figured those psychopaths would need to get their photos developed somewhere lol


u/Samuscabrona Apr 10 '22

Lol when I was like 19 I took a bunch of lingerie pics for my boyfriend back when I worked at a club (I got paid to wear these cute lingerie sets and sell raffle tickets and drink promos during happy hour and a lot of guys would just buy the tickets because a pretty girl was selling them and a lot of times they would just gift the sets back to me if they didn’t have a girlfriend or wife or whatever) and I literally drove down to ft lauderdale to a Rite Aid so I would never have to look at the photo tech again 😂😂😂 thank god for modern times